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Comment Nice Job! (Score 1) 2

That is a sweet setup. I like the co-lo solar, I'll have to see if SnoPUD has something like that going on. I really need to audit the phantoms in my house, as a geek and ham with lots of mobile devices I know that it can get out of hand way too quickly.

Comment Re:(intentionally blank) (Score 1) 268

THIS! I've had one of these for years. First year did about 20-50 prints a day, last three years I've done maybe 10 pages a month. This is unit is always ready when needed. So much so that when I had to chose a printer to send in a Pelican case overseas with our on-site (AOG) engineers, this was my choice. The HP P1102w is the best "personal" printer I've ever seen.

Comment Re:As much as conveniently fits (Score 1) 350

I went with 32GB because that's what was in the junk drawer at work. Nice little i7 HP 800 SFF office desk top box, Put in a 480GB SSD and found a great deal on a 5TB drive.

To cap it off, installed ESXi 6.0 and have a hella nice little home lab, domain controler, FreeBSDs, file server, pfSense, FreePBX, OwnCloud, and my IBM Domino & Sametime server (that's another show.)

This desktop is also an HP with 32MB RAM & 480 SSD and two Quatro 600 graphic cards (one for each monitor.) It suits my humble needs.

The company got bought and the new parent is a Dell house so we have to "upgrade" to become standard. I can't wait until next year when all the HP Z820s Xeon workstations become available.

Comment Me neither (Score 2) 134

You won't find mine either. I've been on the net since before www, but you won't find a picture of me. Go ahead, please, try. You have my email address and from that you can get my last name and address. First person to send me a link to an image of my face I'll send you a bottle of nice Irish or an old Motorola HT, your choice.

Comment Re:In the USA (Score 2) 654

Hold it! Ham radios AND sex in the same car? I call bullshit!

Also, "..the number of cities with proper elevated monorail systems that don't impact the streets or create shadowy hangouts for the unsavory is very small. Where small equals zero. Seattle monorail is a private ride for Seattle Center.


73 om de w7com

Comment Re:Three thoughts... (Score 1) 394

The overheads are not too small, people are trying to put too much in them. By FAA regs, you can get everyone off a plane in 90 seconds if they don't take their stuff out of the overhead (and use all the exits.) If I fly, I just check everything and only take a Kindle on board. So much easier that way.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.