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Comment Re:necessary ? think not. (Score 1) 91

Wireless is certainly a bottleneck for me, but i generate a lot of LAN traffic...
That's why i wired my house with cat6a, so that everything which can practically be wired, is wired. Even my laptop when i'm sat at my desk is wired, although it will switch to wireless when i disconnect it and move it.

The problem is that wireless spectrum is shared with close neighbors, and lots of people use wireless for everything because cabling the house is too inconvenient or expensive. I have a bunch of devices which support wireless (tv, audio receivers, set top boxes etc) but otherwise never move anywhere and some of them are quite bandwidth heavy (e.g. streaming video to the stb), having such devices on wireless reduces the available bandwidth not only for your own wireless devices but also your neighbors.

Comment Re:Mixed (Score 1) 350

People frequently tailgate instead of moving into the next lane to pass, they frequently tailgate people who are in the outside lane but due to other traffic conditions cannot pull over. If i'm in a passing lane i will move out of it once i have completed passing the slower vehicles, and it will not be possible to pull over as there will be other vehicles on the inside.
Tailgating such a vehicle is stupid and dangerous, there is clearly nowhere it can go so wait for it to complete what its doing. If someone is sitting in the outside lane for no reason then it's still stupid to tailgate them as they clearly aren't paying attention to the road properly, and could easily be surprised causing them to brake suddenly.

I will leave the passing lane(s) when it is safe to do so, sitting close behind me is dangerous and it can't make me move over more quickly because there's nowhere to go, at most it will cause me to slow down in order to reduce the impact of a crash and increase the distance to the vehicle in front so i wouldn't need to brake so hard if something happened.

Something else i find extremely annoying, when you are following the rules and pulling in to the inside lane when not overtaking, you approach a slower vehicle ahead and want to move out, but there is another vehicle sitting alongside you or passing very slowly in the middle lane and the outside lane is clear. They should move out into the outside lane so that you can move into the middle lane, but they usually don't so you are boxed in and forced to slow down.

Comment Re:Backwards compatbility is why Windows is a succ (Score 1) 125

My point about source compatibility was to emphasize why binary backwards compatibility is a rarely used feature.

Binary compatibility on linux is actually much better than windows too, it's just required far less often and thus not enabled by default in most distros. Providing you have the appropriate libs (and these libs often wont be installed by default because they waste space if not required), even very early linux binaries will still run on the latest kernels.
Windows does include backwards compatibility libs, and its more common for applications to come bundled with third party libs rather than using the system provided ones, which is horribly inefficient.

The default linux approach of system wide libraries with only the current versions installed is far more efficient, but this approach only works if all of your applications are compiled and linked against current library versions.
This approach is practical with linux because virtually all software comes with sourcecode, it is not practical if you are going to be running old precompiled software.
As always, linux gives you the choice, and the default option is superior. Very few linux users ever have the need to run old precompiled software.

Comment Re:A right does not obligate anyone to act (Score 2) 188

In the UK, there is already the right to have various other services (power, water, phone) at the same price anywhere in the country, so wether you live in london or the highlands of scotland you still get these services.
All they're changing, is "phoneline" now means that you must be able to get 10mbps internet access, ie they're just raising the minimum standard of what's already required.

Currently if you want a phoneline in a remote location, BT must install it for you and charge no more than they would for someone in a city, and that phoneline must be capable of carrying voice calls. This will result in an extremely long piece of copper that's not capable of handling ADSL at all.

Comment Re:It's either that... (Score 1) 289

As it was leased to the russians, they would be responsible for its maintenance during the lease period. Even the most reliable of aircraft require regular maintenance to keep them airworthy, and the russians could have cut corners there.
Of course this is all speculation, we don't yet know what actually happened.

Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 1) 125

I see these advisories too, but it's very hard to compare windows to linux by number of vulnerabilities reported...

Linux (and most application software for it) is developed in the open, so issues discovered during development are publicised, microsoft dont publish any vulnerabilities discovered during internal development.
A typical linux distribution supplies far more software than microsoft do, there are hundreds of applications any of which could have vulnerabilities discovered. The linux package managers typically cover a huge range of software like this, and can update it centrally.
Linux is more modular so although all this software is available, almost all of it can be removed if you dont want it.
There are multiple linux distros, so a single vulnerability is often covered by multiple distro announcements.
Most software is cross platform, but vulnerabilities in something like apache will only be announced by linux distros, microsoft wont announce it even if the same issue is exploitable when running apache on windows.
The linux kernel includes drivers, whereas windows generally does not - vulnerabilities in drivers will usually be counted against linux but not windows.

Based on my own experiences, my linux servers which have had unnecessary software removed very rarely require updates, in most cases i dont need to update all of them at once and usually dont need to reboot (i dont use ksplice or similar). windows on the other hand almost always requires updating and rebooting at least once a month, even a core install.

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