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by fustakrakich (#47915183) Attached to: The FCC Net Neutrality Comment Deadline Has Arrived: What Now?

If a million people told the government not to do X and they did it anyway, there's a chance of consequences.

Only at election time, but those chances of anything changing are extremely small.

At the present time Comcast tells the government not to do X, and in such a case, if the government does not comply, you will see new people on the ballot. The company is buying a service, and they expect a return on that investment. 95% of the politicians will be reelected, and between elections, the public will cry about how much they hate their corrupt politicians, and then vote for them again. It's like a domestic dispute in the trailer park. After the cops leave, the couple are fucking like rabbits.

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Your non-command of simple explanations is my fault?

No, your non-comprehension of simple explanations is your fault. It's not because you can't, it's because you won't. You just play shallow religious/political games to avoid facing the truth. You're all wrapped up in "abstractions", and personality. You have surrendered yourself to cultism. It gives your comfort and a feeling of "purpose". I know I can never change that. I can only clarify your POV, being so laden with cultural baggage, is hardly credible and hope others see and avoid the same potholes.

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People with little influence can say a lot of things, but all observations indicate that when people start listening and they become an actual threat, they will be dealt with accordingly. Authority is a little like raw meat, you don't go back to Kibble 'n Bits. And with real power in DC comes the gun to your head. You will follow orders as long as it wins elections. I'm not kidding when I say the world is run by gangsters. None of these guys want to wake up to see their dicks posted on Twitter. And right now, the voters provide no incentive whatsoever to change anything, except move the power a little closer to themselves with their "lesser evil" crap. And if they try anything funny, the property damage will be enormous. We will indeed have to fight for our right to party. Power is not given up peacefully. It never has been.

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All you can do is vote for the least evil candidate and hope for the best.,

Nope, that's bullshit. That is what puts us where we are today. I'll repeat to you what I've said before, your "lesser evil" is completely owned by regular evil. You're just copping out of your own obligations. If you keep on playing this silly game, you will get what you deserve, and I can only point out that YOU are the reason nothing changes. YOU are rewarding evil. Those are the facts... Take it or leave it. I will sit back and enjoy the show.

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The Prohibition was ultimately ineffective because the masses decided to ignore the law.

No, they realized more profit could be made through taxation and licensing. It was amnesty for mobsters to go legit. They still run the business. Just like tobacco. The problem with weed is that it's too easy to grow your own, so it has limited potential in the revenue department, so there, prohibition pays off handsomely.

As far as this privacy bullshit goes, our only hope is to put them in the same glass house they put us. Only then will you possibly see how respectfully information is used.

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You have to seek them out and nominate them your damn selves. You and all the others are relying on mass media to do your own job. So, screw you if you don't like what you see on your ballots. Besides, you got write ins, should you decide to use them. I have no sympathy of any kind when you stick with the devil you know.

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