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Comment Re:BTRFS is getting there (Score 1) 269

I've used cheap snapshots on WAFL, modified XFS, and plenty of other systems over the years. It's incredibly useful to have, from being able to backup or replicate over a slow link, to making an automated build server that always has the latest code checked out. It's incredible frustrating to me that these features that have been available on Linux 10 years ago aren't ubiquitous yet when they can open so may new workflows.

Checksum is really nice when you can't do RAID-5. You summed up the real weakness in RAID-1, in that once the data diverges it's hard to determine which is good and which is bad. Of course a volume manager can provide you a block level checksum today, and from that you can run any file system you want on top of it. Some of the more expensive RAID controllers already support chunk checksum in hardware in case there is some performance issue with doing it in software. But those tend to force you to rewrite the entire chunk so the checksums can be recalculated, can't do a small single block modification (512/1K/4K/whatever) on those platforms. ZFS gives you some extra flexibility in that regard.

Comment Re:How much would you pay? (Score 1) 308

No. All you need is a Raspberry Pi (preferably a 2) with Linux (plus monitor or TV and keyboard, mouse) and that is _all_ you need. The Pi is perfectly adequate as a development machine. It can even run Arduino development.

Very good point. This is how I have mine old RPi1 set up. I even have my toy OpenGL ES 2.0 apps building on it and running on the console without X. When I am running X I tend to prefer older window managers like WindowMaker, the old ones seem to play nicer with poorly accelerated X servers.

$35 computer + $30 64GB SD + $150 22" LCD + $95 mechanical keyboard + $30 mouse ... I never claimed my setup made sense or was cost effective, but it does work.

Comment Re:How much would you pay? (Score 1) 308

I bought a RPi2 to replace an old computer too. But then I realized that $35 is probably not a reasonable amount for something to replace an old Celeron M. a $150 Atom system did the job better, even if it was bigger and used more power. Then I tried to used the RPi2 as a little web browser, but it's pretty slow at loading a new page. Scrolls around the page OK after it's crunched on it for a while, so it's not totally unusable but not really worth my time.

Now I run a small MUD on it for my friends. It's very much up to that task, and runs way better on this little dedicated system than MUDs did on a shell account with very limited quotas (5 processes max on that old account, made it tough to do much).

There are some places now that do RPi hosting, maybe you can just use it as a fairly cheap way to host a small website or have a place to experiment?

Comment How much would you pay? (Score 4, Insightful) 308

How much would you pay to have a software development platform that is more difficult to use? $25? $50? no, for only $74.99 you too can run a limited subset of Windows kernel on Raspberry Pi! (plus $0.01 handling)

This is sort of like the opposite philosophy of Ardunio, instead of a simple IDE where people can get things done you can have a hairy ball of software and expensive tools where few people (if any) get to making their projects go.

Linux on the target plus eclipse/emacs/vi/whatever on the host is all you really need to make a RPi go. There are cross compile suites for Windows and Mac, and they tend to integrate with most IDEs (maybe not so well with Visual Studio, but if you really want that option I guess Window IoT is made just for you)

Comment Re:from the who-is-michael-jordan? (Score 1) 103

I'm not into sports either. But you realize he was in movies, and on talk shows and pretty much every Nike commercial. Michael Jordan was in multiple sports, not just basketball. Culturally, Jordan was the David Beckham of the 1990s.

And yea, OJ made it into TV and movies because he was a famous football player. But that was way before my time. I only saw him as an actor, mostly in the Naked Gun, but Capricorn One was probably the best film he was ever in.

I'm not much of a soccer fan, but many kids growing up in 80s knew about Pelé. The 70s and 80s was where youth soccer was being pushed as a sport in most public schools (at least in my part of the US), and now has become so common place now that terms like "soccer moms" have appeared. Most kids who were on a soccer team in school got to watch videos from the 70s of Pelé playing for Brazil and NY. He was pretty amazing to watch.

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