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by Nethead (#47791579) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

User port on the SX-64, eh? Be careful not to short the 9VAC pins and blow the fuse INSIDE the transformer that has a lower rating than the one on the case. If you do, you can unwrap the tape around the xformer and solder a wire across the diode sized fuse in there.

I had an EPROM burner for the 64 and edited the font 2716 so that I could actually tell the difference between 6,8,and 0. That JVC screen was nice but the default Commodore font sucked.

My other mod was to replace the keyboard cable with a six foot flat ribbon cable. My eyes were so much better back in the 80s.

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That too. and the NRC or folks that design Interstate bridges. But I think he might be talking about local gov. I know in my area there is a local radio wingbat that loves to rake any minor mistake that the local governments make over his personal coal BBQ just to flame the outrage (the outrage, I say!) of underpaid professionals working in a very aggravating environment for not getting everything exactly right each time. FSM knows we don't in the commercial world.

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