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Comment Re:Sounds like what we need (Score 1) 25

I just don't understand how people who design commodity networking gear can be so bad at network security.

Really? Pick any of the following:

Lazy, incompetent, cheap, unaccountable, indifferent, greedy

Right now, companies have no liability for writing products with shit security. So on pretty much a daily basis we hear about products with shit security.

At this point I mostly assume any consumer technology which is designed to connect to a network is riddled with security holes. Because companies are lazy, incompetent, cheap, unaccountable, indifferent, and greedy.

Comment Re:Not really ... (Score 3, Insightful) 36

If the experience on your phone's browser sucks, that just means the website needs a better mobile site

I find the vast majority of web sites with a mobile version are complete crap.

You hit a site due to a search, get redirected to the crap which is their useless mobile site, and can never find what you're looking for because apparently mobile sites are written by morons who write useless sites.

I can't tell you how many sites I have had to do the "request desktop site" for because they don't seem to realize a useless mobile site is worse and more broken than not having a mobile website in the first place.

In my experience the mobile version of most websites are pointless, because they don't really work.

Comment Re:Not really ... (Score 1) 36

Well, that's a terrible example. The Facebook app pretty much is malware already.

Kidding aside, I have more or less come to the conclusion that almost all pre-installed software is malware or crapware. When I bought my last phone there was a bunch of garbage the carrier had put on it which I couldn't uninstall, but could only disable.

Why the hell can't I, as the owner of the device, uninstall a piece of software? Because some asshole in marketing decided so? That shouldn't even be possible.

Comment Not really ... (Score 1) 36

It's still dodgy side-loaded stuff, it's just been put on by the people who sold it to you.

Which is why the owner of the phone needs to have the ability to uninstall any damned app instead of having shitware put on my the carrier or vendor be something you can't get rid of ... and why we need the ability to enforce granular permissions on everything an app wants to do.

Most apps exist to do one of two things: steal your information, or deliver ads. Which is why I have give up on any app which has a corresponding web-page.

Increasingly I just don't trust the companies who make apps, and assume they're all going to act like assholes. Usually they do.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 194

Blah blah blah ... you're so heartbroken that someone didn't include in the headline what was included in TFS. You didn't even need to read TFA.

Whining, bitching, helpless and pointless. Woe is you.

Get over your damned self, subscribe to a security twitter feed, and stop bitching about something so damned pointless as to make you sound like a spoiled child with ADD.

The swooning must be fucking unbearable. I mean you are absolutely stricken with the vapors, it must be hard on you.

Now go get yourself a clean pair of panties, and shut up already. The information you wanted was there. That you feel the need to be so laboriously and meticulously pandered to tells me that you're bitching for the sake of bitching.

Boo hoo, your penis is small and you demand information be applied to you in precisely the way you envisioned or the world is unjust.

Or, you know, you read a couple of fucking sentences and stop being a whiny little idiot about it. From time to time in the world, you will be called upon to RTFA, and if you can't do that, RTFS.

Wah wah wah .. put it all in the headline lest you get distracted and don't know what it means.

How the hell did you get a 7 digit ID again?

Comment Re:This pretty much sums up IoT ... (Score 3, Insightful) 145

Because there simply is no answer. It's literally people trying to get other people to pay for the development costs to find out what it is and what it's good for.

There is no consistent definition, no standards, not even any really good use cases.

It's something people have latched onto, and decided that, even if they have no idea what it means, they want to cash in on it.

People have come up with some things around it, but they've not addressed any real world issues like privacy, security, or what the hell to do with it. It's like in the late 90's, where the frenzy happened around "teh dot com" -- if you had a frickin' website, you had VCs throwing you enough money to make some people rich, and ensure there would be a healthy resale market for Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

You didn't need a business plan, a product, or any actual skills in running a business. It was simply a feeding frenzy of stupidity.

IoT is a bunch of people trying to capitalize on a buzzword nobody can define, with technology nobody has yet built, and trying to find other people to help pay for it. It's a though experiment by people who have read far too much science fiction.

Nobody can answer any of these questions because they're still making it up. It's a gold rush to build vapor ware.

