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But then there are the stars:

Kassahun Tsegie was born in 1970 in Ethiopia. His mother died in a tuberculosis epidemic when he was three years old. He and his elder sister, were subsequently adopted by Ann Marie and Lennart Samuelsson, a homemaker.

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Neeerrrrrt! That is incorrect. The correct answer is, "Who is Greely of China."

Ford sold the Volvo Car Corporation in 2010 to Geely Automobile of China for $1.8 billion, following on from their sale of Jaguar Land Rover in 2008 and Aston Martin in 2007.

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On original POTS circuits the ring tone was actually the 25Hz signal sent to the phone with the phone's bell coils supplying some of the ringback harmonics along with a ring generator. With a good ear you could estimate how many phone sets were ringing. The audio path was already set-up while the phone rang. If the called party was too near an AM broadcast transmitter you might even hers some of the program between rings. The off-hook condition on the called party just disconnected the ring generator at the CO and started any billing equipment.

Of course this all ended with the last of the Stroger and crossbar offices.

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I use to be a Sr. Network Engineer in 2000 for Amazon. I could only drink the Kool-Aid for about a year. Then went on to work with smaller companies and burned out on that. Worked almost 2 years installing DirecTV, I was 2 stone lighter on that job. Then ran around as a service tech fixing strip mall stores and big box stores... go tired of all the driving.

Now, at 53, I'm working for a medium size aerospace firm and learning MS. We got bought out by the French and will be switching to Zodiac and having to renumber the whole shop. I'm getting paid half of what I got at Amazon, but much better healthcare. I have a very short commute and love the people that I work with. My job title is SysAdmin, but really it's network engineering, facilities, plumbing, help desk, electrician, cable monkey, and AV club. I love the verity and am very happy.

Look for a smaller place where all the little things you've learned over the years come in handy.

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