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Comment Re:Idiots. (Score 1) 288

It is not about going back to cable. It is about the balkinization of content. You will have to have 8 subscriptions at 7.99/month+ to get all the competition you want. There cannot be one or two clearinghouses for all content as each rights holder wants to be higher up in the food chain with their own control and higher margins.

This is not real competition, this is an environment where the established players have written the rules and hold all the cards.

Comment I live in a crappylink served area (Score 2) 199

Just outside town,in areas supposed to get 5/ .5 you are lucky to get .5/.02. Only other choice is satellite. Fortunately I am in town and get comcrap. Ting is building gig fiber in town, but I am just outside first year plans. Sigh.

Century link will collect fed funds for shit service that is up to stated speeds.

Comment Here is what I do (Score 2) 142

I live in the US but travel in US a bit.
Port you US number (costs) to Google Voice or get a free number from google voice.
Get a nexus 6 (unlocked). Go to ting and get both a GSM SIM and a a CDME/LTE SIM fo rthe phone (micro SIMS).
Activate both. You will have two numbers, but it does not matter. Forward your GV number to both.
There are some settings changes you will need to make, but once all is done, you can use the nexus 6 on -Tmobile and Sprint depending on coverage. Both are good, but not as good as verizon coverage in rural areas. All you need to do is swap SIMS.

Get it set up in advance, as it can take a while for ports into GV and forwarding to propagate correctly.

In a pinch you can carry two phones one on CDMA and one on GSM and do the same. That is what I used to do. More to carry, but I could keep one charging while burning GPS/battery etc on the other phone. That will also use more data as both phones are doing their thing on Ting at the same time for whatever apps you have running.

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