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Comment: Re:In lost the will to live ... (Score 1) 357

by PopeRatzo (#47966297) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

Non-violence can be derived from any ethical position that views others as equal to yourself in all ways.

Yes, this. And not even in "all ways". All I need to do is see others as equal in the sense of existing to have an ethical position.

To treat others as I would like to be treated. The "Golden Rule" is not a Christian innovation. See, Uhl's "Enlightened Selfishness".

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by gstoddart (#47965795) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

The why is for now firmly in the realms of philosophy and religion.

But let's not go around claiming either of these things represents truth.

They start with the things science can't tell us, you're right.

But from there, nothing they say is provable.

So, when people say "philosophy and religion try to give us Truth", they're really saying "this is what I believe and you can't disprove it".

The why may merely be a function of the how ... it happened because physical laws more or less made it inevitable.

If you have an example of an astrophysics text book that states why the universe exists, please give us the reference.

Now, point us to an objectively verifiable source which can tell us why.

You can't.

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by houghi (#47965469) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

, because the Web should be enabling us to help each other,

Why should it do that. Just because something saysd "On the Internet" does not mean there is anything new going on. This is true for pattents and this is true for anything else.

When I book a hotel via I first make a selection on what I want. Price, location, parking, ... and then when I have e.g. 5 or so places, I will start reading the comments and see what other people thought. I especialy read what they disliked. Often this is about no coffee maker on the room or no elevator. Small rooms ins Amterdam? Well DUH!

When I look for a restaurant, I use tripadvisor. Again I make my first selection and then read what others disliked and base my chocie on that.

I also look at the nationality in both cases. e.g. Americans have different expectations a lot of the times, (Nobody spoke English. Lousy restaurant/hotel). This is all not differnet when I ask my friends if they know a new restaurant. It is also not different when asking for a restaurant in a bar.

The advantage of the Web is that you are able to compare different opinions. However I NEVER look at the points because there is never a basis on the points./stars/whatever.

In the Guide Michelin, there is. 1 star is aworth stopping, 2 stars is a worth adeviation of your trip and 3 stars is wotrth a trip. (Hey, They make tires and maps, what did you think it was?) For hotels there also is a clear classification (which might differ per country). So if I give 3 stars, it might be somebody elses 5 stars or 1 star for the SAME experience and the same idea how good/bad it was.

Over the years I was heavily involved in "customer satisfaction" and know first and on how difficult it is to measure the customer experience. As a company you can set some parameters so you can compare one answer with another.

The problem with Yelp is that they take away the possibilaty of doing my own analysis. Does that man I never have a bad excperience? No. But not more or less that before I used these sites. All in all it is, for me, a positive experience. I now go to more differnt restaurants and not just the ones for tourists.

That said, I also like to walk around and just walk into a restaurant when I am hungry. Many a pleasant surprise. Also the most imporatnt thing is who you are with, as eating out is not just about the food. It is the whole exprience, including the company you are with. Probably left from when we were sitting around in a cave around a fire.

Because of that, even if I detest McD, Pizza Hut and the like, with the right people that can be great as well.

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by gstoddart (#47965279) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

No, science is not the pursuit of Truth, that would be philosophy down the hall.

Well, the problem with anything seeking "Truth" is there is absolutely no objective way to measure it or know you have it.

Which means, this so-called "Truth" is nothing more than something people believe with no actual proof.

That, my friend, is not truth. It's faith.

So, any claim to some higher Truth boils down to someone saying "sounds good to me".

Philosophy and religion can come up with a lot of things they believe to be "The Truth". But, that doesn't make it so.

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by gstoddart (#47965131) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

Why are we here? What is the purpose of life, the universe, and everything?

But why does there have to be a why?

The question pre-supposes an answer in which there is a why.

Slime evolved. That doesn't necessitate that there is some grand plan for everything.

In fact, assuming there is a meaning or a purpose is about as un-scientific as you can get.

What is your evidence for such a thing? Other than wanting to believe that, which isn't evidence of anything.

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> By which definition?

As we all know Energy can not be created nor destroyed yet Science tells us "magically" the universe came into existence from _nothing_.

Religion says the Source / Eternal / God has _always_ existed. Ergo, God is the ultimate source / cause of _everything_.

Second, Science by definition is amoral. Ergo, it is incomplete. A absolutely wonderful system but it has its limits to what it can (and can't know.)

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