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Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49773401) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

So now you are saying it's all driven by the touch screen. Well that's great, but I'm not using Windows on a touch screen and Surface is a tiny, tiny part of their market. Why not make a Surface interface for the Surface, and then a different one for the Desktop and marry the two when they've finally figured out the touchscreen and the desktop?

Funny that's exactly what they are trying to do. Also trends would show that no, touch screens are definitely no a tiny tiny part of their market. It's actually the single fastest growing part in an industry that is otherwise completely stagnant.

But I do agree with your comment that Windows 8 is a bad hybrid. However I am looking forward to a GOOD hybrid, and not a revert. Hybrid systems are the way things are heading and that's not Microsoft's decision.

I agree they have lost their way though.

Comment: Re:Lets be honest here (Score 1) 89

by thegarbz (#49773377) Attached to: No, Your SSD Won't Quickly Lose Data While Powered Down

I don't understand why you think undetected block corruption is a sign of a failing drive? Bitrot these days with the densities in modern drives is kind of something that you should expect to happen. It's nothing unique to SSDs or even unique to devices which are at end of life.

But I had similar thoughts to you too which is one of the reason my offline backups are unencrypted. It is time to give btrfs a go though. It should be relatively stable now I don't think I can talk myself out of it any longer.

Comment: Re:Just stick to the mantra (Score 2) 89

by thegarbz (#49773361) Attached to: No, Your SSD Won't Quickly Lose Data While Powered Down

Oh please. The main reasons for backups (esp. for individuals) are 1) user error, and 2) hardware failure, not acts of god. An on-site NAS protects against those just fine. It protects against viruses too, since the virus isn't going to easily affect the NAS box (though even better is to simply not run Windows).

Theft? How many people have had thieves run around their house looking for NAS boxes? What kind of thieves even bother to steal electronics these days anyway? They aren't worth enough on the used market to bother with.

- My only ever data loss has been the result of a direct lightning strike. Or at least it would have been if the backup wasn't located at work. I lost my PC, my NAS, and most electronics in the house in one go.

- My best friend got cleaned out by robbers who amongst other valuable things took a computer AND the NAS box.

- As for the viruses your post is simply ignorant of the modern trends. You know there's now 4 randsomware packages (that I have heard of) in the wild that will affect NAS boxes as well. 2 of them encrypt all data on NASs, one of them wipes data from the NAS but encrypts local data, and the last used a bug in Synology's software to render the NAS useless (though reports of removing the drives and putting them in other computers solved the problem.)

- Remember the phrase RAID is not a backup solution? That applies equally to NAS for ALL the same reasons.

So there you go. But I'm not going to suggest anything to you. You're more than welcome to learn by yourself.

Comment: Re:Or.... (Score 1) 165

by thegarbz (#49773337) Attached to: Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn

Everyone in my sauna in Australia wears swimwear.

Yeah sorry to break it to you but I have been in Australia for a good 25 years now and I have never experienced a proper sauna. What we call a sauna is a pale imitation to the saunas in European countries.

So 2 things about your post:
1. Can I be naked? Why should I be forced to wear cloths? It comes down to locally accepted ways of doing things. Me showing up and getting my cock out at your clothed sauna would be just as frowned upon. The local ways and customs need to be upheld. Don't want to take your cloths off? Find a sauna that suits *your* way of doing things.

2. We're in Australia. We are not in any way better than or less prude than the UK. The anti-sex hysteria here is just as alive and well as it is over there. The topic of banning hardcore pornography on the internet or adding opt in filters have been raised by both the Libs (sometime in the 2000s) and by Labour only 4 years ago.

Comment: Re:Fiddling while Rome burns? (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772327) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

I agree with most of what you said.

Type to search is usually faster than drilling through the Start menu with a mouse if you go more than a menu or two deep.

I don't understand why people say this is a great feature of Metro... It was present in Vista and IMO worked even better in Windows 7.

Throw in how some OS settings were only available in Metro ... and, yeah.

And visa versa too. How come I can only pair a bluetooth device from the Metro Interface, but can only enable it as a network device from the desktop version of devices and printers?
I really hope they fix it so that I'm either using the desktop or the metro interface whenever I want, and don't get forced to bounce between them.

Comment: Re:Fiddling while Rome burns? (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772305) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

If Microsoft is going to think everybody is running everything on a touch screen interface, instead of a mouse and keyboard ... they're doing a shitty job of knowing what people actually use computers for.

Actually based on current trends they would simply be watching the market. Desktop sales are plummeting. Laptop sales are stagnant and touch laptops / tablets / slates are increasing.

Windows 8.1 may be jarring to use on a desktop.
But Windows 7 was utterly unusable on a touch screen.

They've tried the one size fits all approach and failed. Now let's see how they go with their 2 UIs on the 1 OS approach.

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772291) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

What's the sudden (the last year or two) appeal with the super flat GUIs all over the place ?

What's the appeal of flat colours in marketing material? What's the appeal of companies changing their logos to flat colours? What's the appeal to kitchen tables in the local home centre all being almost perfectly rectangular with sharp corners? What's the appeal of ikea draws no longer having handles instead now have a bevelled edge to grasp? And why did we stop wearing bright blue suits to work?

