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+ - Harvard researchers determine answer to beguiling question regarding flatus

Submitted by wbr1
wbr1 (2538558) writes "Scientists working at the Harvard School of Public Health have solved the age old question, "who farted?"

By connecting a trace portal machine and independently derived machine learning algorithms, the source of an offensive (humorous) gaseous emission can be identified with 98.6% accuracy.

Steven Passovitz of HSPH states, "All humans have a unique mix of bacteria in their intestines. These colonies leave a distinct fingerprint of trace gasses in the excreted flatus of an individual. It does not matter how overlaid by old eggs or cabbage the particular flatus is, we can sniff you out.""

Comment: Re:Stars collision rarity (Score 2) 234

by wbr1 (#49358593) Attached to: Dark Matter Is Even More of a Mystery Than Expected
It is because space is BIG. Look at our galaxy, our closest neighbor is what 4.6 lightyears away. Even if you double the amount of stars in the same space, they will interact gravitationally sure, but colliding is like dumping 1000 toothpicks in random places in the oceans and having them collide.

Comment: Re:flawed approach (Score 1) 56

by wbr1 (#49340707) Attached to: Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation
I am simply stating that AZ already makes requirements of sellers. It is cheaper for them to require standard prep and packaging than to create a robot that can handle all situations. Given the amount of product they move, it is not a far stretch to imagine them starting to require it and sellers capitulating.

Comment: flawed approach (Score 1) 56

by wbr1 (#49340379) Attached to: Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation
I have a side business as an Amazon FBA seller. One thing that is often required is item preparation before sending it to an AZ warehouse. This can be bagging, bubble wrapping, etc depending on the item. Amazon also already has frustration free packaging for many items. instead of the impossible clam shell its a simple cardboard sleeve for many items.

Looking at this, I see it as possible in the future for amazon to require manufacturers and sellers to package items in standard size and shape boxes to make it easy for the bots.

Comment: Re:good, Google Play needs cleaned up (Score 1) 139

by wbr1 (#49290339) Attached to: Google 'Experts' To Screen Android Apps For Banned Content
What utter nonsense. Yes there is tons of shit in the play store. But I know that Word from microsoft is likely to be malware free if not usable. JoBobs Office clone, not so much. This is the same as if I searched on my PC or walked into brick and mortar.

I will use my experience to tell me what is good or bad. JoBob's office may be malware. However, it may be the best thing since sliced bread, but by increasing barriers to entry, I may never know. Give me the choice please.

If you want someone to spoonfeed you what they think is good for you, that is certainly something you can do. But it is not for me.

Comment: Re:Yet another Ted Cruz bashing article ! (Score 1) 416

by wbr1 (#49274121) Attached to: Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science
NASA has done great things on a limited budget. When you speak of cancelling pie in the sky projects, that is not NASAs doing, that is some administration, or congresscriters pushing for a project, funding it to pass pork around to their corporate constituents or bring 'jobs' to their state, then them or another group cancelling it later because OMG costs so much! When it is a fraction of the defense budget,

Comment: Re:What they really proved... (Score 1) 135

by wbr1 (#49187587) Attached to: NASA Ames Reproduces the Building Blocks of Life In Laboratory

Where was it discredited? There has been much revision of our knowledge of the early atmosphere, but his principles were sound. If you hate science that trys to find the origin of life, go back to church and pray to your diety of choice to prove otherwise. But pleas quit spewing outright lies. Most likely that is a sin in your belief system anyway.

Comment: TL-DR (Score 1, Insightful) 362

by wbr1 (#49185671) Attached to: Would You Need a License To Drive a Self-Driving Car?
As with any new technology, society and by proxy the government will struggle with its place and rules in said society. There will be oversteps, misses, and oversights.

There will be detractors, luddites, and evangelists, sociopaths and attention whores all vying for a moment in the sun.

Welcome to the human race. I'll go get my popcorn.

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