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Comment I'm going for the Pi... (Score 4, Informative) 67

Because it can EASILY be integrated into a project that needs very thin and small space used. No I am not interested in desoldering the headers. Plus the built in storage is useless. I would rather swap out a microsd card to update a system than upload changes to it.

And nobody sane believes the advertised prices.

Comment Re: Getting a car repair (Score 1) 469

Brake fluid is clear to brown and slick (in my car it's clear).
Power steering is reddish or light brown and thin (in my car it is reddish).
Transmission fluid is reddish or magenta and smells sweet
Oil is amber.

I tell the service rep what happened before and that I'll be checking before I leave the lot. (this is the most important part)
When done, I get the service rep and we pop the hood and check each of the fluids to make sure they look/smell/feel right (this is less important since the car is probably screwed at this point anyway).

"They design the rubber used in the braking system for high pressure sealing. Manufacturers also design this type of rubber for use only with brake fluid. Severe damage results from even the smallest amount of petroleum-based fluid added to the brake system. Oil-based fluid causes the rubber in the braking system to swell and very rapidly deteriorate.

The most common mistake is adding power steering fluid to the brakes*

power steering fluid will swell and deteriorate brake seals
Power steering fluid contamination will cause seals to immediately begin swelling. As the seals swell, they move forward and block the passages that allow the brake system to function. One example is the return ports in the brake master-cylinder. The swollen seal blocks this port and the return of fluid to the reservoir, when we release the brake pedal. "

* this is what happened to me.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 469

Well I was going to let it be since someone else who also didn't get the joke down moderated.

But since I got multiple responses while down modded...

It was a joke.

Playing on the idea that the ability to see A cup porn stars is a critical aspect of having a high quality life.

One dead frog at your service*

*This is an idiomatic expression. It refers to having to explain a joke. I am not literally killing a frog.

Comment Re: Getting a car repair (Score 1) 469

My "genuine dealer service" accidentally put power steering fluid into my brake system ruining it.

At first they were going to fix it but once it went north of $3000, they balked and said a prior maintenance 7,000 miles previously might have put the fluid in (since i came to them for the one 3,500 miles before).

In the end, they gave me a verifiably good deal on a replacement new car when I pointed out they could fix the car for almost "free" since it was mostly labor.

Since then, I always tell the service tech this happened on a prior visit before they start and I always check the fluids before I leave the lot.

But there is nothing magical about a particular mechanic.

I agree on the warranty. Now that I've retired I will probably be exiting 'new car land' in another 5 years and be in the land of used cars again.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 3, Insightful) 469

You can still buy the "less expensive" incandescent bulbs that are actually much more expensive than LED's now (plus the risk of changing high lights on a ladder every 9 months.

Did you read the parent post? This is a case of buyers who want to buy electric... who walk in prepared to buy electric... and the sales people steer or even actively push the buyer away from electric. Mainly- again from the article- because the electric car will cost the buyer LESS money on maintenance.

You can bet the dealerships have set up commission structure to encourage sales of gasoline cars too.

Electric cars don't make as much sense as they did in 2014 with oil breaking $40 a barrel. But in 2-3 years oil is going to scream back up to over $100 (inflation adjusted) a barrel (it's done it twice before) and electric cars will be almost free to buy then when you consider improvements in battery life and capacity combined with an average $16,000 gasoline savings vs an average $1600 electricity cost. Plus another $4,000 in reduced maintenance costs.

The gas car is the "less expensive" bulb that breaks down and requires more maintenance AND burns 10x the energy that that the "more expensive" bubls do.

Most LED bulbs (now at $4.98) pay for themselves in 3 months now. The rest is free money from reduced energy bills.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 469

For my last three honda's, I used internet pricing.

I send an email to each dealerships requesting a bottom line final offer quote and then go buy from the best price.

One time I got their and they tried to change the price (which was ironically about $700 over the next price but at a more convenient location). I walked out the door and got the car cheaper at the other dealership. After getting service there a few years, I switched to the more convenient dealer (probably bad practice on my part encouraging the scammy dealer but it was a half hour difference in driving time each way).

Comment Re:The judge issued a verdict ahead of trial? (Score 1) 222

States are people.

Allowing the creation of states with 38 million people 2 senators while other states with 560,000 people also got 2 senators warps government tremendously.

If the founding fathers had any idea this was possible, they would have probably set limits on how big a state would be and we would have 200 to 400 states.

Comment Re:The judge issued a verdict ahead of trial? (Score 1) 222

Very interesting. It wouldn't fix the problem since it says to limit to at least 200 representatives and at most 1 representative per 40/60 k citizens (they'd probably resolve the senate and house versions to something like 50k.

But thanks a lot. I'd never heard of this odd corner of the u.s.a.'s history and constitution.

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