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Comment: Re:So much for privacy.... (Score 2) 139

just too funny. the MS guys really do think the whole world is MS.

Well ... let's put it in perspective.

It is funny, and I've had it happen in the past too - I think because of some misconfiguration, not from not using Outlook or Windows. But the idea is that the whole place uses a unified system, which does allow for nifty corporate functions like recalling emails. The issue you saw was that you were allowed to have a rogue setup.

On the other other hand, it is of course very hard to lock down what is by nature supposed to be extremely interoperable ...

Comment: Re:could be right (Score 1) 353

A computer is not a smartphone. I guarantee kids today are not dissembling their smartphones, or writing code to try and figure out how they work. I have noticed that kids care far less about the actual technology now a days then we did back in the 70s-80s.

Yep; exactly.

But it feels soooo good for them to say things that they think are sophisticated, that they can't apply some elementary logic to the situation.

A worm is not sophisticated because he thinks the whole world is mud. Kind of the opposite.

Comment: Re:could be right (Score 1) 353

The only real solution is to educate kids on good internet practices -- and most parents aren't using them either, nor know what to do, or what to teach.

And where do you think we educate them on those good practices? That's right; it's not in their pocket with the smart phone.

Comment: Re:Duct tape (Score 1) 188

Realize you have no control over it. You don't know where "the" microphone is, whether it is active, nor how many there are. And you never will.

That's always been true. It's not your car.

I'm not sure that the surest sign of nefarious monitoring is to ... install a visible camera and microphone.

Comment: Re: Hello, Talky Tina (Score 1) 163

by cascadingstylesheet (#49271847) Attached to: "Hello Barbie" Listens To Children Via Cloud

A thousand points to the person/group that does a "positive hack." Instead of the obvious string of obscenities, have Barbie embrace geekiness and the maker culture instead of being a brainless bimbo.

Little girl: "Barbie, do you want to go shopping?" Barbie: "Sure. I could use a new soldering iron. Also, my favorite comic book has a new issue out. I can't wait to read what happens this issue!"

Hey, since real world girls refuse to become geeks despite all the countless programs everyone is coming up with, I guess we do have to make some mechanical ones ...

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.