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Comment: Re:legality (Score 0) 90

It may seem illegal, but it doesn't seem to matter. The voters are letting it slide...

You ever watch Professional Poker on ESPN? I think one of the coolest things is to see the players, athletes, if you will, smoking cigars during a match. You don't see that in too many sports. Well, maybe football... You get my drift, right?

Comment: it is surprising... that Congress would abdicate.. (Score 5, Insightful) 90

Why? Doesn't anybody understand who they work for? I, for one, fully expect this. In fact I would be surprised if they didn't do what they are doing. It is the voters who abdicated their responsibility to oversee their government. Democracy is high maintenance. It is not *set it and forget it* for two years.

Comment: Re:This is nothing (Score 1) 8

Don't be so fast to write them off. The election results confirm they have lots of followers. You can *tell them so* all you want. It just doesn't matter, they are standing behind their boy, and Bill O'Reilly also, and all the other deviants and misfits that can rouse a rabble. Pay attention to the real numbers, they are not losing any ground. It is pure primitive animal tribalism. That's politics for you.

Comment: Re:So, that's how it works? (Score 1) 10

by fustakrakich (#49755409) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Prepares to Surprise Nobody

No. That is not how it works.

Well, it must be, if we are supposed crap like this:

Unfortunately Bernie can't raise enough money to be taken seriously by those who have the power to select a candidate...

It's the voters who select their candidates, or allow them to be selected by someone else. It's all very simple.

And your sloppy JE post is sloppy, barely legible. Your vote is not the only thing that reflects your laziness and apathy. Now, once again, let's hear you blame Slashdot.

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