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Comment Re: How old are you? (Score 1) 116

Should they be able to make money? just like everyone else yes they should. Preventing them from doing so is problematic, but disclosure is not. If you don't want your finances public, don't run for fucking office. That way we *know* when they are trading on their influence...they are automatically recused from anything in their financial portfolio or it's a crime.

The real tricky part is the revolving door between gov and private sector. That a congress member can make laws and then take a job in the industry making use of those laws is a real problem. You need qualified experts in government to regulate private business effectively but you won't get them if you prevent them from subsequently working in their expert field when they leave gov service.

How that's reconciled I'm not sure.

Comment Re:China is whaaat? (Score 1) 79

And if Iraq was about oil, why did not one US company get in on the rebuilding, transport, or refining of Iraqi oil?

because the jackasses that lied our way in planned the exit just as well as the entrance?

Thousands of active chemical weapons, millions of liters of dual-purpose chemicals, and hundreds of tons of uranium don't count as WMDs?

No they don't. They didn't have ANYTHING remotely close to what was promised they had. A few relic bombs is not a justification for invasion of another country.

Comment Re:this is why we have crap for politicians (Score 1) 309

I ask you what I ask everybody, do you know who your state reps are? Not House member, but state reps/senators? Local country council? School board?

Nobody knows these things...and remember they are passing laws and regulations, like gerrymandered districts. 'Winning' the US House and Senate is impossible if you haven't been paying attention at the local level.

And I'm just as guilty as the next on this.

Comment Re:Don't forget (Score 4, Funny) 167

"The Company keeps reiterating how great they are"

you have no idea. The year my company was named to 100 best to work for...they reprinted every god damned piece of letterhead, envelope, notepad...anything with our logo on it now had the 100 best to work for logo.

the funny thing was apparently that was illegal and within a month we got cease and desist from whoever grants 100 best to work for. Now we had zero paper for anything we could use and corporate wasn't buying yet another company wide paper buy...yeah they do anything to claim how great they are

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