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Comment Re:A Tad Expensive. (Score 1) 433

$165,000.00 for a 972 sqft mobile home on 1.08 acres? Christ, I could buy over 200 acres for less than that around here, and still have plenty left over to build a house.

Free state my ass. More like rip you off on cost of living state.

The trouble with cheap land is that it's a long way from where you want to be.

Sounds like it's where he wants to be, though.

Comment Re:Why the fuzz? (Score 1) 420

This fact raises the obvious question: why the hell didn't the Western powers stop him earlier? Why did they try to appease a man who so clearly stated his intentions? Were they, England and France, complete morons?

Why do we try to appease now people who so clearly state their intentions? (in Arabic, Farsi, etc. )

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. (Score 2) 259

Should this woman be driving? That is not for me, you or any judge to decide. Only a medical professional can advise this woman on that matter. It is up to her to decide what she does with that advice.

I was with you until that last sentence. it is not solely up to her whether she should be allowed to drive (on public roads, anyway). Driving on public roads is not a right.

Comment Re:Not a mistake (Score 1) 107

They are not 'making a mistake.' In this case, left and right are ambiguous. It is why is real situations like this (eg a director telling a dancer which way to point) the terms 'stage left' or 'house left' would be used. Or at the very least, 'your left' or 'my left'.


"Left" and "right" only have meaning in context. In this situation, the viewer's frame of reference is stable, while the turtle's (or whatever's) is not, so it makes just as much sense to use the viewer's frame of reference.

Comment Re:Public Schools? (Score 2) 519

Could this be because the school systems in these other countries are funded in a way where the budget is less dependent on local taxes. If the money is region/nationalized you don't end up with the more prosperous cities having nicer schools because they have higher income from local property taxes.

School funding in Michigan changed a long time ago, on precisely this theory. (Had nothing to do with sticking a needle in the eye of those evil "wealthy" districts, no no.) School funding now comes mainly from a higher sales tax. Your school has more kids? You get more money. Per pupil stuff.

Strangely enough, Detroit schools still suck, and the "wealthy" districts still don't (as much). So no, that wasn't it.

Comment Re:Not just a tax issue, but unfair competition (Score 1) 456

What is Google worth to the US beyond simple corporate tax revenues? I suspect that at first blush that having a Google in your country would be worth a shocking amount.

Ya think? It's almost like capitalism works or something.

But no, instead we want "free" health care, theoretically paid for by all that theoretical tax we could be collecting if those darn international companies didn't do legal things to minimize their tax exposure.

Comment Re:Do we need an organized message? (Score 0, Flamebait) 954

Should the lesson be "doing anything remotely suspicious while brown is punishable, and suspicious is what officials want it to be"?

It's not about being "brown", ass.

People that we generously let in here are shooting us because of their sick, twisted "religion" (which is more of a social system than anything we would think of as a religion). They are at war with their neighbors all over the world, and anywhere they do gain power they create a "religious" police state that is actually what leftists merely imagine Christianity to be.

Yet leftists love them, like some kind of Stockholm syndrome.

So yes, context matters. People will be on edge. It's freaking 1942, and it's not time to do suspicious things while speaking German.

Fair? Who died and left you the king of "fair"?

Comment Re:Uber works (Score 1) 181

Uber works because the requirements are clear: drive someone from point A to B. AirBnB works because the requirements are clear: rent a place to stay

This isn't the same. Software requirements are different every time and aren't 100% defined.

Precisely this.

Real programmers and business analysts find requirements and estimating hard. These guys will get it right - really super right, they'd have to - in 10 minutes? Because apps and AI?

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