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Comment: And who pays???? (Score 4, Insightful) 767

by wbr1 (#48558373) Attached to: CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations
The taxpayer.. for all of it. The beatings, the reports, the politicians and bureaucrats dickering over minutia.
Who doesn't pay? Those responsible for such atrocities. We increasingly live in a society where a few - IE military and intelligence brass, the rich, the police, and corporations and individuals with the money to play the game can do nearly anything with impunity.

This meets the definition of tyranny - arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power - and we live it every day, but most do not see it. The question is, is the natural state of being for humans - people abusing their power over others, or can it be changed and transcended?

Comment: Politics, plain and simple (Score 2) 116

by wbr1 (#48538877) Attached to: NSF Accused of Misuse of Funds In Giant Ecological Project
I wonder how this stacks up against waste in huge projects at Boeing or blackwater? The waste is bad but no surprise and seems to be a very small percentage. I wonder how much pressure to generate bad press has been applied by vested interests who do not want data like that made available?

Comment: Re:when dirty? (Score 4, Insightful) 194

by wbr1 (#48470211) Attached to: Jackie Chan Discs Help Boost Solar Panel Efficiency

The data density in bluray means that the pits are far, far, far, far too small for dirt to get stuck in, or on. Think of it like placing a pebble on a beach. There are pits between sand grains but the size disparity means it acts like a flat surface for most intents and purposes.

Not only this, but presumably the pits can be under the glass, just as they are under polycarbonate on a disc. Then the pits are not exposed to dir, and a normal washing will remove surface dust, bird poop, etc.

Comment: One solution (Score 4, Insightful) 137

by wbr1 (#48433967) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy
Increasingly there is only one viable solution. Vote with your wallet. Period. Do not buy anything these companies offer. No cable, no movies, no music. Nothing.

Do not feed their useless parisitism on our culture and public domain.

If you must be entertained, find alternative sources, from indie stuff all the way to pirating.

We must do this until their backs are broken.

They will fight.
There will be casualties.
We must not stop or compromise.

System going down in 5 minutes.