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Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 443

No close air support platform is your first plane into theater. The stealth assets take out the air defenses and then A-10s come in and support.

The sensor suite will be next to useless for GROUND targets as there isn't anything to distinguish one clump of trees from another they way the F-35 can see a plane in the empty empty sky.

The A-10 will likely wipe the F-35 all over the map in this testing

Comment Re:Regular vs Premium (Score 1) 123

I could tell the difference between 'good' 87 octane and bad. Back when Amoco still existed, I had an older car that was starting to knock on regular 87. Amoco's always fixed that issue. When ever I got anything else the car knocked. It really was 'better' gas as this was over multiple years of observation.

Comment Re: Seriously ? (Score 1) 123

contractor or not is irrelevant to how the systems are accessed. It does *not* have to be over the open internet. A private network connects the machines and you run that to the managing company and then the contractors remote into *that* system if you don't want to put the private connections out to the contractors.

Moral of the story, it's only cheaper to contract out if you aren't doing the full security required for the job.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 129

yeah I was asking more about other game alternatives :)

Tried LORTO and while I *love* the Tolkien universe it just didn't click for me. EQ2 just didn't seem as polished. Haven't tried SWToR or thinks I should then :)

I've never gotten into 1st person shooters and that seems to be the plethora these days.

Comment Re:Why would premiums drop? (Score 1) 231

There may not be 'incentive' for them to lower rates, other than you know, the competition of multiple companies.

But what there is plenty of is resistance by regulators to those same companies trying to increase their rates just because they can. It's not legally mandated without significant regulation.

niche market with many unknowns.

Insurance is one of the most studied and detailed fields out there. Because if the companies plan it wrong they owe a lot of money...

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