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Comment Re:Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd (Score 1) 86

well the author is implying that bosch did the scandal and vw was unaware(comparison to vw is made and then if you replace sensor manufacturer with 'bosch' and user of said 'sensor' with VW.

bullcrap of course.

so maybe its something designed to shift the blame game away from vw. or just something stupid to fill the article quota for some poor schlob.

Comment Re:The last time I custom built a PC. (Score 1) 206

I once received a first gen xbox for free, back when it was worth something. it had the wrong voltage psu. I ordered a replacement but it didn't work, for some reason.

so.. some splicing and with a spare atx psu later it was up and running in a jiffy. wouldn't fit in the case anymore of course.

oh and I used a cardboard box as a pc case too, why not.

and soldered power in wires to a laptop that had a broken charger port, because why not.

Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 2) 86

american v8's from late 70's to 80's are both fuel guzzling AND badly performing.

and the modern system is actually a lot SIMPLER to tune. if you want to pay for it you can get a custom ecu map in a day.

you make it sound like the carburetor is easy to get right. it's not. a fuel injection system is much more straightforward to setup. had you an aftermarket fuel injection system you would get your project tuned far better.

Comment Re:Can't make this shit up (Score 2) 162

it would have been a sound plan IF and only IF they had a working spaceship.

it's puzzling why they would spend hundreds of millions on a spaceport before having the final ship. like, the biggest costs would be the facilities to support the ship anyways so what's the point in building those facilities before you know what ship you have to support? hotels and such they could build in months.

the whole thing is stupid though. they should just have bought some u2's and do flights with them. practically the same effect with cheaper proven technology.

furthermore the sub orbital jumps are nothing about going to space and don't really seem to even further private space ventures as such. coupled with the fact that if high jump high speed supersonic transportation comes in the next 20 years the whole concept is going to be obsolete as you would essentially get the same experience from that while actually traveling somewhere..

Comment Re:What's so secret about those numbers? (Score 3, Insightful) 57

yeah it's there, so what? it's not a secret, it's not meant to be a secret. the documents detailing your health as you were born are supposed to be confidential, not the fact that you were born with a dick.

and there's countries that have citizens who have lived for generations there but don't have any id, number or even official citizenship to act as a citizen and without the usual human rights to boot.

I don't see what's so great about that.

having an unique to you social security number is handy. it doesn't need to be a secret, when you use it your id is verified by other means - just trusting a string of numbers that stays the SAME through your whole life and is given to countless officials staying secret is so fucking stupid to begin with that it's just a present for ID thieves.

and really, you don't even give it away that often(the ssn in nordic countries).

Comment Re:What's so secret about those numbers? (Score 2) 57

"your employer, your insurer, your financial institution, and the government. " and for that reason also your operator, cable provider, random cc providers...

it's not a secret. shouldn't be treated like a secret. it's just an identifier. but oh well a nation that treats 40 year old paper as proof that you're some 40 year old dude..

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score 1) 488

well hp hates its customers too.

since "re-routing" basically in the case of HP _should_ mean that someone they made a contract with to deliver the servers on time didn't get them on time.

otherwise it would just be "sold as normal" instead of "re-routing".

Comment Re:No Osborne Effect! (Score 1) 396

no, he's pretty much claiming that he'll have new battery tech that will turn 300 into 600+ DURING NEXT YEAR.

pretty sure he's just talking out of his ass on that one though - or he is going to introduce a model that has the backseat and luggage areas filled with the batteries.

Comment Re:Bloatware? (Score 1) 213


the benches are done on different versions of the benchmark on different gpu's and different screens and glue logic and different compilers, ram chips etc.

and on different operating systems. furthermore with ample time to "optimize" for the test case.

it's an ok chip, sure.. and it might be faster than whats on the cheapest macbook air but that's only because the cheapest macbook air has SHIT FOR CPU inside it.

who cares about the bloatware. the bloatware would be th same as the last ios device too. and sure enough your new ios update will make your older apple device slower so there's that..

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 308

I doubt they managed to cram in telemetry in there, it's so half assed.

It's "Windows 10 core".. basically.. it's about as windows 10 as windows phone 8 is windows 8 - heck, even less. I wonder when they get tired of their fake one platform shit. you can't just name everything the same and then claim its all unified. a fucking dos based nokia communicator from late '90s is more unified with windows 98 than current shit.

Comment Re:Navigation wqy bqck then (Score 1) 106

yes, quite a lot easier.

first off, if you go to sleep and you wake up you're most likely to be still in the same place.

second, you're more than likely to see some kind of landmarks.

maybe being in the middle of sahara is somewhat comparable.. but even then your likely to know your longitude by 50 km accuracy at least anyways, enabling you to navigate to some landmark or another.

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