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Comment: Sexist? (Score 3, Insightful) 105

by SuperKendall (#48446357) Attached to: 2014 Hour of Code: Do Ends Justify Disney Product Placement Means?

Have you ever talked to a little girl? Saying that having to Frozen characters involved might interest more little girls is not sexism, it's the most common of sense.

People like you say you want more women in coding but don't want to do anything real to make it happen, at the level it needs to happen - early education.

Comment: Not easy to go nuclear, though it's the answer (Score 1) 112

by SuperKendall (#48444737) Attached to: Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak

It would be easier to get everyone to agree to switch to nuclear energy than to agree to meaningful limits on CO2 emissions

Even though going nuclear is the only practical solution, I don't think it's any easier - you have decades of people devoted to scaring people about anything nuclear, and those groups are still around piping that tune - even to the clear detriment of the earth and environment. They just are too afraid to do anything else.

even in countries that actually want to do something about CO2 (like Germany) are switching away from nuclear, so that tells you how hard the problem is.

Exactly my point, if even GERMANS can't be rational about this there is no hope for anyone.

Comment: US STILL sends aid to China to subsidize solar (Score 1) 86

by raymorris (#48444715) Attached to: How "Big Ideas" Are Actually Hurting International Development

> China didn't receive any fucking foreign aid from nobody

They actually received billions in foreign aid, cash from the US and subsidized loans from Japan. Aid to China has dropped dramatically over the last 30 years, but USAID is still sending taxpayer money to China to subsidize their green energy industry. At the same time, the US is suing China for illegal subsidies to their solar industry, which violate trade agreements.

So the current standard operating procedure in the US is:

Make a trade deal woth China agreeing to no subsidies to companies engaged in international trade.
Borrow money from China.
Give that money back to China, on the condition that they use it to subsidize green energy companies.
Sue them for subsidizing the green energy companies.

Comment: Have standards and force them (Score 1) 159

by roman_mir (#48442911) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Starting and Running a Software Shop?

I started this way as well, here is an advice: have strict standards and do not let anybody violate them. You will have plenty of work to do, do not make mistakes of allowing standards to slip from the start.

Get fresh out of school people, maybe even people without full degree, pay as little as possible, you have no money to throw around, but make sure there is always coffee and food in the house, besg way to keep morale up is to have people who are not feeling hungry.

Get cheap or free stuff from craigs list, you will need computers, monitors, switches, cables, test servers, desks, chairs, some plates, forks, spoons, cups, a microwave, a kettle, a coffee maker, fridge, paper towels, bathroom tissue, buy in bulk from costco.

You need to be proficient enough to write/read code, who else is going to do it at first if not you? You do need standards, would be nice to pick a technology and stick to it, so make your picks. Some code generators would be nice too.

  Prepare some document templates for proposals, design docs, business docs, release docs. It is very useful to have an accountant that knows you and can deal with the payroll,source deductions, etc.

Find clients outside of your country, but if you are an American you will have tough time opening an offshore bank account, which you need...

Good luck, you will need plenty.

PS. May want to consider a couch in the office.
PPS. May want to consider renting a house instead of an office, you can live there and have enough space for work.

Comment: Did that, a couple times. Jump 1 employee to four (Score 3, Insightful) 159

by raymorris (#48442357) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Starting and Running a Software Shop?

That's what I've always done, grown each business slowly, organically. I've since learned that there are two types of companies that work well - tiny ones that basically provide the owner with a job, and larger ones run by a management team.

    What I did for far too long was deal with payroll, unemployment taxes, health insurance, sick leave, etc for two employees. That was a mistake. I should have chosen to either stick with just me and a part time helper, or make the jump to six or eight employees. That jump requires a leap of faith, some investment and a marketing campaign. Not making that leap meant that the business was dependent on one or two long -term employees who occasionally get sick, leave the company, etc.

Be tiny for a while until you figure out what you're doing. That may mean doing your business and a day job for a little while until the business provides you with a full-time income. Once it pays you $60,000 / year, then decide to either stay at that level or increase revenue by 500% quickly. Especially after the changes in the last six years, being an employer takes a lot of time and effort. Make it worthwhile. Do a POC by working it by yourself first, though.

Comment: Re: Socialism / fascism at its finest (Score 0) 50

by roman_mir (#48440069) Attached to: Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing

Wrong. Apple is not hurting anybody and this is a power grub by government. AFAIC the only people that actually hurt consumers reside in government and the central banks. By the way, governments like to tout inflation as the means to a good economy, for them destruction of money value is never enough, they 'care' about your prices? No, this is socialism/fascism out of control and in a decent society such governments that usurped power to meddle in markets would be summarily dismissed. The fact that it is not happening shows complete disregard to individual rights by the society that is not actually decent.

Comment: Re: Socialism / fascism at its finest (Score 1) 50

by roman_mir (#48440049) Attached to: Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing

I don't own a single Apple product could not care less. There is no such thing as being 'guilty' of something that is an illegal and an immoral power grab by the government.

AFAIC this is no different than government throwing people to jail for drug use or sale, prohibition, concentration and labour camps and any other violence governments perpetrate upon people.

Comment: Socialism / fascism at its finest (Score 1) 50

by roman_mir (#48440011) Attached to: Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing

Total unadulterated nonsense. Apple comes to an agreement with some publishers to prevent Amazon from lowering prices, (or so the case says and I do not have a tendency to trust anything I hear, but lets assume that is thecase here). People still were buying through Apple but there is no monopoly on books, books can be bought in many formats. Apparently the market gave Apple enough profits as a reward for what they do to allow Apple to play hard, you know what? Amazon could easily raise enough money to fight this in the same market. They can find a publisher to work with them, nobody repealed the natural laws of competition yet. And maybe Apple has it right - people that buy their phones can buy books from them at Apple prices and also without having all the facts I am not at all convinced that Amazon was 'in the right' and Apple 'in the wrong', but what I do know is that the governments and the courts usurped this illegal authority with socialist / fascist nonsense like the Sherman act.

Comment: Even "Donkey" would be better, could be trademark (Score 2) 33

by raymorris (#48439407) Attached to: Startup Assembly Banks On Paid, Open-Source Style Development

Even if you're going to pick a common word, it is another mistake to pick a word that has a commonly understood meaning specific to that industry. If the had picked any random word, such as Donkey, they could defend a trademark for Donkey programming or Donkey software. Can't quite claim a trademark for assembly programming - assembly programming has been around for decades.

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