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Comment Re:Stupid is as stupid does. (Score 1) 2

C'mon, it's Giuliani. He puts on the red nose like all the rest and does his pratfalls to attract attention. Everybody's doing the "Trump" these days, trying to outdo each other for their fifteen minutes. It's the 'New and Improved' Tea Party.

But, as always, don't blame them for their success. All the sadness and ignorance stands on the shoulders of those who support and enable them.

Comment Re:I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 51

Are simple unemployment figures your only metric? They only reflect the people asking the government for money. Everybody else is invisible.

And remember, Sanders won't do shit without a super majority in congress, otherwise he will do like Obama and make excuses over why he can't keep any of his promises. This is the standard procedure. These people are democrats after all. This is how they operate to keep the lie running.

Comment Re:I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 51

in a boom

Yeah, let's just ignore that little crash in '99 and 2000. Are we really going to blame that on a guy that hadn't taken office yet? And the crash of '08 has deep roots in the Clinton administration also. The day is young. We can still get our regular election year crash this time too. The wars? No significant resistance from the democrats there, so fuck them, and Obama has done/is doing just as much damage to the middle east as Bush did. However, Russia is much weaker for it. If that was the end game, eh... Game of Empires, whaddya gonna do, right?

So, who benefited from that "boom"? The very same people that are benefiting from this one, and it ain't us. Why doesn't wage inflation match real inflation? Where are the full time jobs with full benefits? What happened to our organized representation? All gone... "boom"... fuck... for the wolves of Wall Street, yeah. They did great, and they're doing great now

Then there's DOMA, DADT, NAFTA, repeal of vital banking regulations that crashed your economy, twice!, mass incarceration way beyond what Reagan did... and nobody wants to address his pandering to dixiecrats to win the election. For them he followed through just fine.

The propaganda you read doesn't seem to be any better than Mr. Smith's. You're idolizing Clinton the same way he does Reagan... I can assure you, the man is no standout.

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