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Comment: Re:So your point then... (Score 1) 43

by fustakrakich (#48937729) Attached to: Props to William Jacobson

Then I'll make it simple for you, with somebody else's words, because he thought of them first:

...If you allow two consenting adults to get married and receive benefits from the government for marriage, then you fucking need to let any two consenting adults get married. This is why courts have almost all said, "Yeah, you don't have any fucking reason to stop those two guys from gettin' hitched. So let 'em."

Now, as for polygamy (or bestiality or whatever other kink someone wants to throw in), the law is clear: No one can engage in it. A man can't marry two or more women; a woman can't marry two or more women; etc. It doesn't matter if the parties involved are gay or straight or bi. If you said that only left-handed people can have polygamous marriages and no one else could (not righties or the ambidextrous), then that'd be using the law to discriminate. Nobody can get polygamied (or whatever the word is).

That is equal application of the law. It's applied universally. You can't marry your dog. You can't marry a baby. You can't marry a toaster. Nobody can, legally.

Damn right we want the law enforced equally, just like you..

Use that the next time some grandstanding drama queen wants to pretend she has something important to say.

Yeah, so I did.. You can't marry your high horse, but you are free to ride off into the sunset.

It was from RP

Comment: Re:Government Intervention (Score 1) 378

government owned fiber

I still like copper. You don't need magic black boxes to use it. You can use a simple spark to get the message out.

Even 'natural' monopolies require government protection (police/military) of their exclusive claims to natural resources, like land and water and air. Those things are the 'means of production' that belong to everybody. Some cities are restricting water use to make sure there is enough for the bottling companies.

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