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Journal: A day late, but what the hell...

Journal by fustakrakich

Happy War Day everybody! Don't forget to reelect your congressman this fall... After all, what are we without war? We are out of business! But in today's world, social security is the evil.

Comment: Re:my favorite search engine (Score 1) 59

by fustakrakich (#47971525) Attached to: DuckDuckGo Now Blocked In China

Hate to break it to ya, "clearly written" don't mean squat. There is no way to ever verify. Always assume the worse, and besides, your signal travels through lots of "waypoints". You not hiding anything. If you want to find something safely and securely, use the classifieds, nothing beats the Sunday paper.

Comment: Re:Style (Score 1) 118

by fustakrakich (#47971507) Attached to: Is Alibaba Comparable To a US Company?

Business and state are clearly highly linked in Russia...but not in the US...???!!

While I'm piling it on, are you nuts?! You don't see our little revolving door in every appointed position that exists? And who launders their money in political campaigns? You don't think those people expect a return on their investment? And worse still the dumbasses who only vote for the guy being pushed in their face? Man, you are right, further discussion is truly impossible. I think I've met another Chuck Todd..

And you don't think Putin is also profiting from the market shift? Oh Muurrrderr! The only people that will suffer are the Russians and those living around the area.

Damn! I'm still laughing at the first part of your post. You get a +5 Funny from me. I like your style... you fit right in with the rest of the crowd.

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