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Comment: Re:Never forget (Score 2) 728

by Nethead (#48112423) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

That was also back when if the sysadmin thought you had gone too far, your account would just be closed and a warning message about you sent to other admins in the area. Back then it was easy to blacklist someone from every ISP within the local calling area. Remember when we had to pay by the minute for long distance?

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by Nethead (#48097139) Attached to: Killer Whales Caught On Tape Speaking Dolphin

My parrot will say "Want more" when I'm eating something he wants. If he likes it he will say "Good shit, Maynard." or "Good shit cheese" if it's cheese. Once I gave him American Cheese and he threw it to the ground and said, "No! Good shit cheese!", so I gave him some Swiss.

When he wants to go back to his cage to sleep he'll say, "Wanna go to bed?" and if I leave the lights on he'll say, "Lights off."

Yes, there are often times he says things and makes noise for no good reason, but hey, we all do that.

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by Nethead (#48011817) Attached to: Why the Z-80's Data Pins Are Scrambled

Agree! Though I was a sixer, I miss those days. Wire wrap board, some '138s and JEDIC RAM. Put a 6522 (or 8255? in your case), maybe a 6551 and you have a computer. I had a hacked image of CBM BASIC that would take I/O from a serial chip. Did wonderful things with that.

I miss the 8052AH-BASIC very much, made a payphone controller board out of that one. That was one hell of a chip. So quick to code on. Self sensing serial speed, had the software to burn an EPROM, Give it +5, a colorburst xtal, and hang a 8k SRAM on it with a Dallas SmartSocket and Bob's your uncle.

Ah, the days when you could run down to Radio Shack at 8:40pm and buy some TTL glue and the wire wrap supplies to finish a project.

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Fuck you Nimbius. No one made you take out those student loans. You were smart enough to get into collage, one would guess that you were smart enough to actually read and understand the loan forms you signed. You rant at some nebulous "you" in your post but never take any blame for the decisions you made to put you where you are in life. Now get off my lawn you whiny brat.

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