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by ShaunC (#48032099) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

In the meantime you might look at QuickEdit mode for the command prompt, if you haven't already. I've spent so much time in PuTTY over the years that I've grown accustomed to right-click being paste when I'm in a shell. This also works in cmd if you set it to use QuickEdit mode (having to hit Enter to copy a selection is just plain unintuitive, though).

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by ShaunC (#47987471) Attached to: Emma Watson Leaked Photo Threat Was a Plot To Attack 4chan

I agree, but I don't think you'll find that anyone at 4chan truly wishes death or bodily harm on their opponents, at least not in a quantity that's meaningfully different from society at large. Sure there are psychopaths walking around out there, some of them do have a desire or a compulsion to harm other people, most of them have never heard of 4chan or /b/.

When you provide people with an anonymous or quasinonymous platform for speech, interesting things happen. You'll get a lot of "niggers should be lynched," for example, but hand those guys a rope and they aren't going to do anything. You'll get a lot of "female game dev should be bound and gagged," but put any of those guys in the same room as her, they're not even going to make eye contact.

These are not real threats, not even real wishes or desires, it's a bunch of people venting steam on a message board. Go to a sports discussion forum (or sit down at a bar) and you'll get a slightly more socially acceptable variation on the same theme. "Romo's a homo, someone needs to sack him good and break his fucking neck." Those guys don't wish real physical harm on anyone either. Nobody pays them any attention, though, because there aren't buzzwords like 4chan or hacker to throw around and make a big scary news story.

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Yes, rich people when they get money stick it under mattresses in order to deny the money from the economy

Yes, they do, and they're hoarding more of it than ever; "members of this global elite are stashing an average $600 million each -- 10 times more than a year ago."

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by ShaunC (#47968381) Attached to: Friendly Reminder: Do Not Place Your iPhone In a Microwave

Maybe there's hope for people yet - though I wouldn't put it past some to actually try it, there's no reason to believe that it has already transpired.

Never "misunderestimate" the average idiot. Hundreds of people have been happy to pour rubbing alcohol on their bodies and light themselves on fire this year, and there's no shortage of YouTube/Vine/LiveLeak videos to prove that this is going on. Believe it, there are people who are putting their new iPhones into their microwaves. They just can't prove it because they're too busy nuking the only camera they own.

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by ShaunC (#47968159) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

BBB seems to be like the various state medical and dental boards, a group-help thing that suppresses complaints for members.

No, BBB is far worse.

Medical and dental boards are at least state sanctioned and have some level of certification and verification involved; you have to actually have a degree and a license to become a member. BBB, on the other hand, will happily sell you an A- rating for a nonexistent business called "Hamas" (yes, after the terror group), or take $395 to upgrade your listing from C to A+ overnight.

The real problem is that millions of consumers, especially seniors, look to BBB as some beacon of fairness and respectability. People will threaten to "call the BBB" as if they're part of FTC or some other government agency and can actually step in and take enforcement action or correct a perceived wrong. This is absolutely bogus, and that message needs to get out as far and wide as possible. When I was working retail 20 years ago and someone would say they were going to "call the BBB" over something, we'd hand our phone across the counter and ask if they wanted the phone book (nobody ever took us up on the offer).

Back on topic, there are tons of not-entirely-substantiated anecdotes of Yelp behaving this way as well. I wish someone would catch them in the act like ABC news got BBB on camera.

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by ShaunC (#47947731) Attached to: U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

How does Apple and Bono's new magical DRM know the difference between me putting the song I bought on my Nexus and copying it for a friend?

They don't! So please, buy an iPhone! That way we can make sure you get Bono's new music. Then we know you like it, because your iPhone automatically downloaded it over your expensive cellular data plan without your authorization, er, um, I mean, you intentionally downloaded it! On purpose, because you like it! There are hundreds of millions of fans of U2 and iTunes!



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by ShaunC (#47941785) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Americans Shouldn't Subsidize Internet Service Under 10Mbps

It's even that way in some parts of the US, but only the very few places where municipalities got the ball rolling before Comcast and friends could lobby for laws making it illegal. Chattanooga has awesome municipal fiber, for example. In most states, the ISPs have bought and paid for legislation or entered into heavy-handed agreements that prevent other cities from implementing a similar network. Washington DC has miles of fiber sitting around dark because their agreements with ISPs don't allow them to sell service to residents. A 100 gigabit network is already there, it would cost very little to turn it up, but no, Verizon might lose some FiOS money and we can't have that.

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Without a mobile phone, how would you go about reaching roadside assistance or emergency services?

Any shitty old mobile with no service plan will work to call 911, as long as the battery's charged. A few people you know are probably tossing their old phones in the garbage every year, or you can get an old LG flip phone and a car charger for $20 on eBay.

As for roadside assistance, just take off your pants and stand in traffic! Someone will stop sooner or later.

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by ShaunC (#47914439) Attached to: Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts

This highlights one of the benefits of the dealer model, there are almost always a *lot* of dealers to choose from and try to get a better deal/experience/vehicle from.

I'm of the opinion that it highlights one of the disadvantages of the dealer model, you often have to go from one dealer to another, haggling and bullshitting, before finally settling on the car you want at a price you feel comfortable with. I'd rather have one place in town that sells what I want, with a clearly marked price, skip the haggling, and do a transaction. Maybe some people enjoy the car buying "experience" but I look at it like any other purchase. I want to do some research ahead of time, walk into the store, buy the product I came for, and leave. It's 2014, it's no longer reasonable to expect consumers to waste an entire weekend trying to buy a car.

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