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Comment Re:Comparing Feynman with Marcy (Score 1) 342

After reading the linked piece about Feynman, it doesn't seem that his alleged sexism (and I'm not claiming it did or did not exist) is at all comparable to what Prof Marcy has been accused of. Feynman may have been a "typical sexist male of the '50s", but Marcy is being accused of criminal acts including sexual assault.

Assuming that they did what they are accused of, there are far more Feynmans than Marcys.

Which is precisely why the SJWs want to treat the two as the same. You can't make much hay out of rare straws.

Comment Re:Bezos is so Republican (Score 1) 177

He wants families to be forced out of work and to starve. That is so Republican of him. So Republican. They hate families.

Jeff Bezos has supported and donated primarily to Democratic causes and Democratic candidates.

Don't confuse him with reality :)

To these folks the word "Republican" is just a meaningless pejorative. Their use of the word betrays no actual knowledge at all.

Comment Re:Shop elsewhere if you need this drug (Score 4, Insightful) 372

Or, it just may be that "free markets" don't exist, have never existed and cannot exist, and this is just a snapshot of what late-stage capitalism looks like.

In 2009 another small pharma company inveigled an exclusive on the longstanding generic gout medication colchicine from the FDA, effectively rebranding the unmodified generic so they could raise its price by a similar percentage.

Oh dear. It's too bad that no "progressives" have had any power since 2009.

Comment Re:Who read this and thought he invented something (Score 1) 662

OK if a $color kid brought in a suitcase with wires sticking out, which he plugged in and it making a noise and then refused to answer questions what is was exactly, I suspect he would have received the similar treatment.

Yes, that's right.

But reason and perspective don't feel nearly as good as finally finding them some "backlash".

Comment Re:that's some serious hubris! (Score 1) 258

3) politics

* How would unilateral nuclear reductions enhance our security? It would ensure that these dangerous weapons are not used on humans.

So... can we do those or are you going to just bitch about other Millenials on the internet?

Um ... you did see the "unilateral" part, right?

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