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Comment Re:corruption, not victim compensation (Score 2) 62

From what I see on the Marshals' listings, the items being sold are forfeited pursuant to a final judgement from a suitable court. The proceeds are indeed listed as part of the judgement, and would therefore be distributed among the victims (possibly including the government itself) as any similar fine would.

Some jurisdictions may be abusing forfeiture for profit - and that's bad - but it's quite a leap to extrapolate that to all law enforcement agencies in the country, as some Slashdotters are quick to do.

It doesn't matter how or for what reason(s) the property was seized or what legal/procedural mechanism was involved.

Government should not profit. Proceeds from any and all seized property should go to non-governmental/non-government-affiliated charities.

Having judges/courts seize the property being sold, even upon a criminal conviction, rather than some street cop deciding that your money/house/car/etc broke the law simply moves the corruption up the ladder and further institutionalizes the problem.


Comment Re:Fantasy (Score 1) 213

No the fuss is there because the USA is trying to claim sovereignty of stuff in space by assigning ownership rules.

Sounds more like you want to benefit from other people's investment, risk, and labor for free (invest in your own damned space mining!). Or that you want to make all resources off the Earth forbidden for anyone to use which is Luddite in nature to the extreme.

I object on the grounds of the USA unilaterally extending its powers into space without reference to the rest of the world.

Nobody is going to declare the Moon or some other celestial body a US Territory or Possession. It specifically says that in the bill that was passed. All the bill that was passed says is that if you extract resources from some celestial body you keep what you've taken risk, invested large sums, and worked hard to obtain. It doesn't stop anyone else from setting up their own operation right 'next door', as it were.

You are objecting to fantasies that reside only in your mind.


Comment Re:Fantasy (Score 1) 213

I don't get what all of the fuss is about...

It'll probably take a million years for us to suck our solar system dry if not longer and by then we'll have colonized many other solar systems.

The fuss is because there are those who view humanity's very existence as a bad thing. Exploitation of resources in space extends humanity's time and allows for expansion and growth which they see as a bad thing.

The fuss is also about political power. Environmental groups who have used their political power to control if, how, how much, and by whom the Earth's limited natural resources are exploited as a political/economic weapon and means of control over populations see the exploitation of unlimited natural resources in space as eventually making their weapon powerless and destroying their ability to control populations.


Comment So... (Score 1) 31

So, if we can perfect small and sensitive pheromone sensors and install them on drone swarms, with a sample of an individual's pheromones they could be made to follow/target said individual, like for instance Putin or Obama.


I wonder if we'll start seeing FSB and SS agents following along behind said persons wherever they go, spraying cleaner/deodorizer or some other sort of pheromone-scrubbing chemicals and confiscating anything they touch in order to attempt to hide or obfuscate the unique pheromone trail these individuals leave wherever they go?


Comment Re: I have several drones and I support this (Score 1) 193

Can you provide a link to this law (and it must be a federal law)?

FAA is bound by Section 336 Special Rule For Model Aircraft from enacting new regulations regarding model aircraft which fall within the parameters described in Section 336.

On the other hand, a model aircraft operated pursuant to the terms of section 336 would potentially be excepted from a UAS aircraft certification rule, for example, because of the limitation on future rulemaking specifically âoeregarding a model aircraft, or an aircraft being developed as a model aircraft.â Public Law 112-95, section 336(a).


Of course, all it will take is a little creative reinterpretation. Not like that's anything new when some Amendment, law, regulation, etc gets in the way of what those in power want these days. The Rule of Law is pretty much dead in the US.


Comment Re:Lel (Score 3, Interesting) 137

Ya no ty. I pay my taxes, if I buy a product it is supposed to be mine.

The concept of personal property is being phased out.

Everything, from what you can say and what views you can express in public/online without being fired, being threatened with death, sued, even jailed, what you may do with things you've 'bought', right down to the money in your pocket and even you, yourself, are property of and/or controlled by the policies and agendas of the collective as dictated by a government/corporate/banking oligarchy and their sycophants and useful idiots in positions of influence in society.

I highly recommend reading "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin to begin to understand the power structure in the US. The most powerful players are rarely mentioned in the MSM.


Comment Re:Srsly (Score 1) 486

Someone should start killing and maiming people like woolsey and clapper. Time for nice talk is over.

Slow your roll there, Rambo!

More "Ghandi" and a lot less "Genghis Khan" FTW here, bro.

Blacks in the US won the struggle in the '60s civil rights movement when news footage of peaceful black marchers being attacked with fire hoses, riot cops, and dogs was broadcast nationwide on the evening news.

Violence will only be used as justification for government crack-downs and further erosions of rights and freedoms. Chaos & violence plays into their hands.


Comment Re:Cut off ISIS oil sales (Score 1) 275

More effective would be to go against the middlemen who buy oil from ISIS for half the market value and then make a nice profit by reselling it on the open market. []

Unless those middlemen are too big to fail and we can't do anything, of course.

They haven't stopped the middlemen because they use bitcoin to buy ISIS' oil. That's why they *must* ban bitcoin and other alt-currencies, with cash next up on the chopping-block. /sarc


Comment Re:The Most Shocking Thing About the France Attack (Score 1) 259

This is asymmetric warfare. The main body of ISIS is in Iraq and Syria. Kill off the main body, the offshoots will die off.

Not quite. It has more the earmarks of an infectious disease. How many terrorist org. heads/leaders has the US claimed to have killed since 9/11? Others take their place. Propaganda/religious 'infection' leads to 'self-radicalizing' operatives in new areas.

"I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humansW^W^violent religious fanatics do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resourceW^W^opposing society, culture, government, and religion is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beingsW^W^violent religious fanatics are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we...are the cure."


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