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Comment Re:Maintaining status quo... (Score 1) 97

Well, not really. Currently there are two ways to stop a country from developing nuclear weapons: prevent it from obtaining the necessary uranium, or prevent it from obtaining the equipment it needs to process that uranium. Together these measures are highly effective at preventing the vast majority of countries from obtaining the stockpiles of enriched uranium they need to build a crude but effective gun type warhead.

The exception is when you have a country like Iran that (a) can dig uranium out of its own soil and (b) has the industrial, scientific and engineering capability to build its own refining equipment. There aren't many countries like that, but if one of them wants a bomb there's only two ways left to stop them: (1) invade them, or (2) convince them they'd be better off without a bomb. And thus far we haven't invaded countries because they're developing nuclear weapons. We didn't do it in India, we didn't do it in Pakistan, and we aren't even doing it in North Korea. Sure, we invaded Iraq, but nukes were just a pretext; the evidence we used to justify the attacks was known to be false at the time.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 42

Ministries of Foreign Affairs

*sigh* I would really think those agencies would have people who are sufficiently paranoid as to not allow Flash on those computers. Or are government officials all demanding they be able to watch YouTube videos?

Flash has been a gaping series of security holes for almost 20 years now, why the hell do people keep trusting it?

Comment Re: Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 406

You're right; every time I see a coke ad I'm reminded of something my doctor told me "the best thing you can do with it is put it into your toilet - it makes great toilet cleaner". Then, when I'm in the store, I'm so grateful that coke-corp have reminded me to avoid their product which is after all a triumph of ad-fu over reality.

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