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Comment: Re:Why the asterisk? (Score 1) 631

If you want to say shit, say shit. We're all grown-ups here.

We are? Oh yeah, that age screening that none of us went through to use this site.

Personally, I don't think that life is better with such widespread "refreshing" use of profanity. Just coarser.

Anyway, even if you like profanity, how can it remain profane if everyone uses it? :) It loses force, while remaining coarse. Lose lose.

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by cascadingstylesheet (#47526761) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

Also, having worn glasses for so long I've gotten used to the built in "objects flying at my eye" protection they offer. My glasses have caught more than a few flying objects and/or children's fingers.

Our pediatrician swears that wearing glasses greatly reduces the incidence of infection and eye injury ... to the extent that she would "almost" recommend that people who don't need glasses wear clear ones.

Or maybe that was just something she told our kids to make wearing glasses more palatable. Sounds good though ...

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The main problem seems to be the increased cost of education (caused by higher demand) rather than the side effect of creating a more educated population.

Nope. The population is not becoming more educated; colleges are dumbing themselves down to become poor imitations of trade schools in an effort to accommodate all these losers that are allowed to get granted/loans and allowed into the colleges.

Do you actually believe this?

Why shouldn't he?

Do you believe that the population is becoming more genuinely educated?

Doesn't this attitude presuppose that a college education provides exactly zero value to students that would have otherwise gone to trade schools or just been happy with a high school diploma.

No, that's looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

The issue is that not everyone has the aptitude for college-level academics. That's just a fact, and it doesn't change just because you lower admission standards or degree standards or throw more money at it.

Comment: no thanks (Score 2) 102

I don't fly anymore, because I don't enjoy voluntary root canals, but ...

I went through an automated car wash recently, and instead of pushing a few buttons and swiping my card, I got to listen to a video of a cheerful smiling woman in a car (with her adorable "daughter" beside her!) explaining each step in painful marketese ... every time I did anything, she started over, talking (obliquely, tediously) about the new step I was on ... by the time I could actually drive into the car wash I was ready to rip out the screen and beat myself over the head with it.

If you are going to automate, then at least make it quick and efficient. If you want the human touch, use actual humans. (Well, just not that actual human, please.)

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