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Comment: Re:Can the executive branch be held in contempt? (Score 1) 225

What would happen if the executive branch (which is supposed to enforce the law) simply refused to comply with a judicial order?

Does the phrase "Trail of Tears" mean anything to you?

How about "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!"?

Note that the quotation is likely apocryphal, but it pretty much conveys Jackson's attitude toward the Supremes in regards to the Trail of Tears....

Comment: Why start now? (Score 1) 2

by damn_registrars (#47787085) Attached to: An honest utterance
We haven't had strategies for decades, why start now? The only difference is this time we're lobbing missiles first, before committing boots to the ground. Last time we went on an adventure in Iraq we figured we could Han Solo the mission as we went along, and we saw how well that turned out. At least so far we haven't sent any ground troops to die.

Comment: Re:this would expose an enormous state secret. (Score 1) 225

the deficit is shrinking at a staggering rate.

Yes, it's now the sixth or seventh largest in history...

Note that the only reason the deficit is "shrinking" is that it ballooned enormously (to over twice the previous record) a few years back. It has yet to get back down to the level that was considered "normal" (which most of us considered "too damn high")....

Comment: Re:It'd be nice... (Score 1) 225

half of these is probably about whether or not he slept with that woman... he he...
- Not that I ever cared one bit....

The only thing even remotely interesting about whether he slept with that woman was that, since she was an employee of his, it was a textbook example of workplace sexual harassment.

Even if she was willing....

Comment: Marketplaces also sorta tend towards monopolies (Score 1) 96

by i kan reed (#47785561) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Every marketer and customer gets some easy benefit from a single marketplace to go with the most customers(for marketers) or marketers(for customers), maximizing the competitiveness of their respective markets. In the physical world, this naturalmonopoly is mitigated more than a little by the utility of physical proximity.

It's a bit like how social networks are successful because that's where all your friends are, but more complex since it involves multiple kinds of participants.

Amazon has filled that role online, particularly for books. And that advantage is can be leveraged for quite a premium. I'm not sure I see a nice clean solution to the problem either.

Comment: Re:Time to travel 11 light years (Score 1) 81

by i kan reed (#47785269) Attached to: Astronomers Find What May Be the Closest Exoplanet So Far

Hypothetically, fusion powered Hall ion engines might be able to manage something within an order of magnitude of that, I think.

But of course, we'd need a lightweight fusion reactor that produces electricity without a boiler. Such a thing has been proposed as possible, but it's definitely not available yet.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: Reverse Mod-bombing? 1

Journal by damn_registrars
Slashdot just informed me that recently 5 of my comments - all in different discussions - were up-modded "underrated". It seems an odd coincidence; perhaps someone had mod points they didn't know what to do with? (could it be related to this JE?

Comment: Re:Crowding Out Effect (Score 4, Insightful) 93

by i kan reed (#47785071) Attached to: How Big Telecom Smothers Municipal Broadband

It comes from the fallacious belief that non-government created monopolies leveraging their position will face competitors who can "do it for less". The truth is that infrastructure just isn't that conducive to competition. Who'd want 3 different water/sewer systems connected to their house?

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