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Comment: Re:I prefer to browse real bookstores (Score 1) 83

by chuckugly (#46750745) Attached to: Seattle Bookstores Embrace
Yeah, I go out places, I'm more about reading the book than wandering around in the store; in fact I love my paper white Kindle for the convenience it provides. When I want to look at books I go to a used book store like Powells or a public library. Much more interesting. As the cute Asian girls say, "up to you".

Comment: Re:I prefer to browse real bookstores (Score 1) 83

by chuckugly (#46748375) Attached to: Seattle Bookstores Embrace
That's reasonable, if that's what you enjoy. If I'm near a really great bookstore for some reason I love to browse too, but they are increasingly rare, and living near Powells Books in Portland, Oregon for a while really raised that bar for me. So yeah, it's seldom worth my ever shrinking free time to do. But it depends on how much time one has and how much joy it brings one, I can see that.

Comment: Re:I prefer to browse real bookstores (Score 1) 83

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I have money to spend and little time, but I'm not sure how I would save myself time by driving to a bookstore when the mailroom guys will drop it by my desk tomorrow, and all I have to do is sign for it. I can't get to the stairwell in the time it takes to sign for a book. Maybe you drive faster.

Comment: Re:WHAT? / Romans NOT merciful ! (Score 1) 731

by chuckugly (#46744551) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?
Tell it to the sources Wikipedia used: "decimate. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000". Retrieved 2014-03-22. ^ Jump up to: a b Polybius, History of the World. Quoted in Shelton, Jo-Ann, As the Romans Did, p. 248 ISBN 978-0-19-508974-5 Jump up ^ G. R. Watson, The Roman Soldier (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1969), p. 119 Jump up ^ Ab urbe condita, ii.59 Jump up ^ Livy: History of Rome 2.59.9-11, quoted in Sage, M M: The Republican Roman Army; a Sourcebook (2013) p147 Jump up ^ Goldsworthy, Caesar: Life of a Colossus, 407 Jump up ^ Plutarch: Antony, c. 39 Jump up ^ Suetonius, Augustus, 24 Jump up ^ Suetonius, Galba, 12 Jump up ^ Tacitus, Annals, 3 Jump up ^ Watson, Roman Solder, p. 120 Jump up ^ Codex Parisiensis, Bibliothèque National, 9550, reproduced in Louis Dupraz, Les passions de st Maurice d'Agaune: Essai sur l'historicité de la tradition et contribution à l'étude de l'armée pré-Dioclétienne (260-286) et des canonisations tardives de la fin du IVe siècle (Fribourg 1961), Appdx I. on the historicity of the Theban Legion. Jump up ^ Huw Strachan (2003) The First World War Jump up ^ Antony Beevor, Stalingrad, p. 117. Jump up ^ Jump up ^

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So technically the film isn't out and out wrong on this point (they can choose any point as center) although it may and seems likely is wrong on other details. The artists in question should thus probably sue themselves or their PR people for not finding this out via some minimal research.

Comment: Re:How would you like it? (Score 1) 322

I could see the protection in having my "official interactions" recorded, and I can get behind that in theory too, but I'd still hesitate to give a complete thumbs up to the "you have to wear a wire continuously" level of intrusion. It really seems excessive. Perhaps if there were assurances that legal barriers existed on who/how the data could be accessed then it would be a lot more palatable.

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