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Comment: Re: Yes it matters (Score 1) 668 668


Perhaps the moon is made of bacon.

Perhaps you actually have a functioning brain.

Perhaps homeopathy has some medicinal value.

All these statements are equally unlikely.

Or perhaps -- just perhaps -- your last-but-one post was so idiotically unrelated to the post to which it was nominally responding, that moderators with points ignored it, as I did. I can't speak for the moderators, but I can speak for myself, and that's what I did.

Comment: Re: Yes it matters (Score 1) 668 668

How fucking dim is it possible for one person to be? Mainstream medics know quite a lot, contrary to your ridiculous conspiratorial stance, and one of the things they are very aware of are the limits of what they know and what medicine can and cannot do. By contrast, it's perfectly clear from your citing of your personal anecdote you know very little indeed about what evidence in medicine actually looks like.

Comment: Re: Yes it matters (Score 1) 668 668

Once again, you're spectacularly wrong. I'm not doing this for the sake of argument. I'm doing this because you're advocating for homeopathy -- quackery that could cause people significant harm, if they act on your advice. I'm doing this because you're urging people to put RCTs to one side and trust your anecdotes, when carefully tested evidence is the only way we have to improve medicine reliably. This isn't a game. It's not a joke. It's not about arguments. It's about your potentially hurting other people with your advocacy for fraudulent medicine and not having the decency or integrity to stop.

Comment: Re: Yes it matters (Score 1) 668 668

The garbled nature of your syntax and rich array of non sequiturs are wonderfully apposite for the garbled nature of your thoughts. I'm sure there's some kind of point you had in mind when you wrote all that down, and I'm sure it leaves you thinking you've won the argument, and I wouldn't want to take that lovely feeling away from you because God knows, it's not likely you have that many other consolations in life if this post is anything to go by, so let's just leave it here, shall we?

Comment: Re: Yes it matters (Score 1) 668 668


A reply that:
- has nothing to do with homeopathy
- has an oncologist saying "you'll be dead within a year" rather than talking about probabilities, survival rates, etc
- assumes that Western medicine hasn't recognized (and indeed vigorously sought to exploit) the potential of herbal remedies

Handy hint: this kind of post does not help your cause, cos it makes you look really really dumb

Comment: Re:Yes it matters (Score 1) 668 668


- no list of lots of areas where Western medicine isn't better than non-Western
- instead, a thrilling explication of phage treatments as a treatment for bacterial infection
- plus, as a bonus, a fabulous misunderstanding of what makes an RCT an RCT and why this drives regulation and is in fact a Western idea not an Eastern idea

And you're not the OP

Comment: Re: Yes it matters (Score 2) 668 668

You could not have chosen a better phrasing than "I have witnessed". Your faith in homeopathy has the same probative value as those people bearing witness to sweet Jesus. And neither prayer nor homeopathy (nor your moral indignation) are going to reverse stage 4 cancer.

People like you are the reason that homeopathy is dangerous. Because you (apparently) genuinely believe that homeopathy is an appropriate treatment for cancer. And some of you will counsel patients to come off their chemo regimes and swap to homeopathy, and you will kill people with your recommendations. Thankfully, sometimes you'll at least confine yourself to making these boneheaded recommendations to patients who are in the terminal stages anyway, when the focus ought to switch to palliative relief and aggressive intervention just wrecks the quality of life in a patient's final days, and may hasten the end. But too often, it'll be for patients where there is substantive chance of the chemo being effective. And that puts the blood of dead patients on your hands.

Comment: Re:Yes it matters (Score 2) 668 668

One of the *few* areas in which Western medicine excels? Do you actually believe that there are many other areas in which non-"Western" medicine excels? If so, perhaps you'd like to share just 10 or 20 examples. I'm very excited to hear of your groundbreaking research! After all, if you could show this, you'd be a Galileo for our times.

Comment: Re: This isn't a question (Score 1) 623 623

Oh, I think it's clear what benefits gay folks get from being able to marry someone of the same gender: it's a two-fer: not only do they get to marry the person they love, just like their straight friends, family and neighbours, they also get to drive narrow minded bigots like your good self to apoplexy. Hopefully a few of you will get sufficiently outraged to keel over, which will be great for the gene pool as well!

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