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Comment: Re:Deal (Score 1) 54 54

Yeah, and the tooth fairy owes me big time!

...everyone directly responsible for any of the fundamental breaches of human rights committed should be put to trial, as should everyone who had the power to stop it but did not.

Whoops! That would be the voters, for constantly reelecting the perpetrators... Oh wait, is somebody going to come and tell me they didn't know?

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1238 1238

I don't want to *soak the rich*. Again, that is pure propaganda. You really are a robot in the credence you give. Using the word 'leftist' is very revealing of where you get your info. Maybe it jibes well with your upbringing, or some traumatic event during your childhood, but it shows complete lack of critical thinking. You have this religious belief in what you are being told by your mass media that poor people are lazy and deserve to suffer, and any attempt to mitigate it is countered with the typical *you want to soak the rich!* spiel. I can't argue with faith, not gonna try. That wall you have to tear down yourself. And your definition of 'reform' is whack, just so you know, but I guess I have to repeat for the viewing audience that austerity is NOT reform! It is theft! And you, are pinning the wrong people. Everybody just needs to pay their share and stop claiming everything for themselves, and we will all be quite rich! We have already proven there is plenty for all and more. Resources are not scarce. We can start showing it by simply not throwing half of what we make into the landfill to keep prices up.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1238 1238

Your defense of those people is the tired old saw that delays resolution of the problem. Your 'reforms' are not! It is more theft of peoples' time. Eh, whatever. Your position is clear, and is simply unacceptable, and over 60% of the Greeks agree... We just have to see what happens next. I personally hope it spreads globally. The 'debt' is a lie.

Comment: Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1238 1238

How poor is a pensioner in Greece where voters kept voting in governments that kept raising pensions compared to a Slovenian?

They are both human, or not?. One planet... There's too much prosperity to justify saying no. You have to remove it from the overhead financial markets and put it back into circulation. It doesn't require any higher taxes on regular citizens. That is just more propaganda.

Who's responsibility is it to pick up the tab of someone who continues to believe that he deserves a free lunch?

That banks that stole the money for their money markets! They are getting the free lunch, not the pensioners! They did not vote for that. Take the money back!

You are 180 degrees off target. You are blaming the victim of a grand heist.

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