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Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 2) 196

I haven't decided yet if I like the TPP or not - particularly as we haven't know the full details

That is people problem though. FASTTRACK essential means our elected representatives HAVE decided they like, and they largely haven't seen the full details either! More than that the smaller group of officials actually negotiating the thing did not let larger group look at it except under insane conditions where they could not even take notes.

It does not matter if its a good law or not, they way its being enacted amounts to a total subversion of how our system of representative democracy was supposed to work. That should be enough reason to oppose the thing on its own. We need to send the message we demand sunshine in the legislative process!

Comment Re:And we STILL can't read it (Score 5, Insightful) 196

At least Nixon knew when the jig was up and still had enough sense of shame to step down when he was busted. When modern presidents wantonly ignore the law AND get caught they claim is some !$MYPARTY conspiracy to discredit them and carry on.

We would lucky to have a president with half the integrity or Richard Nixon again.

Comment Re:Bullying (Score 1) 362

That is sorta my point though. My unsupported theory is we have a lot of mal adjusted adults, especially young adults because when they were adolescents forming behaviors, developing coping skills, learning empathy etc, they spent all their time around other people who like them had not yet developed those skills.

People seem to not even know how they are supposed to feel anymore. Practically ever 20 something I meet thinks if they don't feel 'happy' every moment of their day they are depressed. They then conclude they either need to be on medication or the world is against them or something equally crazy. They have no ability to 'talk' themselves up or down.

It takes a profound lack of empathy to commit mass murder. I am really what have those people does to you that is so bad you feel entitled to deny them another sunrise, another cup a tea? That is deeply messed up thinking to be able to justify such an act. If there is one thing we know about adolescents its empathy isn't a strong suit yet. Its developing but its not there, I suspect its partly learned behavior. Adolescents not being made to conform to a world run by adults but instead allowed to raise themselves in these little lord of flies micro societies we call schools, i think leads to a lot of the narcissism we see out there.

Comment Re:Ugly Americanism (Score 1) 119

In the age of GPS this should be a non-problem.

ah by Vegas cabs almost universally don't have GPS. I was there just this summer probably took at least fifteen cab rides not one cabbie had a GPS.

Most of them asked ME for directions. Shit, I don't live here dude, you are the cabbie YOU are supposed to know where to go. I am asking to go to major Hotel and other commercial destinations too, not like some residence on an obscure block somewhere.

So in addition to the outrageous fairs, I am left using my phone and MY data plan to navigate for the drive. Sorry, we always get the refrain about how cabbies know where everything is etc, maybe that is true in London (never been), but the usual driver in Vegas isn't cable of doing anything without help other than running up and down the strip and you're damn lucking if they know which direction to go in without help at that.

I'd rather ride with Uber or Lyft any day. At least those folks can be expected to have their own smart phone and eat the data costs of navigating!

Comment Re:And you call the Americans anti-science (Score 5, Interesting) 213

I am more concerned one day they screw up and their transgenic crops do pollinate / seed in the wild. They displace natural varieties without anyone noticing until its to late. Finally the genes to make them sterile or only grow in the presence of certain chemicals etc do get flipped back on and we have massive crop losses in a staple food product like maize.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 133

I prefer to let the array handle all that stuff and use 'normal' filesystem like ext4

Spoken like someone who has only worked in a tiny shop on boxen that mostly have direct attacked storage. While I agree checksuming etc is stuff the array ought to do all the other features like snapshops and volume management are damn nice to have in the file system layer. Firstly because that kind of stuff is damn convenient to have in the hands of the sysadmin rather than the storage admin who are often different people. Being able to create a quick atomic snapshot is highly useful. Being able to do it on a device that can't have consequences for other servers is even better. I don't want to fool with the SAN over SSH doing after hours work and potentially causing a calamity while I am miles away from the office, messing with one host on the other hand is a lot less blood pressure elevating.

Even adding additional storage is nicer. Just have the SAN guy attach another LUN and add it to the pool. Easy and safe to do live, much safer than: have storage guy do some array re-size operation, than have server guy do some partition or logical volume manger fiddling, followed by a file system grow. If you even can do that with mounted file systems. Don't be silly ZFS and (my preference) BTRFS are the way forward. Hell even on a single host when properly configured BTRFS confers most of the advantages of a VM! In terms of easy snapshot / rollback and ZFS could too.

Comment Re:Bullying (Score 5, Interesting) 362

I suspect a big part of the problem is teenagers should not spend quite so much time with other teenagers. Teens certainly need some time with each other but I really think they should be spending a larger part of their day surrounded principally but adults, in a more vocational context. That isn't 30 of their peers and 1 grown up in the room, with long periods like lunch with little to no adult interaction. Put a bunch of immature people together with no one to emulate but each other and its no surprise we get really strange emergent behavior.

