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Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 10

Your thesis seems to be that everyone else set up their own private email servers and trafficked in the most sensitive information outside of proper channels.

Of course they do. Why would you ever have any doubt? Upward mobility in this business is impossible without trying to take every advantage. Your 'ethics' or 'morals', whatever you want to call them, do not apply beyond the most newly hired/interned paper pushers. *Leave no trace* is more than just a 'Camper's Creed'.

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Endorsed by Satan himself

"I was very flattered when Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department better than anybody had run it in a long time."

Unfortunately it's true, tabloid media notwithstanding. Most objectives were met, many surpassed... It is simple fact that the empire stands more powerful than ever and is getting stronger as all human interaction is funneled through *Our Great Computer*. You are magnetic ink

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 10

...the collateral damage will be stunning.

To prosecute would bring the entire empire down. You cannot touch Kissinger, Bush, or Cheney either (Thanks Obama!). She is simply following a time honored tradition that you normally have no problem with until the "wrong" people start taking advantage. Just admit that you're trolling poor old d_r, and me too, since I took the bait. You're a republican, he's a democrat, in other words, identical.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 20

Yes well, you are supposed to put the government under your boot, not the people you despise. So, bring the troops home, lay down your guns, and pick up a scalpel.

Comment Re:President Sanders will have Vlad bedwetting (Score 1) 9

Sanders is no peacenik. I'm not sure he has the blood lust that you do though, so in your eyes he just another 98 pound weakling. But he is sticking to the narrative, spreading the same propaganda in support of the proxy wars, wanting to arm these and those factions... The family business will be safe in his hands. In the end, he still does not get my vote. He still serves the democratic party and those who fund it. The money he brings in is for them. He's a pretend 'independent', like Joe Lieberman (the democrat Dick Cheney). I doubt very much he would oppose a build up along the fence during opportunities like this. In the Game of Empires he would do ok. The man is definitely a team player

The Military

Journal Journal: HA! And you say American foreign policy is weak! 9

With Russia's (well, everybody's) petro dollar conveniently in the tank, now is the time for a nice little build up, wouldn't you say?

"This is a message that we see what they're capable of, and what their political leadership is willing to do", said the mysterious administration official...

Probably not much in either case.

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