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Submission + - US Sanctions North Korea Over Sony Incident (nytimes.com)

ShaunC writes: The US has announced new sanctions against North Korea in response to the infiltration and data leakage affecting Sony Pictures Entertainment. Despite a lack of hard evidence of wrongdoing, and amid competing theories of culpability, the US on Friday introduced new sanctions against entities like North Korea's General Reconnaissance Bureau and a state-sponsored arms dealing group which masquerades as a mining conglomerate. Most of the targets were already under sanction prohibiting trade with the US, and the Times notes that "none of the targets of the sanctions are likely to feel much sting."

Submission + - US Tech Firms Recruiting High Schoolers (And Younger) (telegraph.co.uk)

ShaunC writes: Is there a glut of qualified American tech workers, or isn't there? Some companies like Facebook and Airbnb are now actively courting and recruiting high school students as young as 13 with promises of huge stipends and salaries. As one student put it, “it’s kind of insane that you can make more than the U.S. average income in a summer,” and another who attended a Facebook-sponsored trip said he'd "forego college for a full-time job" if it were offered. Is Silicon Valley taking advantage of naive young workers?

Submission + - Slashdot Beta Sucks Elephant Penis 2

ShaunC writes: Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes:

Have you even seen an elephant penis? Because I have, and the colors align to Slashdot. The beta is so bad, Roland Piquepaille is surrendering his account (as the French do). The GNAA has reorganized to post fake job offerings on Dice.com with an emphasis on affirmative action. Profane Motherfucker has come out of retirement simply to say: "fuck this shit."

Submission + - Comcast Abandons Charity After Critical Tweet (washingtonpost.com)

ShaunC writes: Comcast today withdrew a charitable commitment after one of the charity's Twitter messages criticized the cable giant's recent hire of the former FCC commissioner. Said a Comcast VP, "I cannot in good conscience continue to provide you with funding." Comcast has since attempted to backpedal, saying "we sincerely apologize for the unauthorized action of our employee."

Submission + - Popular DNSBL blackholes.us Suffers Outage?

Bulworth writes: Late Friday, I started seeing a noticeable delay in email traffic on a server that uses several DNSBLs for spam prevention. After some investigating, I discovered that blackholes.us seems to be suffering a DNS outage, at the very least. blackholes.us operates a number of country-level DNSBLs; the idea is that if you don't receive any legitimate email from a particular country, you can safely implement [country].blackholes.us as a DNSBL, to automatically block all inbound email from hosts in that nation. They've been a reliable DNSBL for several years without presenting any problems or delays for me, but now, not even their website is resolving. Does anyone have any information about the cause of the outage?

Submission + - Apple Sneaks Safari into iTunes Update (news.com)

ShaunC writes: "In a move being criticized by Mac fans and Windows users alike, Apple's recent Windows iTunes software update also installs the Safari browser. Users who click through the update process without explicitly changing the default options will get not just the iTunes update, but also Safari, a totally separate (and unexpected) application."

Submission + - Alleged Botnet Controller Arrested (thereporter.com)

ShaunC writes: "In an offensive against "cybercrime," the United States Attorney's office today announced the indictment of Greg King for allegedly operating a botnet comprised of at least 7,000 PCs (PDF). Among other activities, King's purported botnet DDoSed fraud-fighting group CastleCops (it's unknown whether or not King is alleged to have participated in the recent PayPal bogus-contribution campaign against CastleCops). Although this botnet seems to pale in comparison to others, especially those being exploited for spamming purposes, perhaps we're beginning to see enforcement against individuals who commandeer innocent users' PCs for nefarious purposes."

Submission + - PHP 5.2.0 Released

ShaunC writes: "The PHP Group and Zend have released PHP 5.2.0, and upgrades are encouraged. The 5.2.0 update offers several security fixes, including patches for a couple recently announced buffer overflows in input parsing. This release also includes a number of library upgrades, bug fixes, and default bundling of the popular JSON extension to help with AJAX development. See the full changelog for more details."

Submission + - Unprecedented Stock Spam Affects Millions

ShaunC writes: Today I witnessed the most widespread spam campaign that I've ever seen, an illegal pump-and-dump stock promotion that concurrently spanned standard email, mailing lists, Usenet, and Google Groups. Every email address I own received multiple copies of the spam; reports from family, friends, and coworkers indicate similar experiences. I'm curious as to whether or not others were so inundated by this spam, how many reported it to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and who will admit to attempting to profit from the obvious hype when it became clear that the stock was rising.

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