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Comment Re:Why not both (Score 2, Informative) 103

FWIW, I went through the exact same thing two months ago. Non-technical wife (accountant), never used anything but Windows on the desktop/laptop. I didn't want to go balls deep with a brand new MBP in case she hated it so I picked up a 2010 version for a few hundred off Ebay.

Installed Yosemite and bought an old copy of Office for Mac 2008 for $25 so she can run Excel. Then set up Virtualbox with Windows XP just to run her ancient version of Quicken until she can transition to a native Mac version at the start of next year (hopefully finding something she can use besides Intuit). Just told her to click on the cube.

Bottom line is she loves it. I was really afraid that Finder and the apps bar would be too different for comfort but that turned out not to be the case. She knows her documents are in the Documents folder and which icons to click for apps (mail, pictures, browser), and that manipulating files involves the apple key. Time Machine is intuitive enough where she can manage file recovery herself, and I get the benefit of brainless automatic backups to the NAS.

So credit needs to be given where's it's due; there's something about Apple that just fits perfectly with average users. And at this point I honestly do feel that Apple is the least of all evils for privacy now. So the time was right.

Hope your experience turns out to be the same!

Comment Re:Catch the rounded ones early (Score 3, Insightful) 300

Well said. How about cutting right to the core and simply teaching logic to younger kids? As a EE major I begrudgingly took a formal logic class from the Philosophy dep't in college (straightforward proofs w/ standard symbology and sentence analysis, not mushy ponderings). Turned out to be one of the most enjoyable classes I ever took.

In retrospect it wasn't that "heady" and could definitely be taught to first graders if wrapped as an ongoing game or some other expression that would allow them to keep building on the previous lessons. Latin could be formulated in an equally imaginative way.

I can't help but think that the phrase "computers are taught in school" will always be limited to teaching syntax. Bridging the gap between typing stuff in and recognizing the logical basis is too roundabout. If presented correctly logic is something both kids and teachers can concretely piece together. "Computers" will follow naturally after that, as will the bigger issue of critical thinking.

Submission + - Magnetism Generated in Non-Magnetic Metals (

Zothecula writes: By subtly altering certain quantum interactions in matter, scientists from the University of Leeds have shown for the very first time how to generate magnetism in metals that aren’t normally magnetic. Synthetic magnets made using this technique may one day reduce our reliance on rare or toxic metals in such things as wind turbines, computer hard drives and magnetic field medical imaging devices.

Comment Re:Use it. (Score 1) 108

To be safe, you should never show ads if your domain name is close to an existing trademark. Especially if it's a reasonably valuable name that is worthwhile going after, whether generic or brandable.

If you own and a Mac ad showed up in the ad feed, you'd significantly hurt your defense in the UDRP process if Apple submitted screenshots of it. The panel lawyers are notoriously inconsistent and this would just give ammo for them to approve the transfer. Even if your registration was earlier than the date when the trademark was granted.

Having said that, there are attorneys like John Berryhill that could still successfully defend the UDRP. But if we're talking about a defensive posture then ad feeds should be watched closely or not used at all.

Comment Re:Google It (Score 3, Interesting) 189

Imo, if you're an average-use household it's at least worth looking into the refill kits. I've had a Brother HL2280DW for over 4 years (?) and have never bought a new cartridge (or drum unit). As opposed to just popping a new cartridge in, it does take some time to reset the gear and refill from the bottle. But it solves both problems of recycling and high cost of a new unit/cartridge.

One of the keys to success may be blowing out the old toner before refilling (the refill vendor mentions this). So each refill I'll grab my compressor and head outside, give it a few good blasts then refill with fresh toner. Of course canned air would probably be fine too. Realize though that the low toner light on the printer lies. You don't want to be blowing out a ton of perfectly good toner so I always wait until the print is actually degraded before doing the refill.

All told, it takes about 15 minutes and the printer is up and running just fine again. We've never noticed any quality differences.

As far as finding a vendor, when you find one you like, be sure to bookmark them or save the receipt because their names all sound the same (i.e. I finally remembered mine is printer ink warehouse...and that's after placing more than 5 orders ;)

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