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by metrix007 (#48197961) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

That is interesting, Thank you.

I have to say it annoys me that all the alarmists who used to claim that soda emphatically did cause diabetes are correct. Not because they are correct, but because they used to insist upon it with no actual data to back it up.

See, the American Diabetes Association has it on their page as a myth that Sugar causes Type 2 diabetes, indicating it can lead to obesity which can cause Type 2 diabetes. WebMD has a similar passage.

That article is light on details. Previous research indicated that a high calorie diet has a link to Type 2 diabetes - Nothing specific to sugar.

There may now be research indicating something unique to sugar does in fact have at least a casual link to type 2 diabetes, but it's far from conclusive.

At this point, people insisting sugar causes T2 diabetes are still spreading FUD.

There are numerous reasons to limit sugar intake, and that shouldn't even be high on the list.

This is spoken as someone who for about 12 years chugged down at least a liter of soda a day and lived an otherwise healthy lifestyle. I was always annoyed at people who would insist that I was going to get Diabetes, when there was no evidence of that being likely.

If it turns out there is in fact a link, then that changes things. At the moment though that single press article about a study isn't conclusive, and until the FDA, ADA etc change their stance and the prevailing theory that it is a high caloric intake and weight gain that are linked, I don't see how it is responsible to claim sugar causes T2 diabetes.

Of cause, exercising caution is a whole different thing.

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No, I'm telling you that if you don't want to believe me, just ask the experts.

Exactly. Your saying I should go and verify it myself, because you have not actually provided any evidence.

that goes directly against what the experts say about excess sugar consumption and insulin resistance

No, it really doesn't. Excess sugar consumption may not be healthy, but that doesn't mean there is an established causative link between excess sugar consumption and type 2 diabetes.

If there is proof of that, maybe you could provide a link?

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So take this chance to educate yourself.

As I said, comics is both a genre and a medium.

Due to the format of comics (generally 30 pages, once a month, emphasis on illustration over dialog), there are certain characteristics specific to that genre.

Yes, Superheroes are a genre, but that doesn't mean that comics are not also a genre. Superheroes do not define comics books.

The tropes specific to comic books define comic books, and there are enough that comics has become it's own genre.

It doesn't matter if you want horror, superhero, fantasy, or even a realistic story. They all will have things in common if told in the medium of comics, making them fit in the genre of comics.

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I was an exclusive slack user for about 8 years.

At some point they started trying to compete with Ubuntu and the like, and many packages had weird dependencies which to get around you had to install the dependency or recompile. An example would be mplayer now requiring samba.

The community is also far less willing to offer support if you didn't do a full install.

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You couldn't be more wrong. Improving an dauditing code is a noble goal, but OpenBSD haven't done enough in that regard. They were vulnerable to heartbleed just as everyone else, were they not?

SELinux isn't the nicest implementation, but the idea is sound. Take away the legacy concept of an all powerful user. Don't have processes automatically inherit permissions, instead assign them only the permissions they need.

There have not been many SELinux exploits and you generally need local access anyway, with the ability to run executable. If SELinux is in place, that actually becomes a hell of a lot harder.

I'd much rather have a system that protects against unknown future attacks than a system which does nothing to protect against attacks and instead tries to remove them all..leaving little to deal with to contain a compromise.

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