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Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 612

and is set so high that you can actually have lower grades and still pass the degree programme

Ahh the value of the modern education. The "attaboy" degree.

When I graduated as an engineer I did so with the knowledge that one of the kids in my class repeated several core subjects 3 times, didn't know basic engineering concepts much less those related to his discipline, and couldn't solve basic equations or even derive equations from problems. Makes me sad to see employment requirements that say "must hold a relevant degree" as the concept itself has no value.

University education was once the hallmark of the academic elite. Now it's just another 4 years of school to get a piece of paper that every company puts on their requirements whether they need it or not.

Comment Re:This gen console hardware sucks (Score 1) 49

However 3D displays and glasses did not take off.

Yes they did. The USE of 3D displays did not. I look around and I see most of my friends have a 3D TV and many a 3D bluray player too. Most of them (including myself) couldn't tell you where their 3D glasses are or if they work, but we all have the necessary hardware.

Comment Re:This gen console hardware sucks (Score 1) 49

Sony was talking about this - it went nowhere, fast.

Not surprised. Back when they were talking about it 3D TVs were a new thing. It would make sense to not put the effort into coding something that nearly all of the users can't use. But give it a few years. 3D TVs are becoming the norm, despite most people not using them. Maybe once something like this happens I'll have a reason to go look for my 3D glasses which probably have flat batteries right now.

Comment Re:This gen console hardware sucks (Score 1) 49

Yeah because the solution to something that would require a small amount of software and hardware 3D support is buying 2 consoles, 2 controllers, 2 copies of the game. It reminds me of that xbox360 racing game which allowed multi-monitor support, except that you needed an xbox360 per monitor, and a copy of the game per xbox to make it work.

You can't be serious with your suggestion.

Comment Re:Free and Fair Trade = More Jobs (Score 1) 352

I explain it to my kids this way. Your cell phone was assembled by Taiwanese owned companies in China. That alone 1) reduces chance of war between China and Taiwan, and 2) reduces the cost of your cell phone by 400%, so 3) Chinese people can now afford to buy the cell phones, and 4) the cost of the cell phone falls another 400% because of scale of manufacture (as Chinese can now afford them). Would you rather live in a USA where the cell phones are assembled in California and cost $8000 and the Chinese are working in rice fields?

Do you also ask your kids why those cell phones cost $8000 here? Most of that price is simply nasty overhead, stuff like safety laws, workplace protection and rights to breath a breathable air without having to wear a mask when you go outside. The Chinese can now afford cheap cell phones but the reason they are so cheap is an attempt at slowly destroying themselves.

So tell your kids next time they play with their cheap phone to pat themselves on the back. They can live in the comfort of knowing that wonderful quality of life was gained by shitting on the third world which is taking advantage of "free trade". But hey it's not America right? It's just a bunch of crappy rice farmers who now have the joy of slave labour on assembly lines that resemble small cities.

The same people who got alarmed by outsourced phone assembly jobs now express alarm about the programming jobs.

Once you outsource your production you become a services company. When you outsource services what is there left for you to do?

And they sound like the same people who were alarmed in the 1970s when Hertz started buying more Japanese cars, so the cost of cars went down and the quality came up and Japan became wealthy and peaceful and eventually opened Toyota and Honda factories in the USA.

Yep that's totally the correct causation there. /sarcasm. Here's an economics tip for you: Japan improved quality as sales were dropping due to the quality of the goods. The USA decided to buy Made in USA products because that Asian crap was Asian crap. They saw a chance to improve and they did. Eventually they opened up Toyota and Honda factories all over the world because it made economic sense *in the presence of trade barriers* to do so. You can look to Australia as to what happens when free trade becomes the norm. Free trade agreements with the USA, and GM / Ford pulled out of the country. Then in 2014 free trade agreements with Japan, Toyota pulled out of the country, because why the hell would you manufacture stuff locally when there's no barriers to import?

I think your post fails on multiple levels of macro-economics, not just the understanding of trade, but the realisation that products and services are two different things. I hope you're an Apple share holder, because that's about the only income you'll get once India is buying Chinese phones and the only winners are those getting paid dividents while standing in the unemployment line.

Comment 100MB of data .... valid for.... (Score 4, Interesting) 63

Those 100MB of data are valid for 3 days. Please don't write garbage comparing a monthly plan to one that expires in 3 days just to suit your "it costs less than $1" triad. You can make the point just as well by talking about the plans which last a month and can be had for under $2.

Why the dishonest sensationalism when the real stats prove the point just as well?

Comment Re:Ummmm (Score 1) 140

So what? I still hold the ST-225 debacle against Seagate.

And so you should. Seagate is still the same company and there's no reason to believe that their corporate culture has changed in a way to prevent this from occurring in the future.

OCZ on the other hand is just a name. Different company, different management. When takeovers happen the parent company culture is often absorbed. There's no reason to believe that OCZ are still unreliable.

Now if Seagate got bought by WD, and you still held the ST-225 debacle against them several years and major technological changes later you should be called out for your silly flawed assumption too.

Comment Re:Ummmm (Score 1) 140

Yes publicity is one thing. But making conclusions based on flawed assumptions is quite another.

On the one side we have no reason to trust OCZ, they are just another SSD brand.
On the other when someone says they can't trust it without any experience or knowledge about post Toshiba takeover OCZ then they are drawing an incorrect conclusion based on flawed data and it should be pointed out to them. After all they may be giving up the best SSD based solely on their own ignorance.

Or maybe they have some recent data I don't know about.

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