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Comment: Re:"Reagan's leadership" (Score 1) 32

It's okay. I really don't expect you to notice. That's how conditioned response is supposed to work. But yeah, your feelings about him are quite clear, without any exaggeration on my part. It is precisely the polar opposite of your "distaste" for Obama. It's your ying and yang that give you balance. If we could cycle back and forth between them quick enough, we would have you flip-flopping faster than a fresh caught trout.

Comment: Re:"Reagan's leadership" (Score 1) 32

Yes, you do consistently idolize him in every post his name comes up, or when comparing other politicians. And yes, he is provably the most corrupt. No other administration had a cabinet so full of indicted and convicted criminals. Your eye remains totally blind to what he was because, you adore and idolize him. I'm not flinging poo. I'm pointing out the poo that you apply to yourself.

Comment: Re:"Reagan's leadership" (Score 1) 32

Again, you're trying to be funny, talking about "morality" in politics, after your idol turned out to be one of the most corrupt ever to occupy the office. Blind eye indeed!! And why do you want to go to war against your own mercenaries? That makes no sense.

And dude! You really went all Rush Limbaugh (feminazis, thanks for keeping that one alive)-Jerry Falwell there. Are you taking what he's taking? Don't do drugs, man...

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