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Comment No, it is not asinine. (Score 1) 126

These records have been compromised and the only way authorities have been made aware is by a public leak. Previously this information was surely compromised in secret and lives were at stake. Now that these lives have been made aware they may be safely extracted before they are taken advantage of. Just like a software exploit that may be passed around in the underground (or in the NSA) before Apple/MS/whoever can fix it, people are still vulnerable in the meantime.

Comment This was pretty dumb of the workers (Score 1) 54

I don't know. I mean I work at a place that requires some form of secrecy in the form of NDAs and only talk to your close family about what you do. My employer regularly looks at employee public facing social media to look for stuff like this because it's a big deal, and every year one idiot seems to get fired or suspended because of this. It's not out of the ordinary. Your employer hires you to do a job and while you're on their property you have to follow their rules. They even went so far as to make their own intranet version of Facebook locally so people could share these things to other employees only... Nobody really uses it of course but it was a big enough deal to consider making their own social media platform for internal use.

Comment Re:Okay (Score 1) 108

How do they groom all the thousands of people who work for them though, especially the people who truly love computer science? And why does it benefit them to wear these types of reality-blinders? This will inevitably drive a wedge between them and reality, causing them to lose clients by not understanding them.

Comment Earplugs (Score 1) 467

Don't know about you but when I'm dragged to the theater I always bring earplugs. You hear the movie fine and cut out the noise of everyone around you. I hated sitting through the ads but didn't pay attention (because they're ads) so I didn't know what they were about. Someone I was with said it spoiled who was a good guy and who was a bad guy in the movie.
Anyway I'm usually just talking with people during all that crap and just pay attention when the movie is on. Normally I check those sites that tell you when e movie actually starts and the preroll ends but we were with someone who really had to see the trailers and garbage. (Personally I find trailers are just condensed spoiler reels so I never watch.) Yeah going to the movies blows. I would have rather waited for the home video but by then I imagine the whole thing would be spoiled, not that I heard anything about the movie until I got there. It was fun. A New Hope but for a new generation.

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