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Comment Re: there is no (Score 1) 403

re: nuclear.

It is absolutely everything you said.

It is, however, also absolutely essential for the next 50-100 years or so. There's just nothing else that doesn't release CO2 that can do the base-load job.

The free market will go nuclear in the short term, because a true market will price in the cost of releasing CO2 from fossil fuels and price it according to how much damage and/or cleanup costs would be - it will make nuclear look quite cheap...but only in the short term until other base-load options are available.

Comment Re:That's what Nokia, Moto, and Microsoft said (Score 1) 535

And Android tablets cannot be of the same tech specs as an iPad, simply because they run Android, which SUUUUCKS as a Tablet OS.

Who cares if you have twice as many cores if the UI is all jerky and crappy?

Who cares if you have 2 GB instead of 1 GB if your battery life is half that of an iPad.

Who cares if you have more Apps, if 25% of them steal your data?

Who cares if you have the latest version of Android (which you probably won't) when you buy your tablet, because you'll never see an OS update, even for things like Stagefright, unless you "jailbreak" and install some off-label build of the OS?

Who cares if you can load stuff from any dark corner of the interwebs, if all it does is open you up to even more malware?

Who cares if Google releases a payment system that is a knockoff of ApplePay; you'll never see it until you buy a new A-Thingie?

You seem to be confused. You're making my points for me. Apple's hardware generally isn't as good as competitors in the 'same price range'

It's almost as if i said: Bottom line: It ain't about the number of Cores, number of Ports, RAM, etc. It's about the entire PACKAGE. And in that regard; Apple is still the one to beat.

Which, in fact, I did.

WTF was your point?

Comment Re:GM & Ford (Score 1) 535

The problem is a generation knows this 'lie' was true at one point. Until you can give me something significantly BETTER than Japanese reliability, people don't see a need to change what they buy. If it's the same thing as I have now, why switch? basic consumer inertia keeps people buying what they always have.

Comment Re:That's what Nokia, Moto, and Microsoft said (Score 3, Insightful) 535

If Apple throws as much money at a car as Tesla did, perhaps they can, but they aren't likely to do that. It will be just a small part of the ecosystem.

Apple thrives on selling cheap hardware by putting well tested software on it that really works well...and selling that package for a hefty premium. Cars aren't cheap to build and they won't be building them in China.

Comment Re:What? "We're sorry we got caught"? (Score 1) 301

I didn't say the people who loaded the Sandy bill with pork were saints. The person who held up the aid over it is still the problem with getting the aid to the people who damned well needed it. That he then claimed the Texas flood aid was somehow 'different' is fucking hypocrisy

You're of course implying there wasn't ample opportunity for Cruz to oppose pork barrel spending some other way without directly impacting the victims of a natural disaster. Uhuh, sure.....

Comment Re:What? "We're sorry we got caught"? (Score 4, Informative) 301

There's a reason that Pelosi, Reid and Obama had to ram that law through using procedural shenanigans

Indeed and that reason is the not so latent racism in the GOP base over a black president and the lock step opposition to *anything* he proposed. Every major piece of the ACA was *favored* by the GOP, just not 'Obamacare'.

Also note, the meeting with all the GOP players on the night of Obama's inauguration to 'oppose anything he did'. They knew that if they cooperated at all, Obama would get credit for saving the country from depression and become a transformative icon of history; and of course discredit the GOP agenda for decades to come.

So they played politics with basically everything. The extreme of which was Sen. Cruz voting against funding for Hurricane Sandy relief money...and then demanding quick aid when Texas was hit by floods. His argument? The pork in the Sandy Relief bill. While laudable policy wise, playing political football with people's lives to make a point is exactly what's wrong with the GOP these days.

Comment Re:A sudden outbreak of Common Sense. (Score 1) 127

The idea of the DMCA takedown process is that the host takes down the content to avoid liability for copyright infringement

Which is guilty until proven innocent. Someone merely claiming it's copyright infringement isn't anything more than a claim. Why not wait until it's actually RESOLVED to be a valid claim before taking it down.

This is the problem with the DMCA. Copyright specifically and the DMCA slightly less weren't intended to work with digital content and user generated content. It was meant for people actually using infringing work for economic gain. The muddying of the water is that previously people (or companies) posted content on their own sites, now that an independent 3rd party can make money off of personal usage, that's the monetary claim.

It is now absolutely possible to make a close enough number to be infinite number of copies of a digital file at basically no cost and distribute those copies across the globe with very very little effort. Basic economics states that if something is infinitely available at no cost, it has no intrinsic value. Yet copyright is assigning a value on it being a scarce good when it clearly isn't. Please note this is only the value of the 'copy' not the content.

Back when it cost you money to make a copy, infringement wasn't done at any significant scale for personal reasons...precisely because it cost you money to make copies of tapes or albums, etc. Now, what kids did back in the day, recording the radio and trading it with their friends is punishable by $150,000 per instance.

What is still a scarce good is a concert - it's why bands from literally 50 years ago are touring rather than making new music. You can't make a copy of the concert experience.

Comment Re:A sudden outbreak of Common Sense. (Score 2) 127

How to fix it - at the VERY least make it a counter process BEFORE the content has to come down.


as prince just found out, a baby dancing with your song in the background is GOOD advertising for you. Screaming like a little girl to a judge and having people look at you like a whining spoiled brat isn't.

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