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Comment: So many blade servers (Score 2) 79

by ArchieBunker (#46607185) Attached to: Used IT Equipment Can Be Worth a Fortune (Video)

So many good blade servers show up on ebay with pretty decent specs but they are useless without the rack to supply power and most lack a way for adding video. I'm talking about 3 year old blades with dual quad core Xeons and 8Gb of memory for $50. Even if you did rig one up the cooling fans would be deafening for desktop use.

Comment: You are correct (Score 1) 192

by ArchieBunker (#46496059) Attached to: Recent news events re: Bitcoin ...

My understanding was that you used to be able to exchange them for USD. Most places stopped that and then only did the Euro. Now they won't do that anymore. Is there a place to exchange bitcoins for cash anymore? If the answer is no then it sounds very much like a Ponzi scheme. Someone keeps telling you that you have plenty of money but good luck trying to withdraw any.

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