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Comment Re:Speechless (Score 1) 291

Barbara, I don't really care what you have to say on this matter. I have ties to the community, and disagree with you signature.

I understand it's rude, but I think it's an important point and relevant to the discussion. I don't mean to out anyone, but people put themselves out there when using their real name.

Thanks though.

Comment Re:Looking for a good one is hard (Score 1) 352

Why would it be helpful? My reasons and motivations are irrelevant. I stated a need, and the person who recommended a solution, and you, ignored that need.

I agree, it seemingly meets all my needs (although I have a list of others I still have yet to investigate). My reason for looking for a TE that is not part of a DE is partly due to a constraint of a project being built, and partly due to preference.

It would be nice if there was an independently maintained project, but those that are normally are lacking in some way.

Comment Re:It's a tricky situation ... (Score 1) 137

The internet makes outlawing a bunch of illegal activities, like unregulated gambling, absolutely moot. Not that it should be illegal anyway.

Governments will either have to give up, and understand they can't enforce this stuff now, or stoop to low levels and ban the technological methods that allow this, like Tor and VPNs.

Comment Looking for a good one is hard (Score 1) 352

This is harder than I would have thought. I'm working on a custom build of NetBSD for a project, for desktop use of a sort. Trying to find one that isn't part of some other DE (which is fine, but I'd rather have one that doesn't rely on a bunch of libraries that are only installed so I can sue it), AND has tab, unicode and transparency support is hard. I still haven't found a decent one, although have a few more to search through.

In the meanwhile, I'm using tilde and xterm.

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