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Comment Re:In Germany you have 14 months by law (Score 1) 115

So, just have a kid every year and live on the dole.

There is this little, teensy side effect of actually having the kids and having to take care of them... I take it you are not a parent. After having a few, you might understand that the first year is likely not the most difficult - especially with multiple kids.

Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 3, Insightful) 119

GM settled for $11M. They didn't actually get fined in a judgement against them, it was a settlement. Nobody knows what would have happened. Part of the settlement was civil indemnity, so it was more like a bribe than a fine. A $45M bribe to make the whole thing go away. And few today remember it, and have to be reminded of it. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

So yeah, the "cost" to GM for the whole scandal was less than $100 per car. Sell a car fraudulently, pay the government $100, and be indemnified from all civil actions due to your fraud. Not a bad deal.

Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 1) 115

Why would non-Facebook employees be interested in this at all?

I have a friend who works at another silicon valley startup (same VC partners as Facebook) who recently adopted Netflx's unlimited vacation, and they may also be interested in doing the 4-month prenatal leave as well.

Facebook could be a high-profile benefits leader here. As much as I don't like FB, I respect this move. At least Zuck is fair and consistent on this, unlike Meyer.

Comment Re: Bias? (Score 1) 115

you think there will be social security when we retire? (im under 30) doubt it

Social Security trust fund is solvent till ~2035 given current input percentages and projected workforce makeup .

What's likely is that GOP and corporate-licking Dems will both agree to fuck you over in the meanwhile and do something shitty like raise retirement age, or twist verbiage to deny COLA despite constant hikes in non-core inflation rate (why would energy - read gas - and healthcare costs not be "core inflation"?).

So you may be right, you may not have a meaningful Social Security when you retire. But I bet it'll be there.

Comment Re:It varries (Score 1) 306

Outside the US, it's cheaper to buy from the US than locally, whether Dell or parts. Though buying from Dell US could be hard for those outside the US. But back to Lenovo, I like the Y70 (touchscreen gaming laptop), but it's almost twice the price outside the US. So I'd have to buy it in the US and ship it to myself (indirectly, as all the places that sell it online in the US refuse to ship it internationally). But US prices are very different than international prices sometimes, especially for comparing corporate prices.

Comment Re:It varries (Score 1) 306

Even building off sites like Newegg, it's hard to match specs with Dell. They build thousands at a time, and buy in bulk. I haven't done it recently, but the last time I tried, I took a Dell, and priced out the parts to buy off Newegg, and the Dell was much cheaper than I could build the same system for. Though, if they don't build what you want, you have to build it yourself. For a while they did more options for customization, and you could get most anything you wanted, but they have baked off that, as the people buying systems prefer it simple.

Though Dell (and others, I just use them as a named example so it can be fact checked) often has upgrades for more than the price. I've bought a laptop from Lenovo with 8G RAM. I paid $20 more for 1 DIMM, so I could put in my own 8G in the other slot, as the price of RAM was about 1/2 Lenovo's price for the upgrade.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 262

The USB serial adapters work fine for doing stuff like that. But for getting one in a laptop, the costs are higher and specs lower, at least what the moron IT manager picked. An HP workstation laptop, no I don't remember the model. I just used my personal laptop for work, at 3 years old, it cost half the one he picked (when new) and was much better (faster, more memory and storage, better screen and graphics, etc.).

All to get a serial port in a laptop.

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