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Comment Re:Word: being bought by google actually sucks. (Score 2) 140

You know why it is a copy of iCloud?

Not hurr durr because apple. It is because the more advanced features are expensive to maintain and used by only a small subset. If 95% of people do not use the advanced capabilities and just want quick backup, tagging, and filters, then that is what they get. If you want more, then be prepared to pay someone for it.

You can bat that any service that is given freely or sold cheaply will be pared down to what the most people use that is cheapest to maintain while still providing some benefit for the parent company.

Comment Hey ESG (Score 4, Interesting) 163

You cannot lawsuit your way out of a shitty product.

I do not represent Bleeping, but I have used their forums and site many times. They are a reputable source for tools and procedures that actually work, as opposed to many supposed software solutions and 'help' sites that just serve to infect you further with their tripe.

So, as far as I am concerned you can fuck right off with your shitty product and attitude. You have now insured that no matter how good your product -may- become (and I doubt it really will), I will never recommend it to any clients and will actively promote against it. Good job. Now sue me.

Comment Re:Enforce login to post (Score 1) 1838

I try not to engage in ad hominem, but jesus christ I want to here.

Yes I read the last line. Being logged in but posting with an anon tag is not the same. There is still a record on the site that can be sold or subpoenaed. Yes, I know that not having a login still leaves IP records, but people who want to be anonymous can mitigate that with VPNs, TOR etc.

Also, with a required login, trolls and spammers will still use shill accounts.

If you want to see a shining example of required login commenting, go look at youtube comments on some popular videos. Especially ones that are political or religious in nature. Or go look at a local news stations disqus comments. This community website HAS taken steps to deter trolling and spam. It is the moderation system and may need adjustments. It is not perfect, but it works while allowing real anonymous speech that is worthwhile to shine through. If you do not like the spam, do not browse at -1. Unless I am moderating, I browse at 2, and see very little junk.

If you think stifling speech to fail at blocking spam is a good idea, your thought process is not much different from those who would have backdoors in encryption to fail at stopping terrorism. It is a trade of liberty for false security, and in the end you WILL lose both.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 54

Anyone who downloads and uses comodo products, expecting it to be secure. Since they are 3-6% below the average on catching well known malware, I would say they are spending more time on bells and whistles to capture data or hook users into additional services than actual security.

Where have we seen this pattern before... Norton, McCaffe, AVG, etc......

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 5, Informative) 582

I live in Cville and drive through here all the time. Locust is a road that connects downtown to a highway. There are others, but this one is mostly straight and unimpeded. It is 2 lane, and largely residential. It needs to have slow speeds due to the narrowness and residential aspect. However the city classifies it as a feeder road, and does not put in slowing measures like bumps, stops or circles.

The other main roads feeding into downtown from US 250 are High to the east and Park and McIntire to the west. All three are heavily congested for various reasons. They link to other busy roads, have shopping and commercial areas, etc

I think the solution is for the city to bite the bullet and install speed bumps. It will not be a popular measure, but that is because people want to speed through there to get into or out of the downtown area. Too bad, just plan a little further ahead.

Comment Re:Enforce login to post (Score 5, Insightful) 1838

Anonymous posting has become a haven of trolls, far from it's original goal of protecting people when discussing work conditions and the like.

Allowing anyone to post as anonymous without login simply paves the way for endless trolling. The value of the comment section has diminished greatly over the years because of stupid comments.

Enforcing authenticated login, federated from elsewhere to tender to the laziest if need be, would at least allow for some accountability by weeding out repeat abusers of the comments section.

Logged-in, members could still post with anonymity to allow a return of the original intentions.


Anonymous is a defining feature. There are tools to tune out trolls and spam and they work (they may need fine tuning but are otherwise powerful). Do not be lazy, use them. Without the freedom to post in a TRULY anonymous fashion then speech is stifled and groupthink, echo chamber like discussion worsens. I want to be challenged by viewpoints that do not met my expectations and may run afoul of social, governmental or employment considerations. I want to be able to post them should the desire arise as well.

To repeat.. the coward should remain among us with no blocking or authentication at all.

Comment Re:Start with removing the malware from SourceForg (Score 2) 1838

As a side note for sourceforge, can you allow direct download links instead of a redirecting landing page? There are sure to be other reasons for other people but for me I remotely manage via a command line many (1000s of) windows boxes. It would be nice to be able to easily download tools without hitting redirect roadblocks. On linux I can wget or curl around that but not so easy on windows.

Comment Re:Athlon X4 845 why cut pci-e lanes? amd is losin (Score 1) 81

To add to my other comment though, for machines without need of a GPU or where a discrete unit is used, the price/performance gap has gone more in intels favor. If you want an embedded GPU, then the AMD apus are where it is are, especially for price. You can get an A8 for 400-500 bucks. Add an SSD and you have a fair machine. Anything close in the Intel+GPU camp will smoke it with the discrete GPU but cost 300+ more.

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