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Comment Re:They don't even care about appearances anymore (Score 1) 156

I thought the whole point of H1-Bs was to fill jobs that they couldn't find qualified applicants for?

That's just what they told everybody to get it in the door.

It's really about enriching companies by allowing them to undermine the labor market.

This is all about maximizing shareholder value, and fuck the people who actually live in your country ... unless they're willing to compete for wages with people from India that is.

Welcome to the race to the bottom. The only winners are the corporations.

Comment Sure, why not? (Score 1) 257

I know people who carry old fashioned pagers, and have done so for years. Yes, they also have smart phones, but cell service in many places is shit, and pagers have been part of the support infrastructure forever.

And, believe it or not, people still use land lines too. I know it's shocking to the kiddies, but it's true.

Do you people all think this technology became obsolete because you can get a freakin' app?

Where I live your chance of cellular coverage is iffy, and I'm in the burbs, just in a spot with bad coverage.

My wife's stupid fucking pager? Still keeps working.

What you have to ask yourself, is do you want to get paged in the middle of the night, and just how much do you plan on charging for that privilege? Everyone I know who carries one is getting a premium just to have it, and an hourly rate in the event it goes off.

Otherwise, carrying one is the stupidest idea you can imagine, and people just assume you work 24x7. If you do that, well, you're a sucker.

Comment Re:Perplexity (Score 1) 31

Football, well soccer.

Stamford Bridge is the home ground of Chelsea. Drogba used to play for them. Dunno who Malouda was but Zhirkov was a Russian player who I don't think ever played for either Chelsea or Barcelona.

Oh, I though that was describing the technical breakthrough. ;-)

Made no sense at all.

Comment LOL ... (Score 2, Funny) 138

Wow, I once spent over $600 for 16MB of RAM for a PC. And that was considered a good deal.

You kids today have no idea how jarring it is to see a 16GB memory stick as a prize in a Cracker Jack box or in the express checkout at a convenience store.

Imagine my surprise to now see 2TB drives for under $100.

No go on with your fancy cheap memory ... back in my day we had steam powered memory made out of iron rings ... luxury, we used to dream of 30 cent gigabytes (no, really, we did).

If my lawn had grown proportional to storage over the last few decades, I'd have a lawn the size of Jupiter or something stupid, and wouldn't know to tell you to get off it in the first place.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 316

I'll tell you what ... when these same Christians endorse the right of someone else to say "we don't serve your kind", great, you can claim to have a logically coherent position.

But you can't claim to be exempt from being discriminated against on religious grounds, while using your religion to claim the right to be able to discriminate against someone else. Fuck that.

But if someone said "get out of my store, I won't serve you" to a Christian, the yowling and cries of oppression would be epic ... which means I don't respect that your religion makes you a special fucking little snowflake.

And, for the record, there ARE Christians who do advocate pretty much that.

Boo hoo, I don't give a fuck about your god, and I don't recognize he's granted you any special fucking rights. Believe what you want, but don't think that exempts you from anything or confers any obligation to me.

If your fucking god doesn't like it, let him take it up with me. I don't recognize your authority to act as his proxy.

Comment Re:Active content *is* a priv & sec nightmare (Score 3, Insightful) 69

As long as the dried up lame bed (lake?) has text, we don't give a crap.

Some of us still prefer to get information in the form of text, and not video ... and animate whirligigs and other crap add nothing to the experience.

But, really, in terms of not trusting javascript? That really should be common sense by now.

Comment Re:Next on the news... (Score 4, Informative) 69

You don't need to hear their name, the US government has now been tasked to do this shit on their behalf, they just write the text of the laws and treaties behind the scenes.

You don't think ICE policing copyright because they're under the control of DHS was an accident, do you?

Once the agency with the keys to the kingdom polices copyright, you can be more in the background.

Comment Re:And... (Score 1, Insightful) 316

I want to live in no society which is controlled by either.

