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Comment: Re:Social Skills, Competition skills (Score 1) 298

My 15 year old me is kicking me for saying this, but learning how to integrate into society, listening to other people's thoughts, and learning how to agree and disagree without going all Fox News screamy-shouty goes a long way.

I agree. You should have your child(ren) listen to Rush instead.

Give it a try. He's actually much more respectful of callers who disagree with him, than most people who say "Fox News" a lot are of those who disagree with them.

Comment: Re: Well... (Score 0) 276

Bernie Sanders is what was once called 'Liberal'

It is still what Liberal means in Europe. but it has been scandalized as "Socialism" in the USA by the gop

Libertarian has been hijacked as some small government laissez faire concept which allows for complete control by the wealthy be convincing the masses that there is no benefit to cooperative efforts like Unions to support their common causes

Yeah, that's the problem.

Sure, the Left got everything it wanted, but since everything still sucks, that must mean that we didn't "stimulate" enough.

And somehow, some way, it must be those wascally wepubwicans fault. Because reasons.

Comment: Re:Work stays at work! (Score 1) 776

Apparently you have never worked in a job where you are on call 24/7 even when you only work in the office 9-5. I am a Sr. Systems Engineer, but when things go really bad somewhere, I am supposed to be reachable at all times except when I specifically am "on vacation". Fortunately, I get to use my own phone with no obnoxious company software on it.

We get a "phone bonus" every month, to help cover a phone that we own. It's not enough, but then the phone isn't just for work, and is ours to keep, so hey. We can get any phone we want, from anywhere that we want, as long as it has, you know, a number.

Comment: Re:Now do the same for Russian & NK? (Score 1) 82

Or maybe draw up a list of Islamic militants and post it. Oh, they won't? Why is that then? A bit scared of what might happen? Boo hoo.

Yes, you're right.

Islamic militants post their resume on LinkedIn in perfect American English with all the right keywords to make sure ISIS's clueless Human Resources minions don't throw their resumes in the trash by mistake.

It also helps that when they decapitate someone in an online video, they hire someone to close caption the video, translate it, and make sure all the names of the participants, from the executioner, down to the make up artists, and the fashion consultants, get clearly written into the credits (because like they say in Hollywood, if my name is not in the credits, I will f___g kill you).

Right. Just like US intelligence personnel post their "code words" on LInkedIn, oblivious of the mad skillz of the lefties..

Comment: Re:More religious whackjobs (Score 1) 286

More religious whackjobs blocking progress. If they own the land, or represent the majority in a democracy, so be it; otherwise a does of "separation of church and state" would be welcome here. No one should get a free pass on being a religious whackjob simply because they aren't a Christian whackjob.

Ah, but the only church that anybody wants to separate the state from is the Christian one.

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