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Comment: Re:Are there any good alternatives? (Score 1) 184

by easyTree (#48560707) Attached to: Swedish Police Raid the Pirate Bay Again

and all of this is ignoring the fact I can't justify $10-$20 for 90 minutes of content I'm going to watch all of once, get fucked.

What are you, some kind of kill-joy? How are the studios to fund location shoots in every major capital city and thus funnel cash into these cities' coffers if you don't foot the bill? What's wrong with you?

Comment: Re:Free Enterprise (Score 1) 184

by easyTree (#48560613) Attached to: Swedish Police Raid the Pirate Bay Again

More importantly IMO, I feel that the idea that Assange might have raped someone did more to remove/prevent support amongst ordinary people than did the idea that he "assisted 'espionage'". Part of a multi-pronged ad-hominem.

Perhaps the question of how best to smear the next Assange should be thrown open as an 'Ask Slashdot ?'

Comment: Re:I have nothing better to do... (Score 1) 545

by easyTree (#48535847) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?

So you should get paid overtime for that. Why would you work for free? Don't you want to live?

I think the idea is that one must prostrate oneself before the employer or anyone who might communicate with him to show that their will is sacrosanct and that one will gladly do anything for pay (even accept no pay.)

"I'm not in it for the momey, I do it for the challenge / fun / exposure to new technologies / blah" is an effective large glowing finger hovering in the air, pointing at the perpetrator. Seriously, does anyone think that the employer believes this BS? All it does is serve to hilight that the potential employee is desperate and therefore will take absolutely anything thrown at them as a result of the employer being unable to successfully distinguish between his every personal desire and job-related requirements.

For me, I'm in it for the money - if I want a challenge, I have many ways to generate them for myself; if I want access to the latest technologies, I can download them and setup an environment myself. MONEY! - one of the best modern ways to buy food.

Preemptive update: I suspect such honesty wouldn't work out though; employers really do seem to want zealots who will live revel in their mundane business domain and believe that such people really do exist. N'est-ce pas?

Comment: Re:I wonder.... (Score 2) 187

by easyTree (#48488225) Attached to: Music Publishers Sue Cox Communications Over Piracy

What do you suppose they think would be "enough" to punish copyright violaters? (Maybe they could start by using proper terminology?)

I'm going to go with "force them to listen to the 'music' produced by this generation's music industry."

That should be punishment enough for most crimes (even imaginary ones.)

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