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Comment Re: So what should we do? (Score 1) 564

Old Japanese bikes can have weird places for neutral. They can have neutral at the bottom or top of the entire sequence. Really old bikes (before my time) sometimes had multiple neutral positions places in between various gears..

All the bikes I've actually ridden, has been the standard of first is down one, and everything else is up from neutral. I'm not sure when that happened, but surely there is some crazy transmission enthusiast that know the whole history of when it came about.

Comment Ads are dead (Score 1) 287

I hope everyone uses ad blockers and squeezes ads out of existence entirely. Businesses will have to find new ways to promote themselves. For example, I like reading product reviews or getting referrals from friends. Referrals alone can scale huge for a business given the way we are all connected through facebook, google+, twitter, whatever.

As annoying as APK's post are, he is still right, a hosts file really does work. It even blocked a some of the video ads that were inserted into a stream. For almost zero effort on my part.


Comment Re:Cheaply (Score 1) 125

most people don't do 15-year fixed for their first home loan. 30-year is the standard.

A loan can be a real estate investment, but it's not a very good one if you add the complication of living in the home. Once you're living in it, you give up enough flexibly in terms of selling it to write it down as an asset. If you sold your home when the market is high, what would you do with the money? Probably buy another home immediately, while the market is high. Not much opportunity to translate that "investment" into profit. We can argue about the definition of investment, I'm only arguing that you should be careful in calling a primary residence an investment.

Comment Re:Cheaply (Score 1) 125

When you buy a small house for $800k in the bay area versus a $200k home in a rural part of another state, it doesn't mean you need 4x the salary. It means you need 2x the income (spouse would have to work) and take out a bigger loan. Bigger loan means you build equity up slower because most of your mortgage payments go towards the interest (really, it gets ugly for any loan over $400k). But you aren't expected to pay off the house, that's not really the goal. You're expected to sell the house and apply your equity to a new house. (perhaps retire somewhere cheap and pocket the difference)

The advantage for me is a nice metropolitan area with a low population density (it covers a large area).

There are places to live in the bay area for sub-$400k that are regular middle class neighborhoods. They aren't up near all the trendy shops and have only an average school system. Using the 28% of your income rule and $135k/yr salary after income tax it looks like you one could afford around $2200/mo which is about what you'd need for a $350k 30-year loan plus property tax that you'd have on a $400k house. (sorry if my math is not exact to the latest rates, these are ballpark numbers here). $135k/year is not unusual in the bay area for a single engineer or for a couple with a two income household (ex: teacher + building contractor).

Comment Re:Works good against average people (Score 1) 251

Average dumb criminals tend to make more mistakes than leaving some incriminating txts around. I think the cops are getting lazy and aren't willing to do old fashion detective work anymore, because most of these idiot criminals brag about their crimes to anyone who will listen to them. (I've been on the receiving end of that before)

Comment Works good against average people (Score 4, Interesting) 251

But fails to penetrate a device used by organized crime, terrorists, a technologically adept pedophile, or a well connected businessman.

Is Joe the Plumber the threat here? because that's about all this regulation will stop.

PS - I usually buy my smartphones on aliexpress and import them to California.

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