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Comment: Re:They didn't accidentally anything (Score 1) 37

by gl4ss (#48046041) Attached to: How Hackers Accidentally Sold a Pre-Release XBox One To the FBI

..or rather how fbi mole something loaded with xbox one devkit?

can it even play any games? is it functional in any way? someone was just stupid enough to shell out 5 k for it. if someone was stupid enough to buy something like that, the seller could be tempted just to throw windows 8.1 on it and call it xbox one, any differences would be user error..

Comment: Re:"FBI informant"? (Score 1) 73

targetting a country, means hacking sites that are in another country.

the kind of thing that is "war" when done the other way. so there.

fbi informant is fbi, as far as rest of the planet is concerned, just like a cia informant works for cia - when viewed by the other countrys government.

like, some guy leaks information to CIA from China for money.. do you really think he would be counted as not working for CIA? stupid.

Comment: Re:Copying Apple (Score 1) 234

by gl4ss (#48044873) Attached to: Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

everyone recommended integrating the metro apps into desktop.

like, everyone with any kind of clue. there's no technical reason why they couldn't have done so already. modernmix etc products do it already.

they just sort of wished everyone would just switch to their new way of using 1(or 2) apps at a time on their high res screens. or something like that, it's really hard to say, everyone in charge over at MS seemed to be on drugs at the time and inventing excuses why metro is sooo goood("for other users, just not for you").

Comment: Re:GTFO. (Score 1) 517

by gl4ss (#48044465) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

but apple is bullshitting, they have the keys.

anyhow, for the warrant system to work like that, first you would need to fix the system so that dark warrants from black courts would be illegal and that the judges wouldn't give warrants for anything and there would be some kind of checks on the warrant use by some 3rd parties.

because otherwise, some fbi dude just appears at apple and says "here's a warrant for all the data".

Comment: yes, but the usa authorites said it means WAR (Score 3, Insightful) 73

and I seriously doubt that they sought permission from congress or even the president to go into war with UK...

so is hacking an act of war or not? obviously not.

and now, why would any of those countries arrest anyone and ship them to USA for hacking when USA claims that they're criminals?

(actually this whole thing is result of the fucked fucked fucked up way that is the american criminal "investigation" which basically in many cases is creating crime so that they can then catch the criminals for crimes the authorities arranged to happen)

Comment: Re:Aliens = God? (Score 1) 499

by gl4ss (#48034583) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

you could make a new age hippie video for youtube about the theories and it would get lots of views.

but still wouldn't be true.

if we're alien origin then there's absolutely no sense at all that we're so much like every other life form on earth. your dna resembles everything else and you have a pretty straight lineage to other animals. being star aligned is good for counting time, and heck, the stars are there to look at.

monster stories can be explained easily with one word: imagination. biblical literal folk easily tend to forget that people have an imagination and can pull stuff out of it and invent all kinds of crazy monsters.

so you could make a book out of the theory but you couldn't convince people with education that it's true, because it doesn't fit the evidence wee see in the world.

Comment: Re:Um, no! (Score 1) 499

by gl4ss (#48034141) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

look man, you're just defining people living with (what you call) Hindu culture as followers of he Hindu religion - or that because there is a sect that argues that god can't be observed they're atheists.

it doesn't hold water. first you should define Hindus as something, that they believe in something - let's say that they believe in karma, and now after saying that they're incompatible with atheism. just saying that hindus just follow rituals and believe whatever they want doesn't work either because they follow different sets of rituals from each other. heck, everyone on the planet could be said to be a hindu on those basis.

doesn't really help that most hindus have polytheistic view and believe in spirits and all other kinds of superstitious things - that is magic and spirits. Richard Dawkins celebrates christmas and for sure saying that he is a christian would be wrong.

on the whole for most hindus to be a hindu is to believe in some magic or another, some deity or multiple deities or multiple appearances of the same deity in different forms. sure that goes with bona fide atheism just like a fish goes with a bicycle.

Comment: Re:Yawn... (Score 3, Insightful) 499

by gl4ss (#48033011) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

christian theologists? but those guys working on these questions 1700 years ago worked it out wrong for current crop of christians.

now.. are christians ready for that the bible is not literal? some are, some are not. if they're biblical literalists(which is silly, if you read the fucking book) then yeah, aliens are a problem - however if you're a biblical literalist in the modern day then NOTHING is a problem. why is nothing a problem? because you can always invent ways around shit, from "god did it to test faith" to "before the flood animals were bigger, hence the dinosaur bones you can find in mountain ranges".

if you're religious enough you twist your observations to fit whatever you chose before making those observations.. I think it's a silly question to ask if the world religions are ready for ET when they're technically not ready to account for observations made on the earth even.

futhermore, those religions are mutually in disagreement with each other.

Comment: Re:No he didn't (Score 1) 216

by gl4ss (#48025809) Attached to: Man Walks Past Security Screening Staring At iPad, Causing Airport Evacuation

it would be brilliant if it had a baggage turnstile thingy attached - the size of the "allowed" carry on bag.

I say "allowed" because people bring all kinds of crazy shit that's clearly over the limits all the time..

but this really was the fault of the security personnel - who under high threat status let just someone walk through. clearly their procedures need a re-check.

Comment: He doesn't own. (Score 3, Insightful) 173

by gl4ss (#48017533) Attached to: When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone

What kind of phone does he own?

Isn't it obvious? he doesn't own the phone and he doesn't know what he is paying his operator for.

It's fairly obvious the author is an american sheeple - who "buys" a 700 bucks cellphone for fifty bucks. never mind that he doesn't actually buy it, just sort of rents it, along with buying internet that he can sort of use only on the sort of devices the operator wants or he can pay extra. I'm fairly certain he also has an UNLIMITED high speed internet on his phone, limited only by a megabyte limit the operator put on there(but don't be scared! the limit is more than what their customers on average use! so next month the limit can be made even lower and the speed even faster, never mind that it's impossible customers to use more than the limit on average.)

it's not about "when everything is like your cellphone" - it's an article about when americans will pay for coke by subscription... and rent their cars with mileage limits.. while thinking they get a good deal while getting shafted.

it's fucking horrendous to read american reviews on cellphones because 99% of the time the reviewer actually thinks the iphone costs fifty or hundred bucks - while he is actually reviewing a 700 dollar product and then comparing them to something that actually factually costs under 100 bucks to own!

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