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Journal: Oh my god! They relaunched sputnik! 1

Journal by fustakrakich

"With the Sony collapse, America has lost its first cyberwar. This is a very, very dangerous precedent" - Newt (lying,cheating 'family values' hypocrite) Gingrich.

Nothing is more inspiring than an 'attack'. It gives us... purpose! That purpose is... victory!

This JE was inspired by a guy's post on the upcoming so-called 'cyber-security bill', which is summed up perfectly with this:

Comment: Re:Tailgaters cause rear end crashes (Score 1) 281

by fustakrakich (#48665213) Attached to: Study: Red Light Cameras Don't Improve Safety

I drive enough to know that keeping proper distance has always kept me out of trouble. If you rear end somebody, you were too close. It's a simple rule of physics that cannot be argued logically and sensibly.(I can cut you a small bit of slack for an unforeseen spot of oil on the road). Tailgating is simply a mild form of road rage and 'me first', and those trying to rationalize it should lose their license. I even leave space at the light. The motorcyclists and pedestrians especially appreciate that simple courtesy. And I watch the road in front of me, not the rear view mirror, it's a bigger distraction than the radio.

The camera did not cause your accident, the person behind you did. She was going too fast, too close. The camera and the traffic in front of her caused nothing. If you pay attention and keep your distance you won't hit anything.

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