It's breathless futurists telling us this is the future without being able to tell us why or how or what we'd do with it. As I said, it's snake oil, nothing more.

It's literally years away from anybody even being able to give plausible use cases, and several years further away from anybody giving a damn about it.

Comment This pretty much sums up IoT ... (Score 5, Insightful) 145

Internet of Things isn't even a thing, it's wishful thinking, and a bunch of random crap "visionaries" with no business plan are all pushing as the Next Big Thing.

It's marketing hype by people trying to cash in, but who otherwise have no idea what it's good for.

It's snake oil, nothing more. Getting fast talked into spending money on pilot projects to help some company achieve their goal of "monetizing your synergies while holistically marketing the awesomeness of IoT to allow you to improve your "'Smart City Rating' means you've been hoodwinked.

If it's so awesome and revolutionary, you should be paying the city to promote your product.

Instead it's just a bunch of bullshit and lies about how unfinished tech with no actual value is going to revolutionize the world.

Every idiot who says "Yarg, teh internet of things" should get swiftly smacked in the head. Because other than they want a piece of the action, not a single one of them can tell you what it is and why you actually want it.

Getting suckered into spending public money to allow some idiot to let you help him figure out what this crap is for is a sure sign you're not doing enough due diligence.

I'm glad to see people like this starting to say "go away and leave us alone". Because there's nothing there yet, just some speculative crap.

It's a solution in search of a problem, and a bunch of people trying to get other people help them figure out the business plan and what this stuff is for.

Comment It's a hard problem ... (Score 3, Insightful) 753

Suddenly everybody wants a piece of you and you have to distrust their motivations. Because the amount of people looking to sink in their teeth isn't going to be small.

Conversely, how do you expect to have a normal relationship with a non-wealthy person? Suddenly they're trying to keep up with a zillionaire and haven't got the means ... which means they're living on the charity of rich people and whatever their mood does. That tends to be present no matter how much you want it to not be. Get into a fight in some faraway location you can't afford to be in on your own, and you're a nobody.

Get rich over time, and you can build up some friends in the same situation. Get rick quickly and you can't. In which case you better hope your family and your existing friends can cope with it.

I've seen TV shows with some lottery winners ... and they constantly get letters from random people looking to get handouts, or people trying to scam them. Because people are greedy bastards. Oh, and the other rich people want nothing to do with you because you're new money.

I've always said I have no interest in being rich and famous ... I want to be rich and anonymous, precisely because I don't want to deal with this bullshit.

The real question is ... as tragic as this is, how much sympathy do recent billionaires expect from the rest of us? The whole "I'm a billionaire, now what?" is one of those questions which you can't expect a serious or helpful answer from anybody who hasn't done it.

Comment When we say "tech industry" ... (Score 5, Insightful) 125

We should be very clear this means "the (m|b)illionaire CEOs of tech corporations who are using company money to advance their own agendas".

This is all about corporations doing what serves the interests of the rich people in charge ... which means it's really a measure of how influential CEOs are, and is in no way representative of the thousands of people who work for those companies.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 194

It's not a tweet, it's a story submission ... if headlines read like "Over 225,000 Apple Accounts Compromised Via iOS Malware but only if you jailbroke your phone and installed from a separate source but then that's your damned problem because you did it to yourself but it's Monday so who cares anyway because I need more coffee" it would be annoying and would get truncated.

Honestly, this is you complaining about your lack of attention to read TFS.

The story submission is fine. It's demanding you not have to read a couple of sentences which is the problem.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 194

So, read the entire summary ... and you too, can knowing at a glance, that this doesn't affect you.

Just like the rest of us knowinged it.

The knowing is available for anybody willing to read as many as four sentences.

The glancing and the knowing are free. The lack of glancing at the knowing isn't a limitation of the story or the submission.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 2, Insightful) 194

Would this be any different with Android or Microsoft?

Root your device, and install software from unknown places ... and guess what ... it doesn't matter whose damned platform you're running.

Hell, you can get malware from using, cnet and other places too.

News flash ... installing software from unknown sources can be a security risk no matter what your damned platform.

Apple (or any other vendor) can't do a damned thing to protect your security when you go to great lengths to install software from sources you can't trust.

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