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Comment: Re:Can it run Flash? (Score 1) 140

by Bert64 (#48575873) Attached to: $35 Quad-core Hacker SBC Offers Raspberry Pi-like Size and I/O

Hiding insecure boxes behind firewalls is NOT any kind of solution...
A firewall may stop unsolicited inbound scans but thats about all... You can still be attacked via outbound connections that you initiate (e.g. browsing), removable media you insert, files you download etc or from other boxes on the same network behind the same firewall.

Comment: Re: ... Everything? (Score 4, Insightful) 528

by Bert64 (#48529061) Attached to: The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

Chances are they do have high bandwidth links for copying high resolution video files around, and that pipe will not be fully utilised all the time, there would be plenty of downtime when there was a lot of bandwidth available for exfiltrating data, and because high bandwidth usage is not uncommon it could easily go unnoticed. It doesn't matter if it takes a long time, so long as it hasn't been noticed you can sit on there for weeks or months gradually copying stuff.

Also in one of the other stories about this hack i read that they had access for over a year.

Comment: Re:Only three days? (Score 1) 187

by Bert64 (#48293805) Attached to: Denuvo DRM Challenges Game Crackers

Depending where you live, the publisher may have added an arbitrary delay themselves - ie the game is not released yet where you are... Even with a delayed crack, the crack may become available first in some places.

And the few who will buy because a crack isn't available yet could well be outnumbered by the people who decide not to buy as a result of seeing or reading about the game being unstable and/or causing other stability problems outside of the game (eg some drm schemes come with background processes or drivers which cause problems even when the game in question isn't running).

Instead of wasting so much effort on ever more complex (and thus error prone) DRM schemes, they should retask those developers to actually improve the quality of the games themselves.

Comment: Re:FTP (Score 2) 125

by Bert64 (#48291777) Attached to: OpenBSD 5.6 Released

What's more annoying is those download sites which force you to download in the browser, rather than giving you a link that you can pass to wget...

I always used to run wget instead of using the browser, back in the days of dialup and netscape 4.x where the browsers would almost always crash long before a large download had completed. But there are also many cases today where downloading with the browser is just horrendously inconvenient, like when im downloading something only to upload it again to a colocated server (where my upstream speed at home is 1/10 of the download).

Comment: Re:Those who don't know history... (Score 2) 113

by Bert64 (#48251947) Attached to: Microsoft Works On Windows For ARM-Based Servers

NT for Alpha actually worked very well, it was considerably faster and more stable than the x86 version.

The problem was a lack of applications... Most windows apps are closed source, and only compiled for x86 which meant you either couldn't run them at all, or you had to run them through emulation which incurred a significant performance hit.

That's why Linux is in much better shape on non x86 architectures than windows, the fact that drivers/apps/etc can easily be recompiled by anyone and in most cases already have been.

Pretty much everything most people would want to do on an x86 linux box, i can also do on an alpha, ppc or arm based linux box... The same is not true with windows.

Comment: Re:yes... (Score 2) 113

by Bert64 (#48251785) Attached to: Microsoft Works On Windows For ARM-Based Servers

It would sell because its marketed as windows, and then customers would be disappointed because it didnt do the same things their desktop windows does. After a short while, it would earn itself a terrible reputation and people would avoid it, and the existing unwanted devices would show up on ebay very cheaply.

On it's own merit, windows rt offers nothing over android or ios, and at $200 the hardware would at best be the same spec as $200 android hardware if windows were given away for free. On the other hand, its unlikely to be free, so the hardware would be inferior to cover the cost and then you also have a much smaller pool of apps than android/ios devices have.

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