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Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 746 746

The sea change is already happening - car ownership of all kinds is lowest among millenials.

I think you mean seed change. And young people often don't have high rates of ownership of any kind for obvious reasons. Just because you like Uber doesn't mean switching to a "sharing" model works for most people.

Comment Re:Kentucky Man (Score 1) 1143 1143

There are several ways

- Throw a baseball - Throw a net - Throw a rock

If it's within your personal airspace (500 feet) on your property you have right to do all of these things.

You do realize that throwing a rock at a drone is probably more dangerous than firing a shotgun at it right?

Comment Re:Staying 5 years behind... (Score -1) 30 30

Mesa has been about 5 years behind OpenGL, seems this follows the trend, not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. After all it's not falling behind but it really doesn't seem to be closing any gaps either. So 4.0 is DirectX11 generation hardware, CodeWeavers have said they hope to have DX11 support in WINE within a year. That would be nice, several games I play that are no-go in WINE and would be at least one obstacle in going back to Linux.

If you are playing games with Mesa you are doing it wrong. You should be using the native OpenGL driver for your graphics hardware. Mesa is a software reference implementation/compatibility layer. It allows drivers with missing functionality to fill in the gaps and for ports of OpenGL to other hardware to see software implementations of the spec for comparison. Also, for systems without dedicated graphics it can provide software level OpenGL functionality but you probably wouldn't want to play 3D games on those platforms. Its very useful in the graphics ecosystem but probably shouldn't be directly used by end users looking for the highest performance their gaming system can offer.

Comment Re:Teenagers (Score 1) 446 446

I find it difficult to believe that teenagers would hack a website because they are morally outraged about the practice of adultery.

Unless of course the hacker's parent cheated using AM and that caused the divorce of his parent. You simply lack imagination I think...

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 231 231

LOL! Women in infantry tend to be very good soldiers, well motivated with only physical strength as a limitation. How about you stop commenting on stuff you don't know shit about? That would be most things I gather.

While women tend to do better on marksmanship, I'm not sure that alone makes them very good soldiers. Soldiers are war fighters and that includes a lot of heavy lifting. Are there women who make good soliders, sure. Do I think its a 50-50 split in the population, no...and I doubt a good female soldier would think that's true either. I bet they would know that they are far better than the average female at war fighting that that's probably something that they take a great deal of pride in.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 231 231

The US probably has their own small and quiet equivalent (or has had).

The US has a whole slew of these spec ops groups. Here is an (very) incomplete list in order of selection (easy to hard):

  • US Army Rangers
  • Delta Force (Army)
  • Navy Seals - amphibious
  • Air Force Special Ops -- includes training as an air traffic controllers to coordinate air strikes
  • Several others that are less well known but are like COM1 in that they are sole operators and usually work for CIA or DIA

Comment Re:MUMPS is nothing special (Score 1) 166 166

If you are interested in schema-less/noSQL databases, I would suggest you have a look at MongoDB. It has all the features MUMPS does, but without the ancient programming language attached to it. It also has powerful searching capabilities, can store terabytes of data and supports transparent replication and distributed storage.

MongoDB is not ACID compliant. Makes it a non-starter for something in the medical field.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 166 166

Except NoSQL databases are not guaranteed ACID compliant.

Except when they are:


"Despite having a simple architecture, Berkeley DB supports many advanced database features such as ACID transactions, fine-grained locking, hot backups and replication."

Except that Berkeley DB predates NoSQL by a few years/decades. Its more of a DB library than a DB and really intended to be used when writing a DB. And no, there isn't currently a NoSQL DB that is ACID compliant.

Comment Re:I would like to volunteer as the chief harbinge (Score 1) 300 300

I wish there were a better term for it. But "anti-charisma" is the most accurate way I can think of to express it. People naturally seem to hate me, disagree with me, etc. I seem to naturally repulse people, no matter how sociable or nice I try to be. I'm not some autistic asshole with no sense of social convention, etiquette or emotional cues, mind you. I work hard to be nice to people and follow every social norm. But if I advocate for something, no matter how careful I am not to come on too strong, it actually hurts the cause I'm advocating for. The LAST thing you want is my support.

I think there are several possibilities happening to you, probably several at once if its as bad as you report. Either: 1) you have a habit of making people feel dumb (or at least reminding them of how truly wrong they can be) or 2) you are suffering from the Double Burden at the low end of the scale for social cues or 3) you are offering your opinion too frequently given the size of the group (the larger the group, the more you have to share the "speaking stick") Try this for awhile, don't try to persuade anyone in a specific group of anything for a predetermined period of time (you don't have to do this at work but consistently with a specific group of people). Then after a period, wait for one group decision and chime in with what you want but just say you think it will be fun or that others will enjoy it. Don't give a long winded, logically based argument, just something short and breezy. You might be surprised with the response depending on the group of people. Obviously this probably won't work with engineers but other social groups it might weirdly work.

Comment Re:Or Red Hat? (Score 1) 300 300

As a programmer, Qt is far and away a much nicer toolkit to work with if you need to do GUIs with C++ (or even if you're just using C++, GUI or not). Why anyone bothers with GTK+, I have no idea.

I write a C/C++ app that uses Qt. But people use GTK+ because its C and not C++. Sometimes that's a factor. Other than that, I prefer Qt when I don't have to make the code pure C.

Comment Re:But we know that USA is the *GOOD GUY* (Score 1) 222 222


We also have a much higher standard of living because we exploit more from third world nations. The standard of living of the Average American is not by his hand, but by the gun he forces on others.

I've heard this argument over and over again. Are you sure that all the technology Americans invented had nothing to do with that? Are you sure we didn't use our natural resources far more effectively than other countries did? Because if you look at history there are certainly empires whose standards of living were definitely based upon what they could take from weaker peoples. I'm not sure that the US qualifies. The US already had its high standard of living before we started extracting resources from foreign lands. Which makes that line of reasoning pretty much fall apart. But anyway, I'm sure all your problems are other people's fault.

Comment Re:I'd prefer they stay armed, TYVM (Score 0) 69 69

There hasn't been another world war since major states nuked up, so I'd prefer everyone stayed armed, thank you very much.

I'd rather not minimize the alternatives that have cost the lives of thousands over the last 50+ years, so don't act like a dumb ass and assume nukes have done fuck-all to stop or curb warmongering.

Ahem, except for the fact that the data says you are wrong... http://www.ted.com/talks/steve...

Comment Re: Compelling? (Score 1) 244 244

But that's the thing: in most home theatre setups, you're never even exposed to the UI of your television. It stays locked on one input permanently (the input from your AV receiver), you're not adjusting settings after the initial setup, you're not using it to change channels or volume or mute... The interfaces that you're going to interact with will be from your TV service box, your game consoles, your streaming box, etc.

So what is the TV other than a passive display to display the output of other devices?

Maybe that's the problem that Apple was seeking to solve. My guess is that was their aim but got scared about trying to compete with the cable providers and content cartel. I think Jobs would have pushed forward regardless and been proven right, but the Harvard MBAs currently in charge would never take that kind of risk. Which is why Apple's market cap is 1/4 of what it was 2 years ago and that trend is likely to continue unless the watch becomes the type of must have accessory the smartphones became. I seriously doubt that and think the watch will be an exercise accessory and that's about it. Apple should think about starting a bank to take care of that giant pile of cash they have. Might be the best ROI opportunity they have left.

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