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Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score -1, Offtopic) 135

We need more medical personnel, or nothing we do to try to fight these resistant illnesses is going to make a difference because we won't have the manpower to implement it.

Sorry, the affordable care act requires more bureaucrats, and less doctors. Doctors are the evil 1% anyway, so we must drain them dry. Can't imagine why fewer people would want to enter and stay in that profession.

Comment stick a fork in it (Score 1) 313

I used to love Firefox, because it was demonstrably better than IE. It was easier to use, less spammy, and frankly, fun to stick it to Microsoft. It was even worth the occasional memory apocalypse.

Haven't used it for several years now, except for testing. I can get dumbed down interfaces and adware anywhere, thanks very much.

Comment Re:Why is the Left so fiercely defending Islamism? (Score 1) 728

What motivates educated people to sit in front of a keyboard for 40 minutes composing a thousand-word defense of the disgusting mass murder Islamists committed in Paris today?

Pics or it didn't happen. Do you actually have any examples of "the left" defending these attacks, or are you just finding someone to hate?

You can't be serious.

A bunch of idiots slamming "religion" in this context is defending Islam. Because "religion" didn't do this; Islam did this.

Not to mention saying that "we" somehow caused this. The only way we caused this is by inviting them into our countries.

Exactly nobody is afraid that Presbyterians or Amish or Jews are going to shoot up innocents in their movie theaters and cartoonists offices. Everybody is afraid that Muslims will, and with good reason.

Some are so afraid that they refuse to even say who they are afraid of. They hope that keeping their voices down will keep them safe. And they try to silence anybody else who dares to notice the bleeding obvious.

Comment Good lord ... (Score 2, Insightful) 728

... I know it shouldn't surprise me, but even after this, the top rated comments are still slamming generic "religion" and talking about "backlash" playing a role.

What exactly would it take to wake you up? Would anything do it? Your own head being sawed off? Your city being bombed?

Comment Re:Probably not (Score 2) 220

Start with the fact that cloud services are big, ripe, juicy targets for anyone and everyone. Continue that there's probably never a time when their service isn't under some kind of attack in one way or another. Add in the fact that my server contains nothing of any real value to anyone but me. And extrapolate that to a very low likelihood that anyone would bother to take the time to attack my server.

That was a good argument in the past, maybe, but today the attacks are all automated (and the ones that aren't are against high value targets that don't meet your criteria anyway).

Low value or not, your server get hammered against every day simply for being on the internet.

Comment Re:Why the fuck is this a video (Score 0) 220

Why is this taking megabytes of bandwidth to convey a message that could take kilobytes? Is there something visual about this concept that can't be communicated in writing? Stop the dumbing down of of /.

I'm guessing it might have something to do with her femaleness.

See?!? She's female and a geek! Female! Geek! See?!?

Comment Re:What is the dependence on geography? (Score 1) 242

I think it would be interesting to see the breakdown of survey results by country and region. If I live in the New York City area, I could see potentially going without a car due to viable alternative transportation options. If I live in Silicon Valley and already drive a car to work, it would be completely unacceptable to not have a car, as that would increase weekly travel times by 10-15 hours, i.e., an order of magnitude more travel time and several orders of magnitude more frustration.

Stop it with that crazy logic stuff. Onward!

Comment Re:Comparing Feynman with Marcy (Score 1) 345

After reading the linked piece about Feynman, it doesn't seem that his alleged sexism (and I'm not claiming it did or did not exist) is at all comparable to what Prof Marcy has been accused of. Feynman may have been a "typical sexist male of the '50s", but Marcy is being accused of criminal acts including sexual assault.

Assuming that they did what they are accused of, there are far more Feynmans than Marcys.

Which is precisely why the SJWs want to treat the two as the same. You can't make much hay out of rare straws.

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