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Comment: Without a phone? (Score 1) 41

by antdude (#47421413) Attached to: The Future of Wearables: Standalone, Unobtrusive, and Everywhere

"Wearables won't break through until they can work without a phone, partnership chief Glenn Lurie said" -- Yes, I want to replace my old school Casio Data Bank 150 calculator watch ASAP! I do not want to use a mobile phone with the watch. I still want basic features like long battery life, scheduler, phone directory, calculator, alarms, etc.

Comment: Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1304

by chuckugly (#47419687) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

However, this ruling would give an employer the right to say "we object to this because of 'religious reasons' so we're not going to cover it in your employer provided health care." Then, if we wanted this device to manage my wife's medical condition, we'd be forced to pay full cost out of pocket.

What information in the ruling are you basing this on?

I'm not sure this is true. I'm not sure it's false either, but being exempted from paying for a specific form of BC seems different than being exempted from paying for a specific medicine. Many medicines have multiple clinical uses.

Comment: Re: Failsafe? (Score 1) 463

The worse thing that could happen to a video feed is that the feed goes completely dead, in which case you will be literally flying blind. In that case, your only chance of survival is to eject.

Someday airliners will have instruments that will allow a properly trained pilot to fly in zero visibility conditions ....

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