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Comment Re:Not surprised at all (Score 1) 189

if you (not you, justanotheroldguy, anyone reading) agitate for legal marijuana, gays getting married, women controlling their own bodies, etc.: i consider you a libertarian, and i respect you

Does cutting through the face to get a salable brain = "women controlling their own bodies"?

Is fining somebody hundreds of thousands of dollars for declining to bake a cake "libertarian"?

You are a leftist, not a libertarian. Why not own it? Is there something wrong with it, that you want to hide it or relabel it?

Comment Re:prosthetics (Score 1) 311

as an above knee amputee i would say without a doubt prosthetics.

$35k just to be able to walk, $50k if you want to run and the foot pads wear out in weeks. theres another $250 gone every time you have have those changed out.


We all ooh and ahh over the latest news stories about amazing prosthetics, but on the ground in the real world they may as well be unicorns.

Comment Re:Doesn't seem all that great of a concept (Score 1) 12

From experience, silicone rubber tends to pick up a lot of gunk really quickly - body hair, dead skin cells, dust, that kind of thing. This seems like something the manufacturer intends for people to use on a daily basis the way you might use a pair of earbuds, taking them off and putting them on several times a day. I'd be interested to see how they intend to combat the gunk buildup, as well as how they expect it to stick in the middle of summer or at the gym when sweat becomes an issue.

Exactly, bleah.

This might be good for my son, who doesn't have hands, but "wearables" do not appeal to me at all.

Comment Re:Leftist pretzel-think at its finest (Score 1) 278

Here is what that Planned Parenthood doctor actually said:

nobody should be “selling” tissue. That’s just not the goal here.

Now, about your claim that Planned Parenthood is selling body parts: You're full of shit. Just like most conservatives.

You either didn't see the videos, or you've actually gone a bit psychotic, breaking from reality.

They haggled over price. They use a "less crunchy technique" to preserve more salable parts. The one woman wants a Lamborghini.

it is hard to face; it's one of those decision points where you either have to realize you've been backing monsters, or else you have to double down, and insist that you don't know what you know.

Comment Re:Leftist pretzel-think at its finest (Score 2) 278

Wow, you really believe that?

You think it is a "hoax" that actual Planned Parenthood officials said what they said, on tape? Really?

Were they actors? Were their words dubbed? Were those fake baby parts? What part exactly was a "hoax"?

I guess your brain just can't face the truth. It's amazing the contortions you will go through though.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 480

...except that's not actually true.

For example, there's been the long-running practice of reenlistment bonuses. Different jobs get much higher bonuses for reenlisting.

The base pay may be the same, but the difference between, say, a low-ranking cook and a low-ranking nuclear weapons technician is pretty startling when that bonus is calculated. As in "tens of thousands of dollars."

Exactly right.

A nuke can get 1. an enlistment bonus, 2. starts as E3 instead of E1, 3. auto promotion to E4 after boot camp, 4. specialty pay, 5. re-enlistment bonuses.

Oh yeah, the teachers at navy nuke power school? "Direct input" officers, officers so they can be paid more.

Comment Re:Yeah, great (Score 0) 205

because the creation of child porn victimizes actual children,

And the creation of adult porn victimizes actual adults. The "performers" are way more likely than average to be mentally ill, drug addicted, and the victims of childhood abuse.

It's not so sexy once you realize you are watching damaged people be exploited.

He's dead, Jim.