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by fustakrakich (#47718181) Attached to: Qt Upgrades From LGPLv2.1 to LGPLv3

Without copyright, the end users would be in a much worse position since manufacturers could use any freely released code in any way they see fit with no obligation to their end users at all.

The part that none of you are getting is that said manufacturers have no exclusive rights over what they put out. So anybody could just as easily take that and incorporate it into whatever they are making. The problem is solved. The lawyers are the only losers in such a scenario. Without copyright GPL is totally unnecessary. And we'll just cruise along perfectly nicely. It's time to end the age of antiquity. It's over, Johnny, it's over...

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by fustakrakich (#47718145) Attached to: A statement to ponder

I'd bolster my case by the subsequent century of development after Wilson.

As a matter of fact you lost your case in thinking that Wilson is any different from anybody else who owed their position to their financiers. In all our years of written history nothing has changed expect we have more rhythm in our music. I mean, when a white man can dance, you know we've come a long way baby.

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by fustakrakich (#47704507) Attached to: A statement to ponder

I would have said "power"

You should say "sex". (It's all biological, remember?) Power is the aphrodisiac, the lure, the colorful feathers, the medallions, the nest. The cortex serves its master well.

And yeah, it is your party. You've beating their drum in every election so far, trying to "pump.. them up". Watching you pimp Romney was quite a sight. I expect the same for the foreseeable future. Your version of "liberty" is not. It's just Zombie Reagan.

White dwarf seeks red giant for binary relationship.