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Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 119

I download movies but watch *maybe* 1 every 3 months if that. Went to see my first movie in the theater in well over ten years for the latest Star Wars. Fully reinforced the concept that I am NOT willing to pay for that experience. Fucking 45 minutes of trailers. And for 3 people with a drink and 1 popcorn it was about 50 bucks.

Just wow.

Will happily pay (and do) for Netflix. The MPAA needs to get ALL it's shit on there and they'll get paid a reasonable amount of payment. And reasonable is determined by the customer, not the provider.

Comment Re:dont be so sure (Score 1) 343

he could make decisions and policies without worrying about appeasing any lobbyist's and campaign donors

Perhaps. there's another quote that might give some pause:

"There is no one freer than one who has nothing left to lose."

Not without drawbacks but having something to reign in extremes can be pretty useful...

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 343

I don't see why giving the accused the right to defend themselves in court is a problem.

It's a damned if you do damned if you don't situation.

The reason the war hawks don't want them in US courts (which they wouldn't be) is that the vast bulk of the 'evidence' wouldn't be admissible under the US constitution what with war crimes (torture) being used to obtain much of it.

These would simply not be US court rules to try them for the above reason. it would still be a mockery of justice as none of our allies would remotely support an international war crimes tribunal against the prisoners at Guantanamo. Against US officials though, perhaps they might.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 2) 343

the military holding them on foreign soil is the only legal option that works

it doesn't work. But there isn't any viable way to hold the US military accountable with politics the way it currently is. The US is committing WAR CRIMES on a daily basis with the continued holding of TEENAGERS in supermax prisons. The VAST majority of Guantanamo prisoners are there because we facilitated people narking on their enemies. That we have tried and true examples of people in Guantanamo that have absolutely no proof of any wrong doing besides someone else saying so...and we still don't release them, speaks volumes about our commitment to human rights.

Comment Re:dont be so sure (Score 4, Informative) 343

1. The most gerrymandered districts are democratic. Look at the maps.

It's not which districts are worse its the NUMBER of districts that are gerrymandered one way or the other. in VA it's been ruled illegal because they stuffed ALL the dems into a few districts to claim they had representation...but the majority of seats are GOP.

2. Democrats get equivalent amounts of campaign funding, from corporations or unions. Once again, look at the numbers.

Problem...most GOP money is secret, ala Super-PACs

3. Voter disenfranchisement? Like putting black panthers with nightsticks outside of polling stations? ID to vote is common place in most western civilized countries.

Indeed it is. PHOTO Id isn't though. The US Gov does not require people to have any more ID than a voter registration card. It is fundamentally unconstitutional to require anything else. There is NO voter fraud - this is simply not a problem in current existence.

Comment Re:dont be so sure (Score 1) 343

yeah, a potato can win against *anyone* in this GOP field. The 'conservative' brand is almost irreparably tarnished; the *only* thing they have now is fear and that gets old fast.

How many people die from terror attacks in the US annually? 10? maybe 300 if you include 9/11 (which if you do is a hell of a strike against conservatism keeping us 'safe').

Rubio is the currently one with at least some substance and popularity. That doesn't make him electable in a general election. The GOP only controls the house thanks to massive gerrymandering that's starting to be ruled illegal. (all gerrymandering should be illegal so this isn't a GOP vs Dem issue).

on just about every issue, the GOP positions are lockstep with 1995.

Comment Re:The wall will be built (Score 1) 828

guy who is going out of his way to show his complete contempt for everything from the Bill of Rights to basic human decency

You are assuming me means and/or believes any of it. He's a carnival barker/car salesman/reality tv show host. I think it's still entirely within the realm of possibilities that at some point he basically just says 'April Fool' after the GOP is fully and completely screwed.

Jon Stewart said it best before he left TDS... "This one's got it's own money!" Trump simply does not care about a damned thing. The rabid GOP base loves it because it's anti 'Establishment' which is everything until the anti is the establishment...as some tea-party people are finding out that now they are the 'establishment' because they aren't rabid enough anymore.

Trump is riding an ego wave. Would he ride that into office? certainly possible, but doubtful. People like him don't like it when they can't control the game and he can't control the actual game of politics...primary silly season sure, but not actually having to be accountable for your actions and words.

Comment Re:Great (Score 2) 85

it's entirely doable, just change the country the wifi is located in to a country that allows higher power.

Was at a conference and as a demo, the instructor changed his laptop with 2 antennas to be a 'rogue' AC, his normal connection to the wifi and then the other set to some other country where he could ramp up the power and now everybody in the room connected to his AC over the hotel's.

Just a config item somewhere....don't remember where though.

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