I know moderate Muslims, and moderate Christians ... and remarkably, they seem to share the same values, and have no interest in imposing them on anybody else.

Islam derives from the same lineage as gets you from Judaism to Christianity to Islam ... along all of the variations along the way.

It's not a false equivalency to say that "fundamentalist sect of a religion" is no different -- there are probably Christians who would agree with stoning someone for adultery.

Take your false equivalency and cram it up your ass, because I'm not saying all Christians or all Muslims. I'm saying the extreme versions of both are indistinguishable.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1, Insightful) 316

Honestly, what insight is there to be had about religious bigotry?

Neither side is different, at the extremes they both do the exact same fucking things, under the name of the exact same fucking god (the Muslim god IS the Christian god, like it or not). Religious extremism is no different, no matter what it is (there's extremist Buddhists, so I'm not singling anybody out here.)

Why do people think it's OK when one group does it but not another? The hypocrisy is why people point it out.

It's not like "yarg, teh batshit crazy Muslims" is any different from "yarg, teh batshit crazy Christians".

Comment Re:The deep insecurity of Islam (Score 3, Insightful) 316

Bah ... if there's a god of the universe he made it with cool shit like gravity waves and other things we can understand using things like relativity, filled it with vast and complex things to amaze and delight us, and gave us the capacity to investigate and understand it, and ponder our own place in it.

That god is sitting around going "what the fuck are the little squishy ones on that little fucking rock doing ?"

It's the fucking humans which are the whiny little petulant assholes who can't get over our own bullshit and fantasies about shit like this.

Narrow minded people need to imagine a narrow minded god.

Comment Re:And... (Score 2) 316

Hmmm ... let's see ... wants to define what others can do based on their own religion ... are 100% convinced of their right to do so ... wish to impose own standards of decency/morality on the rest of the world whether the rest of the world likes it or not ... thinks the rest of the world needs to let them do as they please while refusing to respect other beliefs ... wants their religion taught in school and to supersede science and facts ... firmly think god is personally on their side and can do no wrong.

It's hard to see how they're that much different.

Of course, they'll claim it's entirely different, because they're the True Believers and everyone else is wrong. And in the process will prove the point through a level of irony neither can appreciate.

Why, you'd think anybody who values freedom, free speech, liberty, and the right of self determination would immediately start sending out as many homojis as they could find to defend such censorship and imposition of lack of freedom on the world.

(And I hereby grant homojis to the world to use freely and without license ;-)

Comment Hmmm ... 'speculative invoicing'? (Score 1) 36

Would that be random shakedown letters demanding sums of money with no proof of infringement or who did anything, but if you fork over everything you own and sign documents saying you'll never use the internet they won't sue you?

Well, honestly, how the hell did shit like that ever become legal elsewhere in the first place?

Oh, that's right, lawmakers are on the payroll of the copyright cartel to give them stupid laws which allow them to do anything.

That's OK, I'm sure once the TPP is ratified the 'speculative invoicing' business model becomes viable again. After all, it's mostly about entrenching further rights for corporations.

Comment Re:Among other things: massive hypocrite (Score 1) 195

Yeah, that crazy megalomaniac dictator who wants to keep all the good stuff for himself is a hypocrite. Sure, keep telling yourself that.

You know, I'm pretty sure no matter the rhetoric, pisspot dictators have surrounded themselves in luxury trappings from the West to show themselves how awesome they are. You think he eschews status symbols and has the same shit as the rest of the plebes? Or do you think he surrounds himself with wealth and opulence to show he's the boss.

I don't see anything hypocritical about it all. In fact, it seems entirely predictable that he'd have a computer nobody else in his country will every get to see.

Supreme Glorious Batshit Crazy Leader isn't a position of principle, it's one of entitlement and privilege.

I bet her's got fast cars and other toys too. All Western brands, all ridiculously expensive, all only for his personal pleasure.

That's kind of how this shit works from what I've seen in the news and the like. Powerful people, no matter how fucking crazy, surround themselves with expensive toys.

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