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Comment Re:So let's get this straight (Score 1) 78

Probably true, I have been using open source since well before XP came out so I cannot confirm. But many/most 'computing idiots' have moved from windows to smart phones. Just look at security craziness occurring over that fence, both by the users and the companies selling/supporting these phones.

Comment Re:Exactly. (Score 1) 318

Wish I had mod points -- That was the whole point of cable, I am old enough to remember the adverts on over the air TV stating that fact. I guess it was only a matter of time for the 'alternatives' to start ads, took longer that I thought. And the cable companies wonder why young people avoids TV :)

Comment UTF-8 (Score 1) 165

I am a bit concerned about the statement on "libuncursed", which does not see to be in many distros. To me it seems the change is being made to cater to non UN*X systems and hoping to move away from curses. So given the way I read the articles, I would prefer UTF-8 and try to use 'standard' libs. This way data is easily moved between different system types and the change will still supported older under-powered hardware.

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