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Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 176

DC is only marginally safer than AC. at 220V both AC and DC will easily kill you. At lower voltages you run into serious I^2R losses.

Being stuck in a cave is a good thing in this case, as the DC wiring won't burn my house down. You're trading one safety (which doesn't actually exist) for another. With DC wiring you'll run into instant problems with being able to control the current. Ever seen a typical switch? Rated for a nice line voltage at AC and a borderline useless voltage at DC, or having a disconnect capability of the normal full current at AC, or would weld it's contacts at a really low DC current. If you think you can just not swing the power back and forward and you've made things safety then you have a lot of learning to do. Safe DC installations are even harder to achieve than safe AC ones.

Also I'm basing my comments not on what was, but rather on what is. If you're banking on the future, more power to you. I hope it works out well for you. But given the cost of insitu house re-wiring that's an expense far greater than the cost of an inverter so I'll let you be the guinea pig for that concept.

Comment Re:What kind of dumbass company... (Score 1) 127

Australia, Europe, China, a few years ago Canada. The vast majority of the people are on 2 year contracts which come with a phone. The 2 years is up (well in reality the 1 year and 11 months is up because god forbid a carrier lets a competitor offer you something first) and you get a "free" phone (which isn't really free but people believe it anyway while they keep paying). The people on pre-paid schemes are school kids who can't legally sign up to a contract but are able buy a phone and pre-pay, and the people who rarely need a phone and don't need the benefit of contract specific plans i.e. different contracts give you different benefits depending if you're data hungry, call hungry, or spend all day sending SMSes.

The system works because 2 years is about a good time where a phone gets beaten up enough to warrant replacing. For some people 2 years is almost a bit too long and on the edge of comfort where not having the latest is a social stigma. I'm also willing to bet even if 2 year contracts were not the most popular contract type that a large number of phones wouldn't make it to the 4 year mark. It's actually amazing and disappointing at the same time that people don't seem to realise you can get the screens on these thins fixed.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 369

This isn't Google maps. This is war. It's way too chaotic to trust automatic measures.

Horseshit. Co-ordinates are co-ordinates if someone calls you up and says "I'm at this co-ordinate, don't fire at me". Or were you insinuating that someone just looked up their own address on Google and emailed the defense department saying please don't shell me?

There were known allies with known contact information at that target. I'm sure it would have been easy enough to pickup a phone. Stop excusing someone who's not even in a hot fire zone from not doing their homework before attacking.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 519

I'm rich enough that I only fill my toilet tanks with the finest imported bottled water. It's only the best for my effluence!


You jest but let me tell you a story: I was in Austria in a town in the mountains near Linz. I have to say subjectively its the cleanest tap water I've ever put in my mouth. I'm quite sure if I brita filter it the result would be dirtier and taste worse. We went into a restaurant and in strolls this posh snob with a real fur coat and a dog. She sits down orders her food among which is a can of Perrier. We were already thinking this was strange because the tap water which we were drinking was excellent.

When it arrives, she pours the Perrier bottled water into a bowl and feeds it to the dog.

Comment Re:Text message on use (Score 1) 254

and when a truly bogus one does appear, I can notify the bank immediately.

Why is that critical, don't you have any consumer protection laws? I was in China early this year and someone lifted my credit card details. I didn't contact the bank for a good 6 weeks after it happened (because I didn't know about it), and after that quick phone call everything was sorted out, the 6 week old charges were reversed and everyone went on with their lives.

It seems like your system is a lot of effort for little gain.

Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 369

Mistakes happen in war, people get killed. It sucks, but that is how it is.

Yet another worthless apologist. Mistakes will only keep on happening while people with your idiotic attitude exist. Designating friendly zones is something that can be automated 100% to prevent mistakes. But no it's war so shit happens right?

You are part of the problem.

Comment Re:The gloves are off (Score 1) 236

And there we have it folks. Collecting and correlating data to gain profit from advertising while providing an otherwise free service that many people benefit from has yet again been equated as being evil.

This is exactly why it was pointless to keep the slogan. Evil has no specific meaning beyond some person disagreeing with a course of action and thus deeming the other party to be "evil".

Comment Re:There's some big philosophical differences. (Score 1) 236

There's some very important meaning in 'don't be evil' that I always liked. .... ... "Do the right thing", however, is utterly subjective.

Hardly. People have been equating the words evil with anything they don't like for a good 5+ years now. One of the best cases I saw was something being opt out instead of opt in like the poster wanted, thus Google is evil.

Meaning is derived on a person by person basis. When people derive meaning from some inbred hate for a corporation it doesn't matter what the slogan is, subjectively it is still the same and the company is breaking it. Damn those corporations.

Comment Re:"Do the right thing...." (Score 1) 236

Don't be evil could apply just as well to shareholders. It also lacks definition. Google was never evil. I never saw a Google employee actively punch babies out of spite. But Google was always evil because ... errm ... advertising and tracking and stuff.
The original slogan lost all meaning.

Comment Re:"Do the right thing...." (Score 1) 236

I don't see it as any different. People have been truly distorting the word evil for the past few years to mean "anything I don't like about what they are currently doing". The word had completely lost its meanings with regular threads comparing completely benign actions to the reign of Hitler.

The previous slogan was just as ambiguous and lacked just as much meaning which should come as a surprise when using so few words.

Comment Re:+++ Breaking News +++ (Score 2) 51

When shipping 13 million complex computing units, some may be faulty.

People would happily accept this as an excuse if company's policies weren't so highly toxic towards user hardware. Like the classic response is always: have you restored it to factory defaults. Well no, not I haven't, I figured you may be able to tell me something more than nuke all my settings and hope the problem is gone.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 5, Insightful) 369

Not hitting a target is quite different from specifically hitting a target that they shouldn't. But you're right there's a lot of data to process and people make mistakes. So why was a human in the loop at all? Why isn't there a zone defined in a computer system that throws up an error when someone who's lost track of the war they are fighting punches in the wrong number?

We should be expecting 100% and we should be striving for it, and not making excuses.

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