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Comment: Perhaps you should try the latter. (Score 2) 282

by Hognoxious (#49499995) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

heck look at what we did to the wolf: all those weird mutant dog shapes, sizes, and coats

We did a similar thing with the wild boar, by selectively breeding from the ones that were fatter, less aggressive, and with smaller tusks.

But if we tried till the end of time we couldn't get one to fuck a jellyfish.

Not the same thing at all.

Comment: Re:Ouhhh, that hurts! (Score 1) 62

by Hognoxious (#49492003) Attached to: KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta Brings Lot of Improvements

When support for XP ended I tried various flavours of Kali linux plus most of the "spice rack". KDE wouldn't let me change anything, for some unknown reason, and most of the others were pretty restrictive in one way or another. I did keep brief notes, but I can't find them right now.

In the end I went with mate; it works by default pretty much like gnome 2, which I was used to from CentOS 5 & 6.

Comment: Re: Why do people dislike systemd so much? (Score 2) 212

by Hognoxious (#49491545) Attached to: GNU Hurd 0.6 Released

Maintaining init spaghetti scripts is no fun, not easy either.

Been a while since I had to do it, but I don't recall it being that hard. I did have to look at a book.

But that's not the point. If systemd was just an init system and nothing but an init system, so help it God, people could either take it or leave it. They'd have the choice, one way or the other.

The problem is that when it has dependencies on your window manager, microwave & healthcare plan you can't simply unplug it and replace it with something else.

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