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by Attila Dimedici (#47979069) Attached to: Study Links Pacific Coastal Warming To Changing Winds
You missed one "fact" and test for AGW 6)As CO2 in the atmosphere rises, temperatures will rise in some proportion to that rise. Testable? Yes Tested? Yes Could anyone devise a test? Yes Of course that is because even thought that is testable and tested, the results of the test is that it does not actually work out that way. Observed changes in temperature do not match what any of the projections based on the theory said they should be in relation to observed changes in CO2 concentration. This suggests to any rational observer that there are some serious shortcomings in the theory that should be worked out before people start surrendering freedom in order to combat the predicted problems (especially when the result of surrendering that freedom is projected to have almost no impact on the problem it is supposed to combat).

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Piers Gaveston and Hans Hermann Von Katte were influential in the lives of the prominent men BEFORE they rose to power, and the information on Elisabeth Woodville fails to suggest that she pulled Edward the IV strings, merely that her family profited from her relationship with him causing a rift with another courtier who desired those profits for himself or his allies. in additon, Elisabeth Woodville had an ability to influence Edward IV that was not open to Cheney.
So, once again, if Dick Cheney had been at W.'s side while he was governor of Texas, it might be believable that he was pulling W.'s strings, but since Cheney did not become part of W.'s inner circle until after he was well on his way to power, it is not.

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Perhaps you did not notice, but he was the front man as well. It is believable that someone rises from nowhere to great power. It is believable that the son of a powerful family stays in the background and controls someone who has risen from nowhere to a position of great power. It is even believable that someone from nowhere might become attached to the son of a powerful family early on and exert control over him as he rises to a position of prominence. What is not believable is that a person from nowhere might take control over the son of a powerful family, just as that son completes his acquisition of a position of power, especially not when that son spent time before that being groomed/grooming himself for that position (being the popular governor of one of the most populous states counts as being groomed to be President).

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In what way would that change the fact that if someone was controlling George W. Bush, they would have had to be controlling him all along? It's not as if the son of a former President/Director of the CIA, grandson of a Senator, and great grandson of a railroad baron would have NEEDED Dick Cheney to get to the White House. If you are inclined to believe in conspiracy theories it makes more sense to think that Dick Cheney served as a "House retainer" to George W. Bush than that George W. Bush was controlled by, and subservient to, Dick Cheney.

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You miss the point. There is no way that Dick Cheney was pulling George W. Bush's strings. While it is possible that George W. Bush chose to uniformly follow Dick Cheney's advice, it was still merely advice that Dick Cheney had no ability to force him to follow. The real problem with considering Dick Cheney as the power behind George W. Bush is that Dick Cheney was nowhere to be found around W. while he was governor of Texas.

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Dick Cheney brought us the current mess. He set the bar. W was just his sock-puppet.

Oh yeah, that makes sense. The son of a former President, former CIA Director, grandson of a U.S. Senator, and great-grandson of one of the 19th centuries rail barons was merely a sock puppet serving the interests of the son of a minor bureaucrat with the Department of Agriculture. You know, people should look at the nature of history before they start building conspiracy theories.

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I did not suggest that the father cut the payment on his own accord. I suggested that the court order the payments suspended pending identification of an account belonging to the mother (based on being able to serve court papers to the mother at the address listed on the account). Of course, before doing that, the court should have ordered the bank which handled the account the payments were being made to give the address on the account to the person attempting to serve the papers.

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Republicans forced onto it rendering it into the watered down ridiculous mess that it is.

Let me see if I got this straight. It is the Republicans fault that the Democrats used their majorities in both Houses of Congress to pass a bad law, which the American people overwhelmingly opposed (to the point where Massachusetts elected a Republican Senator in an attempt to stop the law from passing), because the Republicans would not vote for that bad law.

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You mean you blame the Republicans for not trying to help someone who, when they suggested changes to the very first major bill he pushed through Congress, responded by saying, "I won" and walking away?
In other words, they should have helped him pass a law which would not contain any of their ideas, because he told them that he had won and did not need to listen to them. Oh yeah, a law which contained provisions he explicitly campaigned against.

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He did not say he had the silver plan. If you go to the link you provided and follow it to "Out of Pocket Costs" you discover the following: "The maximum out-of-pocket costs for any Marketplace plan for 2014 are $6,350 for an individual plan and $12,700 for a family plan." He clearly states that his plan is for he and his wife, which makes it a family plan. Elsewhere, he says that he could get a lower deductible, but the premiums would go up even more.

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It is not really extra effort. He stops paying until he is informed of her current address, at which point he serves her the papers. If he never receives her address, he never makes another payment and no further court action occurs. Of course, with the ruling I suggested in hand, he might also have a basis for requesting a court order to freeze the account in question, since the address on the account is not that of the registered account holder. Even if he cannot obtain a court order, he can possibly make the bank uncomfortable enough about the account that they report it to the appropriate government agency for investigation as a "suspicious account" under various anti-money laundering laws.

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There's a whole amendment to the Constitution devoted to protecting it.

Actually, that is not true. The piece that has been misconstrued as protecting journalism** is only part of the First Amendment and is does not protect the "press" as we use the term today (to refer to the news media). When the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,..." it very intentionally links the right to say what you want to the right to publish what you want. The "freedom of the press" is not a right for journalists, but a right for every citizen to publish, if they have the means, whatever they wish (with the edge cases of slander and libel, although even there the original understanding was that the person slandered or libeled could not prevent you from publishing, they could merely receive punitive recompense if they could prove that it was slander or libel). **the misconstrued part is that it is ABOUT journalism, not that it protects it. It does protect journalism, but only as a side-effect of protecting everyone's right to publish.

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