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Comment Re: Ia my impression wrong? (Score 2) 510

What is the mechanism that causes this lack of collective filtration for logic in one party but not the other.

The common parent organisation of both parties has allocated expression-of-stupid to one of the parties such that it may better appeal to its target voters. This may be compared to the deliberate quality-banding imposed by VW group across the Seat Skoda VW Audi brands.

Comment Funding (Score 1) 496

Mayor Boris Johnson last year called for a national program to pay some drivers to scrap their diesel vehicles.

This will be completely funded by the VW group and will provide sufficient compensation to drivers to allow them the opportunity to buy an equivalent new car from *any* car maker without compelling them to purchase a vehicle - i.e. to rewind the clock with respect to the purchase which was conducted under false representation by VW.

The group will also be contributing towards the healthcare costs of each state where their vehicles have been sold and have thus contributed to decreased quality of life. Anyone suffering from respiratory diseases within these states will receive private healthcare of their choosing funded by VW.

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