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Comment Probably because both parents work (Score 1) 64

Probably because nobody stays at home with the kid all day, kids don't have the security of a routine and less nurturing. They only get some guardian's partial frantic attention since they have to watch 10 other kids, and then burnt out parents at home busy making dinner and getting ready for tomorrow. Then there's those daycares that just tie kids to the bed all day and who knows what the fuck else. I'd be insecure too.

Comment Re:Why isn't a universal update tool built into Wi (Score 1) 38

If you're a corporation surely you're not relying on Windows Update anyway? For end users, it should really not be something they have to think about. If video card manufacturers can't push out reliable updates that's another separate problem with QA. Yeah I agree about bios updates but I assume if Lenovo was willing to push one out to end users it must be critical?

Comment Why isn't a universal update tool built into Win? (Score 1) 38

Shouldn't ALL of the updating be done through Windows update? Drivers and BIOS seems pretty important! Not only that but there are plenty of apps that have their own updating systems, that each run on their own schedule and trigger at different times and installs happen not all at once. How are you ever sure everything is completely up to date without checking in 20 different places?

Comment I mute them because they're annoying (Score 1) 242

When I used to watch ad supported television, I would automatically mute the instant commercials came on and unmute when the show came back when I'd notice the network spot at the end of the ad slot which always signaled a return to the program. I got pretty good at this, I would be able to turn my attention to something else and some sort of sense for the timing of the screen dimming would let me know when the show was coming back and that's all it would take. This was all before TiVo existed. Once DVD TV seasons started coming out I'd just pick up entire old shows for $40/complete series and just watch that way, dropped live TV. That was in the early 2000s and haven't gone back at all. This because commercials are annoying, I haven't seen one in over 10 years and will do anything not to again.

Comment Very cool, dangerous, but necessary to learn more (Score 3, Interesting) 58

Unfortunately the electrodes had to be removed due to complications and he can't continue these tests on himself. I wonder if the fda is preventing research on people who would volunteer for such a procedure, and why the fda would stop people from doing it voluntarily if to doesn't harm anyone else?

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