The GUI is following the design trends of the day, nothing more. We now have the processing power to display what we want so the GUIs tend towards "modern" looks, and "modern" by all accounts of life is is flat with predominantly straight lines.

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772261) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

And business software users do not gain a damned thing from Metro. They gain a clunk interface which is useless to them.

What's your point? It's not like Windows 10 needs to ever see the metro interface for general use.

So, while Metro has its place for some people ... it is completely unsuited for the tasks of what many many people do with computers.

And yet I see more and more people give up general laptops and desktops in favour of tablets. You are still right of course. I just don't think you're going to be right any more next year.

So Microsoft (and idiots like you) can keep pretending that Metro is a suitable interface for everything. Or Microsoft (and idiots like you) can actually realize that "one size fits some" isn't going to cut it.

You mean like the way Metro interfaces co-exist with the desktop, and how after the stumble that was Windows 8 every further update has so far shown that the two interfaces are going to co-exist precisely because one size doesn't fit all?

You sound like a whiny graphic designer who still doesn't understand that a GUI which doesn't suit the task is fucking useless.

You sound like the graphic designer who doesn't understand the task.

Yes, for many home users Metro will probably do everything they need. For for people with more demanding tasks, and most people in business ... Metro is utterly useless as a UI.

I can assure you, Metro is not all of "simple, clean, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and functional" ... it's anything but, in fact unless you're doing fairly trivial tasks on a tablet.

With a keyboard and mouse, on a large screen with no touch ... Metro is a completely fucking useless UI.

So you can boo hoo about how the graphic designers will save the day. But if all they have is eye candy which impedes function compare to existing UIs ... all they're doing its making pretty garbage.

... agreed.

But people who use computers for grown up things will simply not benefit from Metro. Because it's the completely wrong interface paradigm for many things, and Microsoft (and idiots like you) whining it's the wave of the future doesn't make it a good universal UI.

This isn't about the interface for normal people and programmers ... this is about the entirety of human computer interface design, and is much more sophisticated than your clueless reductionism.

Disagreed. The paradigm has changed you just haven't seen it yet. Go and walk down the isle at wallmart and check out how many of those laptops are sold without touchscreens.

Now I'm not claiming metro is good. It's not, it's quite the abortion as it was released. But the Windows 7 interface alone is quite unusable on touchscreens, tablets, and slates (who the fuck came up with that, call them convertibles). Something had to change. I do hope it continues to change. Worst case scenario would be going for a full one-size fits all approach. But fortunately it looks like MS has realised this and is separating the metro and desktop UIs to interchangeably allow you to do everything from either.

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772233) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

Graphic designers focusing on pretty, but with no understanding of functional

Except that the opposite of what they've done. They've been focusing on functional, just that the modern view of functional has changed to a tablet interface. Windows 7 is utterly unusable on a touchscreen and Windows 8.1 is a great move in sort of the right direction. A ugly drunken walk which results in leaning on fences and occasionally dodging traffic as you stumble onto the road, but at least still heading in the right direction.

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772221) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

Change just for the sake of change is stupid, especially if the change is a step backwards in functionality.

Change for the sake of change is something spouted out by people who simply don't bother researching the change or understand the use case behind it. Change costs money and it's always driven by something. Sometimes it can be simple such as "redesign the UI and rev up the version so we can sell the next product", and other times it's more complicated.

The current trend towards "ugly" is driven by the user requirements, not by marketing. New icons emphasise the usable space on which to click them (hence square rather than round). Window borders are larger (and uglier) but easier to click on. And the whole metro interface was driven by one simple fact:

We are in the world of touch. You can deny it, but I walk down my local electronics store and more than half the laptops there have touch screens. Half of those again are transformable into a tablet style. The Windows flagship product (Surface Pro) is one of the most non-PC like PCs released, and that is what is driving the whole UX design these days.

Is the current product perfect? Heck now. It's the product of a retarded mind that should not have made it past early alpha testing, however it is attempting to solve a very real problem which is that Windows 7 is utterly unusable on a touch screen. I can't wait for Windows 10... eeerrr lets say I can't wait for Windows 11 because I get the feeling Windows 10 won't have solved the many issues in Windows 8 yet.

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 205

by thegarbz (#49772185) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

UI trends are following marketing all around the world. It has nothing to do with UX experts. The designs are all about not wanting to be the person walking to work in a bright blue suit in the 90s after everyone has moved on.

The entire world is changing to a flat look, not just advertising and company logos, but also physical things (tables, chairs and even whole houses have modern styles which emphasises flat colours and straight edges). The UIs are simply catching up with what the rest of the world is doing.

For some fun, do a quick google search for 90s house décor, 2000s house décor, and modern house décor. You'll get a lovely progression from a bland look with lots of patterns, through sparsely set out houses with lots of rounded edges and strange styles, to the modern square and flat look that dominates current style magazines which closely matches what we see on the computer.

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