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Comment Re:I feel so conflicted... (Score 2) 130

First, lets take your claim that it "comes out equal" when "adjusting for income". Some home schoolers I know are well off (middle class), but most are -- at best -- in the lower portion of the middle class if not lower class.

Nothing to do with what he claimed.

It seems homeschoolers either don't learn reading comprehension or don't learn statistics.

As families, the ones I am familiar with, put a greater emphasis on the family rather than status or money

They're not so hot on punctuation either.

Comment Re:Kickstarter (Score 2) 232

Right, because there's totally no way you could record your own phrases.

Before anyone gets carried away by how fucking brilliant I am, I'd considered building a telemarketer tormentor using Astrerix. It never got past the beermat stage, but we thought of that problem and solved it before we'd even finished the first beer.

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