Adolescents need to be working with watching and learning to emulate how adults behave, and interact with one another solve problems etc. A couple hundred years ago if you were 14 you'd have been working on your fathers farm with him or in the kitchen around your mother and the other ladies. You'd spend your Sunday interacting at church etc again where there would be more adults around most of the time than other children. I think as a society we should look at teaching higher maths and reading levels sooner, it works in other parts of the world. If we could push algebra etc down to the Junior high level and wrap up primary and secondary education by 14 we could then send kids out into the workforce for awhile during their formative years. Maybe make it a normal thing to assist your parent at their job etc. When kids get to be 18, 19 etc then they go back to higher education if that is their path.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 362

It sounds like you are arguing that the third group does not exist. If so, I think you are wrong about that.

It sounds like you are arguing that the third group does exist. If so, I think you are wrong about that. In the context of mass shootings the are almost always murder suicides or the individual is so insane they are either not capable of or at least not applying that kind of logic to their actions, like the Aurora CO. shooter.

Its not like we are talking about embezzlement, speeding, drug use, or even armed robbery here. There is little to suggest these mass murders give any thought at all to a future past their attack. The exception seemingly when they plan to die in the attack and become infamous. I for one do not fear or being prosecuted for possession of illegal fire arms, any other sort of weapon, let alone murder has any impact on their actions no would it no matter what you make the penalties.

If anything the threat of being purged from existence might be best. You and your property will be burned, people will be asked no to speak of you by name, birth records destroyed, any remains that speak to you ever having existing will be buried deep in an unmarked undiscovered location. That might give some of them pause.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 147

No the statement is correct. Like beauty, racism, sexism, and homophobia are in the eyes or ears as it may be of the interpreter. Which is why its mostly pointless to worry about it. Unless someone is plainly deliberately attempting to be provocative by making statements that will widely be read as racist, sexist, or homophobic; we should just give them the benefit of the doubt as a society and move on.

People like Anita Sarkeesian may be factually correct but they contribute nothing new or useful essentially 'society' has know and understood her point since the third century BC. Its just useless gum flapping now.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 4, Interesting) 384

This is the most complete and factual analysis I have seen on Slashdot so far. What concerns me and would stop me from embracing the strategy we have chosen were I sitting in the oval office is, that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" does not hold up after the original enemy is gone.

Al Qaeda and its offshoots and subgroups in particular are propaganda machines. When Daesh is defeated if it ever is, we will again be the Great Satin and just like before I suspect we find ourselves faced with the training and likely weapons we have provided turned on us. Its how these leaders hold on to power. Personally I think out best bet would be to just disengage form the middle east. let Southern Europe, Russia, China, Israel and the more stable elements in North Africa contain it if they can. While politically sacrificing Iraq and Afghanistan at this point is a tough pill to swallow, in the most mercenary sense the potential payback from stabilizing those places in no way approaches the costs.

Daesh could be very useful to us in that if we left it unchecked it will likely put a great deal of strain on Iran, Russia, and eventually China will be drawn in. These are our economic rivals, its hard to imagine we don't gain from them being in a multi-trillion dollar quagmire we have been stuck in for fifteen years now. A few decades of not seeing American's dropping bombs over there might cause a refocus of some of the extra-regional terrorism objectives as well.

Personally I think our best move is to pack up and go home. No foreign aide to the region. State department imposed travel bans for Americans. Lets just watch from the satellites and see how it pans out.

Comment Re:Patreon still hacked (Score 1) 79

I support a couple artists on Patreon because I like the stuff they do. I enjoy viewing it and I think it is interesting enough to patronize. Both of them post their stuff to their regular free youtube channels the same day. Its essentially the internet equivalent of being busker. They going to perform their art and if you want to help them out by throwing a few bucks in their virtual violin case they appreciate it.

There is no problem there. I don't think artists are under any illusions about how the system works or that most of their viewers probably don't contribute directly.

Comment Re:And what, pray tell, is a "digital agenda"? (Score 1) 109

For example, NYC has a population density higher than Tokyo, yet has data speeds than are a fraction of Tokyo's. Why is that? Its not for want of faster speeds, or technical capability.


The same reason we because an industrial power house to rival Europe in the 19th century. We industrialized a little later then they did. We learned the lesson the tech was evolving quickly and investing in more 'disposable' cheaper machines was better. We grew more quickly for that because did not have the over hang of to much investment in obsolete tech.

We built a telecom network before Tokyo, with the technology we had at the time. Now we live with it because the cost to fork lift it out and replace it with new before it reaches the end of its serviceable life does not justify the pay back. Would we like faster speeds, and lower latency sure but what do we gain?

If you're an HFT trader it makes sense build out the telecom you need to do that. The rest of us I am not so sure it matters much. Doing IT work could we gain some small productivity increases not wait for patches to download or images to transfer yes. Is that worth the costs? Are there other goods and services we can't produce efficiently because of lack of network resources? Asia has faster networks is not a justification for building faster networks, by itself. Once someone comes up with a killer app for more speed I am sure more speed will readily appear.

As it stands now, I am sure we'd get more economic value in making sure the truly under served parts of the this country can get on the right side of the digital divide. Keeping our smaller towns from drying up is important. The are important resource for rural residents who grow our food produce our chemicals etc. Getting those places from 800Kbps to 25Mbps is probably of more value than taking NYC residents from 75Mbps to 1000Mbps.

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