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Submission + - We can make diamonds out of thin air

fustakrakich writes: And, as a plus, remove the excess carbon dioxide

Solar Thermal Electrochemical Photo (STEP) Carbon capture Process is a method to capture and remove atmospheric carbon dioxide, using both the visible part of sunlight and the thermal energy of the sunlight... STEP process can be used to maximize the use of sun’s energy to form staple chemicals such as iron, bleach, aluminum, etc., and remove, convert and use carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas to form energetic carbon rich materials and hydrogen. This process also reduces the need to cool solar cells/panels, as the deleterious heat generated from the solar cells is directed to the electrolysis reaction chamber and is also used as a secondary source of energy in the chemical conversion process. Using the STEP process Dr. Licht’s laboratory has also achieved CO2-free production of Iron from iron ore.

Submission + - You thought NSA bulk data collection was dead?

fustakrakich writes: Guess again!
US officials confirmed to the Guardian that in the coming days they will ask a secret surveillance court to revive the program – deemed illegal by a federal appeals court – all in the name of “transitioning” the domestic surveillance effort to the telephone companies that generate the so-called “call detail records” the government seeks to access. The unconventional and unexpected legal circumstance depends on a section of the USA Freedom Act, which Obama signed into law on Tuesday, that provides a six-month grace period to prepare the surveillance and legal bureaucracies for a world in which the National Security Agency is no longer the repository of bulk US phone metadata. During that time, the act’s ban on bulk collection will not yet take effect.

Submission + - SPAM: There's a big problem

fustakrakich writes: Why don't we have the identities of the Germanwings cockpit crew? What will their names reveal that somebody doesn't want revealed? It's bogus. We should not allow this kind of secrecy, ever.

Submission + - Bad News Everybody!

fustakrakich writes: It appears you can no longer go back more than 66 pages in front page news stories, where previously you could go all the way back to 1999. If this is actually a permanent thing, then Slashdot is truly dead, and it is no longer worth lingering around here. Shame on you, Dice. You are horrible people. You killed a great web site. All to make space for the spammers in the Journal section.

If this is only temporary, I take back everything.

Thank you

I've got a bad feeling about this.