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Comment: No device necessary (Score 2, Insightful) 159

Pretty interesting idea and a nice slashvertisement. How about instead, using an emulator,pushing a resolution that looks good onyour panel, and even possibly applying AA and other filters till it looks how YOU like, You have far more options for less cash that way. This reeks of monster cableitis to me.

Comment: There are more and more of these.. (Score 4, Interesting) 247

by wbr1 (#47757901) Attached to: TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers
I work in a repair shop. I see this every single day, and it is accelerating. Many are cold calls, but a surprising number are found in google searches. I had one today where someone was looking for outlook help as they could not access their email.

In my experience, most do 'semi' legitimate work, using normal tools for disinfection and optimization. These tools are things like hitman, MBAM, ccleaner, etc. Unfortunately, the techs do not seem very skilled, sometines causing damage, and more importantly they lie in a very convincing confidence game to get payment info and perform service. While I have yet to see anyone have extra fraudulent charges placed on them, the initial bill is fradulent given that the work never needed to be performed.

Also, if these "services" are so unethical as to lie to get you to pay, it is a small step to later using that payment information or selling it to third parties.

The worst one I saw is from a personal friend who called one of these services for assistance, paid 300 dollars for 3 years of remote assistance. One onthe to the day later, another company cold called him (he thought it was the first company). He allowed them remote access, and then when they wanted payment and he realized it was not the first company he asked them to disconnect. He was emotional and turned off his surge protector when they became pressuring and refused to disconnect. He left the room failing to realize it was a laptop and still on. The 'tech' then proceeded to delete most of the recently dated files in his user profile. These were very important files, and I was only able to recover about 85% with file recovery tools.

Unfortunately all these companies need to operate is a phone number and a simple VOIP system..maybe a quick templated website and domain. They can be set up in a very quick time, and exist outside of any willing jurisdiction to fight them. Education is the ONLY way at this time.

Comment: lots of good points, but what about... (Score 1) 459

by wbr1 (#47729727) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater
Industry math? 700k downloads does not equal 700k movie tickets or DVD purchases or rentals. Some significant portion of that number would never have bought the movie, whether available for download or not. Regardless of your views on criminal/violent punishment for non-violent IP crimes (I disagree on that level personally), basing any punishment on a false metric is the worst kind of injustice.

Perhaps, he should take the most money he made (legally) on any one day of his life, then counter sue for lost wages for every single day incarcerated. I mean if he made 1500 on that lottery ticket one day, then he should have made 1500 every other day including weekends!

Comment: Re:Why not work with Mozilla (Score 5, Interesting) 80

by wbr1 (#47715749) Attached to: Tor Browser Security Under Scrutiny
Chrome/chromium on windows uses the Windows Crypto API to install and verify certs. This bypasses the TOR proxy and allows for a MITM attack with no user knowledge. Changing this requires more work then what they have to do with FF.

My questions are thus... why not move to a model where the entire OS is forced through the tor proxy, This could be done with the use of a dummy network adapter and disabling the current adapter while tor is in use. Yes it would likely break certain OS features during that time, but there it is.

TFA also discusses putting a dumbed down security 'slider' on the browser, but still the default is to allow JIT/JS. Currently you have noscript installed, but not turned off in a fresh install. A few lines of JS is enough to identify an IP or fingerprint more of the system. The default should be most secure with warnings to open it up. Period. At install time you already explin that things do not work like you are used to and then allow the user to decide to reduce security. Anything else provides an illusion of security to a naive user, but still allows an adversary easy means of detection.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 2) 735

by wbr1 (#47704129) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban
This.. a thousand times this. as grandparent to this thread, I cannot moderate, but I do not believe that the state should issues ANY edicts regarding a religious ceremony and joining. There should be laws regarding contracts and benefits between groups of people, and nothing else. Leave marriage to the priests, and if that church does not believe in your type of union, find another.

Comment: Tough guy geeks... (Score 3, Insightful) 381

by wbr1 (#47694463) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?
This is /. Just mentioning a paywall IS trolling here.
We are the tough geeks and will browse into that rough patch on the interwebs to get our fix of data.
We will risk malware and viruses to pirate the latest films.
We will walk into a biker bar and call the biggest pagan mother fucker a gay little bitch.

Oh wait, maybe not that last one.

Seriously though.. what is considered a troll, or offensive is subjective. If I do not want imposed censorship, I sure as shit am not going to pay for it directly.

Comment: Let's play the who goes to jail game.... (Score 5, Insightful) 127

by wbr1 (#47653875) Attached to: DEA Paid Amtrak Employee To Pilfer Passenger Lists
This sounds like a case of the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. While neither collection method sounds constitutional to me I am not surprised.

Let's guess who gets in trouble...
The employee selling the data..check (low level scape goat)
Maybe an IT guy that allowed excessive permission.. maybe he just gets fired...
Any DEA agents or upper level management who authorized illegal and warrant-less data collection? NO
Any Amtrak executives for allowing it to be provided (through the employee or the terminal in the DEA office?) NO
If we are lucky we will hear some strong words at a congressional hearing, and that will be the end of it.

Comment: Re:microwave bright [Re:Oh good lord.] (Score 1) 225

by wbr1 (#47644699) Attached to: Do Dark Matter and Dark Energy Cast Doubt On the Big Bang?
If a civilisation could create a Dyson sphere, don't you think they'd have some use for all the wasted energy "radiating in infrared"? Perhaps a large portion of the star's output is used for their energy needs, and efficiency rules the day? Perhaps the drive to attain the best efficiency possible is required of a civilisation before they can reach a stage advanced enough to buld something on this scale.

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