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Comment: Re:+ operator for string concat? (Score 1) 728

You missed the point. It's not just concatenating strings, it's concatenating strings and... things that aren't strings. In C++ you can't add a string and an int (well, you can but you have to go out of your way to do it). You will get a long-winded error about not having a '+' operator that takes arguments of those types.

Comment: Re:Slashdot comments indicative of the problem (Score 1) 1262

Except it's not.

Except it is. Sorry. No one cares if Zoe Quinn sucks 37 dicks (in a row). A lot of people care if she's getting positive press from the owners of those dicks. (Not to mention the fact that she's being a huge hypocrite because by her own definition she raped her boyfriend by sleeping around.)

Comment: Re:Slashdot comments indicative of the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 1262

You must ask yourself honestly : Why is it, when faced with stories like this, is your first instinct to claim that the woman lied or made it up?

Because years of experience on the Internet has made it so that my first instinct is always to think that a story is a lie or a fabrication no matter the sex of the person involved.

Comment: Re:Wow... really, Slashdot? (Score 1) 260

by Yunzil (#47749711) Attached to: How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

Given how this is supposed to be a community of nerds, I'm surprised at how many people here are proudly stating that they don't even have a wireless router (or they choose not connect anything to it, or they don't even have an internet connection).

I mean, the whole point of technology is to improve quality of life, right?

You're missing the point. I don't have any of that technology in your list. I have a desktop PC and a phone. Having wi-fi is not going to improve the quality of my life.

Comment: Re:The Compiler Knows... (Score 1) 102

by Yunzil (#47715149) Attached to: Interviews: Bjarne Stroustrup Answers Your Questions

You're entirely missing the point while getting hung up on 'repeating'.

Why should I have to write something like this:

std::map<std::string, std::map<std::string, foo_t>>::const_iterator ci = some_complex_map.begin()

...when the compiler already knows what the type of 'ci' has to be and in fact will bitch at me if I get it wrong (perhaps it's supposed to be bar_t instead of foo_t)? At that point you're just jumping through hoops to tick some box in the parser's innards.

A lot of the time, as in your example, you don't even care what the type is. You're just looking for a thing in a thing container.

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