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Comment Re:Israel is defending itself (Score 1) 212

Don't take politics so seriously. Bibi could have said the exact opposite, and would have if it would have increased his election chances. Don't confuse political rhetoric with coincidence. There won't be a "Palestinian" state until all Jews residing in Israel have been killed. I kinda don't blame Israelis for taking exception to that.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 212

You are a fucking idiot.

Palestinian are not Arab, they are of semitic decent.

Both Arabs and Jews are of semitic descent, though European Jews are rather diluted through intermarriage over the past 2000 years. "Palestinians" are Arabs. The term Palestinian is political, not racial.

e.g.: They share common ancestor with the jews that left the region to colonise Europe.

All Arabs share a common ancestor with those Jews. I'd like to point out that Jews never colonized Europe.

It is for the jews the assimilate into the Palestinian nation,

At the time the Jews started returning with the explicit goal of establishing a State, there were no "Palestinians", never mind a nation of them.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 212

There are both black and Chinese Jews. Why should either group become Hasidic, given that Hasidim are originally from Eastern European countries? And you have conflated racism with religionism (I just made up the term, deal with it). African Jews are Jews. Just because Jews are capable of racism toward other Jews does not make them any less a Jew. I'd also point out that for the most part the racism is exhibited by non-religious Jews in Israel. The religious Jews tend to just ignore them.

I realize that ignorance is a way of life with those who hate, so I understand your position. I just happen to think you're an incredible idiot and deserve any harm that comes to you. As they say, stupidity should be painful.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 212

It was a war. Shit happens. If the world would wake up and realize that Muslims are always at war, the world would become a better place. Instead, the Muslims will win because they will control the US nuclear arsenal, and they will wipe out the Chinese (the only population large enough to stand up to them at this point), even if they lose 90% of their own population. They don't care about lives, not their own, and certainly not anyone else's.

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