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Comment Re:dry ink (Score 1) 135

Xerox did as well. Have an pre-cursor to the Phasor 8560/DN kicking around here. For text, print quality and speed is great. For pictures, print quality is not bad, not bad at all. The only downside is that you have wait 5 mins at startup for the wax to melt.

* http://www.amazon.com/Xerox-Ph...

For HDR printing though nothing beats an Canon inkjet on glossy paper. Kirkland Photo Glossy paper at $20 / 150 sheets is a fantastic bang/buck for "proofs"

* http://www.amazon.com/Kirkland...

Comment Re:Troll (Score 1) 566

I think it was more like 20 million...

That may be. The official numbers estimate 10 million military and 14 million civilians. Either way, without Russia soaking up everything Hitler could muster against them, there might well not have been enough time to plan for a Normandy invasion before England was gone. The costs were horrific, and Americans who forget that it wasn't just G.I. Joe that defeated the Nazis dishonor themselves.

Comment Re:Ataturk was a punk (Score 1) 96

I mean nobody would dare say Black people shouldn't be pissed about Colonialism. Ooops this comment is likely to get censored due to "racism" but then again nobody will care, "OMG CENSORSHIP ON SLASHDOT. Racism ohh okay no problem then."

Geez, man. What are you so upset about? You better take care you don't have a stroke worrying about all that.

Comment Re:DC is more dangerous (Score 1) 201

i was talking about a more local electrical arrangement

but yes, long distance, that's a complicated topic, what distance are you really talking about and what other interconnections do you need? dc does have advantages in many cases, especially very long distance

but now we are very far away from the topic of a guy charging his laptop and running some LED lights

The advantage of AC has always been that it is easy to change the voltage up and down with a transformer; DC requires more equipment and some losses to convert.

That being said, transferring AC power between separate grids requires making sure the phase of the power transmitted matches from the two grids (so that the power from the two grids doesn't cancel or ring), which is difficult and expensive. This is not a problem for DC, so DC lines are used in cases such as where power is transferred from another grid to increase the capacity of an existing grid, or between countries that use different frequency power.

Capacitance between the AC phases (usually 3 phases are transmitted at once over a line) or between the line and the surrounding soil or water causes losses that are not a problem with DC. Therefore, undersea high voltage lines tend to be DC.

Overall line loss is also lower per 1,000 km, so very long distance transmission lines sometimes use DC.


Comment Should be... again. (Score 3, Informative) 58

As in " Hasbro and Warner Bros. have announced Dungeons & Dragons will be getting its own film franchise." ... again.

Or are we pretending now that they they didn't already drop a bunch of D&D turds?

In 2000 (saw it, amusing for what it was, but it was awful)

IMDB lso lists this, which I haven't seen
2005 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt04... ("straight to video")
2012 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt17... ("TV movie")

And which seem to have "2" and "3" in the subtitles... suggesting they were sequels? I haven't seen them, and based on the 1st one... I'm not sure if anyone should.

Comment Re:DC is more dangerous (Score 1) 201

thank you, dc genuinely has greater fire hazard implications than ac

as for health, it is a bit more nuanced and complex than i said:

Direct current (DC), because it moves with continuous motion through a conductor, has the tendency to induce muscular tetanus quite readily. Alternating current (AC), because it alternately reverses direction of motion, provides brief moments of opportunity for an afflicted muscle to relax between alternations. Thus, from the concern of becoming "froze on the circuit," DC is more dangerous than AC.

However, AC's alternating nature has a greater tendency to throw the heart's pacemaker neurons into a condition of fibrillation, whereas DC tends to just make the heart stand still. Once the shock current is halted, a "frozen" heart has a better chance of regaining a normal beat pattern than a fibrillating heart. This is why "defibrillating" equipment used by emergency medics works: the jolt of current supplied by the defibrillator unit is DC, which halts fibrillation and gives the heart a chance to recover. ...

One of the reasons that AC might be considered more dangerous is that it arguably has more ways of getting into your body. Since the voltage alternates, it can cause current to enter and exit your body even without a closed loop, since your body (and what ground it's attached to) has capacitance. DC cannot do that. Also, AC is quite easily stepped up to higher voltages using transformers, while with DC that requires some relatively elaborate electronics. Finally, while your skin has a fairly high resistance to protect you, and the air is also a terrific insulator as long as you're not touching any wires, sometimes the inductance of AC transformers can cause high-voltage sparks that break down the air and I imagine can get through your skin a bit as well.


Comment A Flop? (Score 3, Funny) 58

A flop is simply a movie that fails to attract an audience because it isn't good, Jupiter Ascending is a flop. The 2000 D&D movie was so god awful that it alone stands out in my mind as easily as something so bad I'd rather be in a meeting than attend. My girlfriend and I laughed so hard at the unintentionally funny parts of the movie that our judgement was so impaired, we got married. The damage was so severe, we have never recovered from this bad judgement and remain married.

The movie was an unmitigated disaster, and honestly if this were my property I'd never again let someone try to make a movie based on it.

Comment DC is more dangerous (Score 5, Insightful) 201

this experiment is fine if you're doing little LED lights and laptops, but if you're running something like air conditioning or a washing machine you're building a fire hazard and a mortality risk

the decision to use AC over DC was not random nor taken lightly, there are many factors involved (heck, it was a major engineering, corporate, and PR war between Edison and Westinghouse: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ), but the right decision was made

for our modern world where some people only care about their laptop and smartphone, it does indeed seem silly and wasteful to convert to AC then back to DC, especially if you've ever tried charging electronics in a car. but there are of course many other uses for electricity, and the navel gazing small electronics crowd is but a minor topic

but i do see a time in the future as more people use local solar and other renewables, that a small DC subsystem is made available in the house for electronics like computers

Comment Re:I got out years ago (Score 1) 135

I too use a laser printer for my day to day printing tasks and only bother with the color printer for when a task actually benefits from the use of color.

Being able to quickly print snapshot photos is particularly handy.

Mainly, the color printer just functions as a scanner (or copier).

Comment Re:Flash ... again (Score 0) 57

The problem with using IE and Flash for your shit work is that IE with Flash is SO INCREDIBLY SLOW as to be unusable. Just as an extreme example, try loading some clickbait site with IE

If you're loading something you do not need for your job in IE with Flash enabled ... that's your damned problem.

I said to keep IE for those sites you are required to use for your job, and use something with it disabled it for the rest.

Whining about how slow Flash is for random sites means you bloody well deserve malware, because you haven't been paying attention to the fact that Flash has been a gaping security hole for around 15 years.

If you're going to a click bait site with IE and Flash, you're begging to be compromised, and you'll have nobody but yourself to blame. Because you're pretty much doing the thing which is going to guarantee you get hacked.

In my best Nelson voice I say to you "Ha ha!!".

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