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Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 4, Interesting) 126

There is some speculation that Apple will eventually ditch Intel and start using their own ARM chips at some point in the future. I don't think they'll do it next year, but I'm willing to bet that they'll have a non iOS product using an ARM SoC by 2020. Remember that before they went to Intel, Mac OS used IBM's POWER architecture and that they had an internal build of Mac OS that ran on x86 in development for years before it was ever released. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that they were doing the same thing with ARM.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2) 368

It isn't a matter of curing the existing problem. That never really goes away because as you decrease the load, it becomes a more feasible travel option for individuals. You could have a free, fast, and efficient public system and people would still drive because it's a little more convenient to have a personal vehicle and the less congested the roads are, the faster you can get there and the more the roads fill up, the more convenient the alternatives become.

The problem is that if you add more traffic to Seattle's already over-congested system, it becomes an even bigger problem. Just having the option to get to the city center from the outlying communities quickly would cut down on the problem a lot and allow for more growth.

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 368

I don't own a business, but my personal healthcare costs skyrocketed (granted they were rather low prior, so it's less extreme than it might sound) to the extent that I dropped my previous plan and couldn't find any alternatives that were as inexpensive. Should I make snarky comments about how much of a failure Obamacare has been? Picking one instance of where it worked without considering the impact across the board is being as intellectually dishonest as your co-workers.

Personally I think we traded one broken system for another. The Democrats should have pushed for a single-payer solution instead of pussyfooting around. The Republicans are going to disagree with them no matter what they do, so they might as well implement a change that would be a big improvement. I think that in general such a system would be vast improvement to the point where after a decade, it would be hard for anyone to politically oppose it from a practical standpoint.

Comment What they really need (Score 5, Insightful) 368

What Seattle really needs is better mass transit. The bus system is decent as far as U.S. cities go, but the traffic is some of the worst in the nation. If they're going to continue growing the metro area, they need some kind of mass transit that makes it possible to get around without adding even more cars to the highway.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 2) 256

How this blew up into such a shitstorm from a single test involving just two devices is beyond me. It's a bit like taking a single person at random from Country A and a single person at random from Country B and then declaring the winner of a single race as proof positive that the entire country is better at running. I realize it's Apple and that means even minor things are fucking magical and revolutionary or complete catastrophes, but this is a new low.

Even if the processors were all from the same company, we would still expect to see variation in performance due to how CPUs are made. Anyone who's done any overclocking knows that there's going to be a noticeable performance difference between CPUs with the same exact model number, simply because of the binning process used by the manufacturers like Intel, TSMC, etc. Maybe the CPU you got barely qualified for a particular bin and you can't get a lot of additional performance out of it or perhaps you're on the other end where the chip you got was barely not good enough for the next bin and you can get a reasonable amount of extra performance out of it.

You'd want to sample dozens of different devices in a controlled setting to get the complete picture and to see how the distributions overlap. It could be that on average TSMC does get a slight advantage over a Samsung chip, but that in this one particular test, we got a Samsung SoC that is poorer than average for a Samsung manufactured chip and a TSMC chip that is better than average for a TSMC manufactured chip.

Comment Re:16 nm vs 14 nm (Score 1) 256

What companies choose to label their process is largely up to them and has almost no real bearing on the performance relative to other similar process nodes. From what I've read, it sounds like TSMC has significantly better yields on their process so they can be a lot more aggressive with their binning whereas Samsung likely needs to hand over anything that meets the minimum specifications to meet their shipment quotas and obligations.

What this means in the real world is that you're a lot more likely to get a TSMC chip that could have been bumped up a few hundred MHz in clock frequency while still staying withing TDP limits than you are to get one from Samsung that would behave similarly.

Comment Re:Google tried this...it failed (Score 2) 325

Sounds like what happened with Steve Jobs as well and why he was kicked out of Apple. He became wildly successful and thought he knew the best way to do everything. Just because you can make a good product that people want to buy and use doesn't mean you know anything about running a business. There's also a stark difference between the small startups where the founders accomplish what makes them successful and the huge behemoths that they eventually become.

Comment Re:FUCK OFF DICE (Score 4, Insightful) 688

Considering we're talking about open source, how it is not open and accessible? You can take whatever code you want and contribute as much or as little as you want. If you don't like the way the project is going, you can fork the code and head off in your own direction and if the community thinks you're doing a better job, eventually you'll pick up contributors.

Forcing morals on everyone else and telling them that if they don't accept it they're being discriminatory is not making things better.

Comment Not wasted (Score 5, Insightful) 178

Before anyone goes around calling this pointless, the Japanese (as well as many other Asian countries) character system benefits from a higher resolution more than the writing systems used by most all Western countries. The symbols are far more dense, which makes the additional resolution more useful.

Here's a good image that shows off that difference that additional resolution can achieve.

Comment Re:AdBlock is being blocked by YouTube (Score 1) 344

Considering that most video content I see on the internet is from some self-loading player that I don't want, I hope YouTube passes around the technology as much as possible. I don't mind watching a short ad for a video I want to see, but most video is stuff I don't want. Slashdot started doing this shit recently so I turned on the disable ads feature for the site. The lightweight, graphic ads never bothered me, but anything that makes noise or eats up a lot of bandwidth or CPU can piss off. I wonder how popular a campaign to promise advertisers who use those annoying ads that we will never buy their product again until they quit would be.

Comment Re:Did we learn nothing from Snowden? (Score 1) 112

Even further, treat anything you post or put online as though it's public and everyone knows that it's you who posted it, even if you feel as though you have some expectation of privacy or anonymity. It's been shown time and again that if some group on 4chan dislikes you enough, they'll probably be able to find out who you really are and send pizzas to your house or worse.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 2) 161

I was curious so I did a quick Google search and found the a longer form of the video from which the clip was taken (link contains time code to where the part in question starts) and watched it to get a sense of the context.

My interpretation of her comments is that she does believe that there there are a lot of things she now perceives as sexist that she otherwise would not have, and that while when she first came to feel this way, she felt the need to constantly point that out, she now believes its better to more carefully choose which things to discuss rather than jumping on every single thing. Perhaps there's more to it than that as the video I found was just hightlighting parts where she was speaking or responding to questions, but it doesn't seem that way even given more context. Given she makes a video series about sexism in games, it's not really difficult to treat her comments as a fairly close representation of her beliefs.

Either way I find the whole argument rather moot, as her views are rooted in Patriarchy theory which is on about the same level as lizard people or the Illuminati. And much like other religions, I don't really expect anything intelligible to come from anything that's steeped in articles of faith and dogma instead of empiricism or logic. But if you're going to have a religion, someone needs to pass around the collection plate and it may as well be her because apparently there's good money to be made there. I feel that if people wanted to further equality for women there are better people to give their money to than Anita, but it's their money to do with as they will. I think people only stick up for her out of some sense of tribalism (she's one of us, or I'm with her) than for anything practical, but that's just my take on it.

Comment Re:Military 'service' nothing but paid murder. (Score 4, Insightful) 399

Having a general blanket statement like that and suggesting it be considered insightful based on one individual is a bit like claiming all Jews are swindlers and pointing to Bernie Madoff in defense of the statement. I'm sure other examples could be made as well that you would find disgusting.

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