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Comment Re:Charger cables (Score 1) 125

The only reason this even remotely sounds good is because everybody has forgotten how fast proprietary chargers are.

You mean how small in capacity old phones were?
Your run of the mill iPad charger pumps out far more juice than your old Nokia charger ever did. The connector on the end doesn't make a difference there.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 125

and literally EVERYONE who has ever even dabbled in microcontroller programming knows how to deal with a MAX232

As someone who does dab in that stuff I have found it far easier to get a USB enabled microcontroller to work as a CDC serial device than to deal with the effort of making a hardware serial connection work. The choice is many modern microcontrollers comes down to: Grab standard software library off the net, send bytes. VS Add extra hardware for serial communications, along with extra board layout + extra cost of MAX232 + significant board space taken up by a DB9 connector, grab standard software library off the net, configure data rate, stop bits, parity etc for both ends, and then send bytes.

Bonus points if you want to actually do detection of devices on either end because then you need to setup additional comms lines to deal with the hardware handshaking of the protocol which also helpfully takes up some I/O lines on the microcontroller.

Yep don't miss that one bit.

Comment Re: Damn people are getting dumb (Score 1) 81

While you're on the topic of morals what's your view on the producers endlessly locking up content in copyright, forever milking the customer for every cent they can bare while passing on almost none of the profits to the people who created that work, all the while taking people to court for ludicrously over inflated payouts?

Even if I would be pirating due to financial reasons I would justify it to myself as "doing no moral harm" quite comfortably.

Comment Re:"using the opportunity to suppress dissent." (Score 1) 201

Dude don't drink and extrapolate.

If you think me not giving a shit about environmental protesters in a country that is as the forefront of environmentalism somehow equates to the idea that we should model democracy on North Korea you need your head checked, like ... now. ... did you just have a stroke or something?

Comment Re: Damn people are getting dumb (Score 2) 81

Or how about a more novel idea: Instead of paying to avoid copyright, either actually pay for the movies you watch or don't watch them.

I tried that. No one would take my money. And 6 months later when they did want to take my money they wanted to take twice as much as normal because... well I assume they had the added cost of dubbing the original so people said "aluminium" instead of "aluminum" and had to put the missing 'u' back into various words in the subtitles. Maybe they even edited the footage so the toilets flushed in the opposite way, that would justify the cost.

Comment Re: Damn people are getting dumb (Score 1) 81

Or you could take the low-hanging fruit principle. Are studios likely to go after people who obfuscate their presence or likely to just record IP addresses and John Doe them to their nearest ISP?

I think VPN torrenters or those using SOCKS proxies will be relatively safe until everyone starts doing it.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 201

Use the state of emergency to suppress legitimate protests.

Define "legitimate protest". We are talking about protests against the government which runs one of the lowest CO2 producing countries in the EU, a government who recognises climate change, and a government who's leading the way in curbing emissions, not just global warming, but also things like NOx with new regulations. I wonder how much of this protest was actually "legitimate".

Comment Re:"using the opportunity to suppress dissent." (Score 2) 201

You don't need to be a climate denier to get sick of some of the protesting crap that is happening in the world. France is in the bottom quartile of CO2 emissions in the EU countries both in absolute terms and per capita terms. They are also on the forefront of regulating diesel use, and attempting to reduce car use in the inner city (not helped by Paris's crap air quality).

The idea that people are protesting against the French government on environmental grounds seems quite strange to me.

Comment Re:Why... (Score 1) 206

No it isn't. No one has demonstrated that they've eliminated the degradation of the organic materials used in the manufacture.

The modern screens are *better* than the ones from 5 years ago, but only marginally. OLED tech hasn't fundamentally changed and the problem has not been addressed. It may be enough on a modern smartphone, but no where near enough on a laptop or desktop which could quite easily have several orders of magnitude more active use during it's usable life.

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