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Comment Re: John Oliver (Score 1) 954

My understanding is that it has more to do with inventory control and having a standing military armed on domestic soil being a political problem, but the order was issued in the 1990s and still stands. When these events occur the soldiers often ask to be allowed arms, just like regular citizens.

Comment Re:Beagle anonymous scars (Score 1) 398

That would be OK for me, I make long drives, but only infrequently. My car (for instance) has been in the garage for 12 days in a row until yesterday, when I drove it 2 miles. In a few weeks I will drive 800 miles in a day, and then 5-6 days later I will return. A 1000 mile battery would work fantastically for me excepting a few very infrequent long road trips.

Comment Re:"quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score 1) 143

They are often not the absolute latest and greatest, but they tend to be close, and they do often cost a bit more than a non-ruggedized phone, but they are sub-$1000 and run fairly current versions of Android. Google for IP67 or IP68 Android. Some of them also include things like programmable 2-way radios and so forth.

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