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Comment Re:Who smuggled that in? (Score 2) 161

Trade sanctions only hurt the average people, those with money and power can get everything they want via the black market.
Infact trade sanctions only help the rulers of north korea, as it becomes much easier for them to restrict the flow of information.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 151

Some browsers will auto save files to the designated downloads location, a malicious website can exploit this feature to get a dll into your downloads directory. If you then execute an installer from the same directory then you can be infected.
Getting a file into your downloads directory is not a compromise as the file has not been executed, and on other platforms the presence of malware in your download directory is harmless unless you actually go out of your way to execute it.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 151

Well the problem seems to be that Windows will load DLL files from the same directory that the executable is in by default, and this behaviour is retained for backwards compatibility because a lot of programs expect to work this way...
This is yet another case of a serious design flaw in windows which causes ongoing security problems, and cannot be easily fixed without breaking compatibility and/or extra humps for users or developers to jump through.

This is exploitable by preloading a user's downloads directory with malicious dll files and then waiting for them to download and execute a binary installer from the same downloads directory. Which brings up other windows flaws, installers are usually executable binaries rather than a data file to be processed by a package manager (yes there is msi but it isn't commonly used)... Plus the fact that users commonly install software this way rather than going through a repository.

Other systems simply don't work this way... Libraries are never loaded from the current directory by default, applications on unix systems are usually expected to use system versions of libraries rather than bundling their own, and applications on osx are bundled up with their own libs if required. Linux users typically don't download and run arbitrary binaries, instead they select software from their repo.

This now seems to be another extra hoop that developers must jump through to make windows software, hassle that simply doesn't exist on any other platform.

Comment Re: Windows 10 (Score 1) 246

Microsoft try very hard to retain backwards compatibility, and there are all kinds of nasty hacks for that purpose...
The problem is that many things in windows were just so poorly designed that improvements can't really be made without breaking compatibility, scroll up and look at the post about console windows for instance.

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 1) 246

Your losing a lot of the flexibility and security of SSH by doing it via RDP, eg if your using key based auth then your key must be stored on the rdp host, and you can't pipe stuff back and forth to your local machine..
Also, putty is pretty dated when it comes to encryption ciphers it supports, so you need to maintain a weak ssh configuration on your hosts.

Comment Re: Management structure and meritocracy (Score 2) 273

Being in an office is often not productive at all...
From my own experience of working remotely vs a city office, most of us get a LOT more done when we're at home for a variety of reasons.

The commute is unpleasant - the office is in a business district and none of us can afford to live nearby, we waste a couple of hours a day minimum travelling on crowded trains which is stressful, uncomfortable and tiring.
There's lots of distractions in the office, when someone comes up and starts talking it derails your chain of thought, and when other people are being noisy nearby it's the same. When you're remote people don't call on the phone unless its urgent, otherwise they send an email which you can read when you've time to do so.
The office environment is uncomfortable, obviously this is down to the individual company trying to be cheap and buying shitty desks/chairs and not fixing the climate control etc.

Not everyone works better at home, depending on the environment and presence of distractions there but a lot of people work much better from home. The more flexibility a company offers the better... There are many roles which simply don't need to be 9-5 in a fixed office.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 1) 252

I wrote a few simple scripts for Asterisk using a bunch of celebrity sound board samples (borat etc), but something with silence detection and some crude speech recognition could be a lot more amusing...
I'm surprised there isn't already something like this you can download and plug into asterisk.

Comment Re:$29K is a damn good salary (Score 1) 84

Wages have to be higher because the cost of living is higher, and the cost of living is higher because companies charge more for goods and services, part of the reason why they charge more is because they have to pay their workers more.

The problem is that companies are greedy and short sighted, so they will outsource to cheaper countries to reduce their costs... This will cut costs in the short term, but long term there will no longer be anyone able to afford your products.

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