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Comment Re:Tizen? Don't make me laugh (Score 1) 78 78

Actually fakefuck, I do not believe you should be logged in to everything and monitored all the time. I was only pointing out the fact that an AC will likely never see your response, so it is a futile task. I firmly believe in the power of anonymity, but yelling back at someone who is truly anonymous is about as useful as farting in the breeze.

Comment Hey Alistair (Score 1, Flamebait) 80 80

What about when the LA is corrupt? When the stasiesque agencies you sell to are more interested in elf preservation or in creating more 'lone wolf terrorists' to keep the fear and money flowing?

I have a better idea than 'change'. Quit. Admit wrong. Or go suck the fat cash dick of of another tin pot dictator or wannabe Mousollini.

Comment Re:Being within the law doesn't make it right (Score 1) 91 91

However, within an individuals social connections, that rarely comes into play. The buddies these developers bowl, and drink beer with just know they are in IT or software development. there is no uniform that says look at me.. I am a dbag and sell spy tools to asshole countries.

Comment Re:Google Fiber TOS? (Score 1) 84 84

To continue:

Resale and Redistribution The Services are intended to be used by you, your employees, your customers and other users in the ordinary course of business. You agree not to resell or repackage the Services or otherwise make them available to anyone outside of your premises. If you wish to use the Services to provide Internet service to others outside of your premises, you must enter a separate agreement with Google Fiber that specifically authorizes you to do so.

pretty straightforward

You will lose an important tape file.