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Comment: Re:Delete stuff. (Score 1) 279

by metrix007 (#49389823) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With User Resignation From an IT Perspective?

You might have a point in some border case exceptions.

In the specific case of cleaning a virus, running a cleaner program or AV software most definitely isn't work. You let it run, and do whatever you want until it finishes, and then deal with what it finds.There is certainly no requirement for you to watch it.

And no. A program you coded running all night is not your work, or even you working.

Your work finished after the program successfully compiled, unless you have to debug, troubleshoot or whatever. If it is just running, then that isn't work. For cases where you do have to monitor a running program and perhaps troubleshoot, sure that's work.

Simply running a program is not by itself work however.

Comment: Re:As an Australian... (Score 1) 150

by metrix007 (#49333839) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists

How can you say Australia is more reasonable? Look at the story you are commenting on. You think the penalties for sending an email as mention in the summary are reasonable? Really?

My comment was more general in regards to Australia and some of the laws that have been being passed and not specific to this story.

Comment: Re:As an Australian... (Score 2) 150

by metrix007 (#49333495) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists

Agreed. The US is bad, but not as bad as Australia, which is why I left there.

I can deal with overly eager racist cops, lack of decent social care, lack of regulation in the market, corruption and ignorance and apathy in the general populace.

I'd much rather deal with that then the crazy censorship and rights-stripping laws the commonwealth countries are so eager to introduce.

Comment: Re: You don't say... (Score 1) 606

by metrix007 (#49296553) Attached to: YouTube Video of Racist Chant Results In Fraternity Closure

It's also fraud, if there is no fire in place.

It's not illegal to yell Fire in a theater when the actor knows there is no fire. The law isn't worded so specifically. What is illegal, is creating a panic on false (fraudulent) premises, which can endanger people. That's why it's illegal.

These days, yelling "Fire!" in a crowdedtheater will probably get you ignored at the best, and asked to leave at the worse.

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