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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 20

People in the West underestimate the significance of both the ethnic and religious tensions in the Middle East.

No, there are not. They are effectively exploiting them, steering them in any direction they want. Regardless of all the tensions, they are clients, damn good ones, we can hardly make and ship the bombs and bullets fast enough. Just read the invoice. Math truly is a universal language.

The significance of both the ethnic and religious tensions be damned. The only logical "failure" here is in containment to the region. We want to watch the war, not participate. [did I need to tag that?]

Comment Re:Hillary has... been opposed to single payer (Score 1) 28

Typos be typos 'n shit...

Sorry, man, I'm still getting mass media narrative and propaganda. I ask again that you all remember what both factions serve, and that nothing will change while they remain in power. Don't worry about the republican politician, be concerned about who they appeal to. And I've seen enough machine politics to know the democrats are no better, and they're the bigger cowards when it comes to standing up to the republican schtick. The Bush presidency reflects just as badly on cowardly democrats as it does on "evil" republicans in the rush to war (A bandwagon Hillary is on once again) and stripping of rights. But it's not "cowardice", it's history, and that of the democrats is not something I find palatable during any time. They never really stood up because they are not really in opposition, they may have been, maybe, before the civil war. And with Carter (bank deregulation, *Stirring up a few Muslims*, George Bush Sr.) and Bill Clinton (DOMA, DMCA, NAFTA, expansion of death penalty, civil asset forfeiture) and so many others "pretending" to be as conservative as republicans just shows the kind of people they're trying to appeal to. It is futile to attempt reasoning with a republican/democrat voter. Got plenty of solid evidence right here. They are hopelessly lost in the petrified forest and are catatonic. Luckily, in the grand scheme they are a minority, or would be if the non-voters got up and voted for something else. They are the only possible hope. Just gotta convince them they have the power to make people nervous. Vote in the Greens, and see if they *blend*. The effort needs to be made before saying it can't work. I kinda wonder if the machines skip over those votes. That would be the scandal of a lifetime.

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