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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 744

> Deciding what a full login comprises is the shell's responsibility, not your init system's job.

systemd is not an init system. It's a service manager. Mischaracterization makes your opinions seem ignorant.

systemd is bad for trying to force utilities to be rewritten into a unified application layer, for no other reason. Error prone initiative, to create a new class of problems (where coordination preemption occurs, is just moved around). There's no misuse of a utility role, in this case.

Comment Trump makes sense again? (Score 4, Insightful) 442

> In other words, dreams of going to Mars must take a back seat to more Earthly concerns. It is not an answer many space exploration supporters want to hear.

That sounds perfectly sane. Sending people to Mars now, is a waste of resources. We send probes, probes tell us basically what we already know (its slightly less inhospitable than say...Venus) and we learn some new details about the inhospitable conditions. Artificial Intelligence or Genetically Engineered creatures to send to Mars is a much more efficient approach. Let's get that working on Earth, first and we can talk about the myriad of inhospitable places that open up. That's very long term thinking, which is part of what space exploration is about. I don't think Trump supposes to know anything about long term technological viability. He just happens to be on the right side of this.

Comment Re:I'm opposed to censorship (Score 2) 410

> There's a whole lot of stuff that most advertisers don't want to have their product associated with, so Reddit just wants to sweep all of that under the rug so they can present a shiny-clean image to the world

That seems ridiculous Statistically, NOBODY has a comprehensive understanding about all the subreddits that exist. There are literally too many to even visit them all. I didn't know about the ones being altered, nor did they list them all. Nobody has done a diff, because there's literally no way to iterate through all the private and public ones to know the exact changes. Conceptually, nobody can make a single association with an innumerable set of interests (especially a trivial minority of the traffic).

They haven't swept anything under the rug, in making public policy changes and it hasn't affected the content, so I really have to wonder what data supports this conspiracy theory?

Your views show a shocking ignorance toward digital advertising process. Advertisers don't care about "unwanted" audience segments, only the targeted ones (which can include exclusions among a targeted set) but it's never "they like cars but aren't bigots". Networks don't care about inventory (impressions) the way you are trying to characterize. Someone like Univeral Mccann drops millions of impressions on you and gives you the singular detail "here's our 500k sites, figure it out". Nobody manually prunes that with blacklists on some nebulous moral stance. The sites are all pooled because the content is a minor concern (usually you have quova or blue kai or digital envoy, etc etc do contextualization). If there is a budget from a DSP, they will look for those segments from the entire pool of inventory. The source is incidental, unless it's a vertical buy and then it's inclusive with explicit exceptions, as previously described.

Comment Re:Solves part of the mystery. (Score 4, Interesting) 272

From my 9-11 experience....I watched the news about 13 min before the second plane hit and for hours afterward. There was a newsman on the ground who asked a chief about building 7 needing to be demo'd and the chief, obviously alarmed that the newsman might be creating an unsubstantiated panic, almost called him an idiot and said there is no reason for that nor would there be based on conditions, finally that he had not heard anything like that and it was absurd. I have not met another person who remembers that shocking exchange nor have I seen the footage anywhere. It happened and I do not understand how such a national broadcast seemingly disappeared and is never spoken about again.

Comment Re:Another thought... (Score 1) 280

> For everyone complaining that other people will make the car unusable

They aren't using their brain. We live in a world where technology, ironically, solved this already and has it in practice through our temporary proxy, Uber. You have to have an app/ID and can flag cars as unacceptable. Flagged cars avoid you for pickup and you re-queue. 3 flaggings and the car is sent to service. Done.

Comment Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 280

Quite simply, it's going to happen. Autonomous does not mean anonymous and there will be apps/levers for "unacceptable" to signal the car needs cleaning/service. None of the problems you describe, will be a large scale issue. The wealthy will have dedicated cars (just like they do now) but most people will simply hail autonomous ones. Your paranoia will disappear, just like every other individual, when this is put into practice.

Submission + - Police destroy cameras, but forget one? Footage ruled illegal eavesdropping->

Jack9 writes: As kafkaesque nightmares continue to mount, here's a pot-related event from southern california. The video of Santa Ana police officers raiding (no arrests) a dispensary, has gone viral. This resulted in some light harassment and edible consumption, by the undercover and uniformed participants. A judge has ruled that the recording, ostensibly from cameras the officers failed to destroy, has violated the privacy of said officers. The footage has been temporarily quashed as it would do "irreparable harm" to the officers, while being investigated by internal affairs.
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Comment Re:How about 2015 July 15 0000UTC? (Score 4, Insightful) 283

> If you're not using HTML5 by now, you're a fucking dinosaur.

Using HTML5 is not the same as killing flash. The entire multi-billion dollar programmatic advertising industry uses (predominantly) flash for waterfalling/timeouts/buffering and RTB interactions. See the IAB (which still mentions silverlight alongside javascript) which sets standards, about killing flash, then you might see change.

Comment Re:Mob dev is design by the least experienced (Score 1) 126

> There's a problem with mobs: they gang up and lynch anyone who isn't part of the mob.

Democracy often feels that way. It's not necessarily true, in the first meetings, even if it feels the same as later when it is true. Saying it always happens, is not realistic.

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