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Comment Re:And I didn't say it was the letter R (Score 1) 30

Not at all! Believe me! And not just one party. Your top candidates? Most definitely... Those that aren't sociopathic are antipathic, generally the democrats are more of the former and republicans the latter, so then if he isn't a sociopath, he is definitely antipathic, expressing the hate that you repeat here, for war, against equality, all the usual stuff. He is a horrible senator, and shame on the people who vote for him. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

Comment Re:What a deal! (Score 1) 373

You can't sell and trade notes that have been paid off, they have no value, outside some Hollywood auction house. No, you have to make it bigger! And you keep selling it until the first guy balks, then the state pays off that note with a new one, and tells us we must make 'sacrifices' because there is no money. 'Debt' is pure profit, babe. I thought everybody understood that after 2008

Comment Re:And I didn't say it was the letter R (Score 1) 30

Oh, and SCOTUS merely recognized equal rights means equal rights. Only a bigot would be against such a thing.

And this projection thing of yours. You keep doing it, over and over. It so lacks the 'maturity' you pine for.. Shine the light on yourself and see what you are projecting.. or just read your posts. And learn that you confirm everything...

Comment Re:Remember when the Internet was uncontrolled? (Score 1) 113

As an aside, I wonder why the EU is hesitant to consider admitting Turkey? Or why the United States insists on advocating in favor of such a course of action.

I know it sounds crazy, but maybe it could be something about Russia? All our great empires hold strategic alliances that appear odd from a certain point of view, but this is their game.

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