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Comment: I've managed a team full of H1bs.. (Score 1) 181

by hey! (#48677749) Attached to: Paul Graham: Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In

Not my choice, we got them in a deal with a VC. And I will tell you from experience that they're not all great programmers. A *few* of them were very good programmers, most of them were OK, and a few were very *bad* programmers. Just like everyone else. The idea that the H1B program just brings in technical giants is pure fantasy. This isn't 1980; if a CS genius living in Bangalore wants to work he doesn't have to come to the US anymore, there are good opportunities for him at home..

H1B brings in a cross section of inexperienced programmers and kicks them out of the country once they've gained some experience. I have nothing against bringing more foreign talent into the US, but it should be with an eye to encouraging permanent residency. I think if you sponsor an H1B and he goes home, you should have to wait a couple years before you replace him. Then companies will be pickier about who they bring over.

I have to say, managing a team of H1Bs was very rewarding, not necessarily from a technical standpoint but from a cultural standpoint. Because I had to learn about each programmer on my team and the way things are done in his culture, I think I became closer to a lot of them than I would have to a team of Americans.

Comment: Re:Effing Grinches That Spoiled Christmas (Score 1) 153

by PopeRatzo (#48676571) Attached to: Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks Downed By Apparent Attack

I thought you sided with

I don't side with. I side against. Against 8chan pedos. Against rape apologists and definitely against anyone who harass women or condone sexual abuse of children. Against #GamerGate.

And definitely against anyone who would shit all over my long-time preferred pastime of video games the way GamerGate has done. More damage has been done to the gaming community in 2014 than in any time since I've been gaming. And sonny, I've got game cartridges that are older than you are. I've got cheetoh crumbs in my couch that are older than you and your fucked up microscopic cadre of sociopaths.

+ - High Speed DIY M&M Sorting Machine Uses iPhone Brain

Submitted by (3830033) writes "Canoe Tech reports that M&M sorting machines are a popular project for people who like combining electronics, programming and machine building. Most of them send a single M&M down a chute to a simple color sensor where the color sensor will then take a second or two to figure out the color. A servo motor will then rotate a chute that will direct the M&M into the correct pot. But a new project created by the nameless blogger behind the reviewmylife blog, that uses an iPhone 5s as its brain is capable of sensing different colors and so can "sort" the M&Ms as they fall past. The iPhone communicates the information via Bluetooth to an Arduino board, which in turn fires off the correct electro magnet controlled gate. One practical application of the sorter could be creating a bowl of M&Ms — with all the brown ones removed. According to Dan and Chip Heath, that's just what rock band Van Halen demand in one of the riders to their standard contract. The band’s “M&M clause” was written into its contract to serve a very specic purpose. It was called Article 126, and it read as follows: “There will be no brown M&M’s in the backstage area, upon pain of forfeiture of the show, with full compensation.” The article was buried in the middle of countless technical specications. When David Lee Roth would arrive at a new venue, he’d immediately walk backstage and glance at the M&M bowl. If he saw a brown M&M, he’d demand a line check of the entire production. “Guaranteed you’re going to arrive at a technical error,” said Roth.. “They didn’t read the contract Sometimes it would threaten to just destroy the whole show.”"

Comment: Re:System Hardware. Or yum install hardinfo (Score 2, Insightful) 62

by hairyfeet (#48675641) Attached to: Linux 3.19 Kernel To Start 2015 With Many New Features

Which leads us to the sadly all too true obligatory XKCD which is why Linux on the desktop is so low its getting its ass handed to it by "other" and has gotten so low its literally below the margin for error.

Considering that every time Linux starts to get stable the devs take a big steaming shit on it, Pulse, KDE 4, Gnome 3, Systemd, not to mention Torvalds constant kernel fiddling, is anybody really surprised by the plummeting numbers? Its a damned shame but as long as devs would rather put out yet another release instead of fixing the bugs in the previous release Linux will always remain in alpha quality.

Comment: old hardware left behind (Score 1) 62

by bzipitidoo (#48675549) Attached to: Linux 3.19 Kernel To Start 2015 With Many New Features

One of my PCs is a Gateway GT5628 PC with an Intel Q6600 chipset. Shutdown used to work every time on this PC, with kernels around the 2.6.32 version. By 2.6.38, shutdown was unreliable. About half the time shutdown works, and the other half the computer goes through the shutdown process successfully and at the very end, fails to turn itself off, sitting on the text screen with "power down" displayed on the monitor. I have to hold the power button for 4 seconds to complete the shutdown.

I haven't submitted any bug report. It would be nice if shutdown worked every time like it used to, but it's a minor problem with an easy workaround, so minor I figured no one would care to hunt it down and fix it. I haven't. I could try a bunch of old kernels out to narrow down when this feature was broken, but haven't felt it was worth my time.

Linux is very good about supporting old hardware, but inevitably some does get left behind. They deliberately dropped support for the 386 somewhere around kernel version 3.5. Other old hardware simply isn't checked. When was the last time anyone tried a mouse that plugs into the serial port? Not USB, not PS/2, but ye olde 9 pin (or 25 pin!) serial port? Last time I fooled around with one about 5 years ago, I couldn't get XWindows to recognize it. The fastest "fix" is to just get a USB or PS/2 mouse. Or, at the price of systems these days, a whole new computer.

Comment: "moment" (Score 5, Insightful) 78

by PopeRatzo (#48674879) Attached to: Kodak-Branded Smartphones On the Way

For a while there it looked like Kodak's moment had come and gone

Kodak was a dominant technology corporation for over a century. They were dominant through economic downturns, world wars, cultural changes and across industrial sectors. They were one of a handful of the most recognizable brand names of the entire 20th century (they started in 1888). They did business in three centuries.

I'm pretty sure that qualifies as more than a "moment".

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