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Comment Re:It's no ARMv8 (Score 1) 24

so what you're saying is that intel loses in every other metric except being faster? ok I might be able to see why people are sticking with x86 besides program compatibility.

besides, I certainly hope that you're not trying to suggest that octacore arm is faster than an intel octacore when all cores are running calculation...

arm loses on everything except watts, for certain things, and price. but even a chip for a cheap laptop would beat an arm chip priced for a laptop.

I got a quad core 2.7ghz phone(and it's not a cheap phone! I could buy a decent laptop for the price) and my aging intel 2.5ghz laptop still beats it night and day, on a common web bench the slower by mhz intel being 2-8 times better than the arm chip..

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 202

Imagine a situation where some of your sw doesn't run on win10.

the pushing of the upgrade is nothing but ridculous and they know it. every time after opening desktop (from sleep or power on) it pops up.

it says limited time but the time is 1 year.

it does not have a "don't show again checkbox". it's not meant as a free choice but as something normal users think they do not have a choice about.

Comment Re:Limited unlimited (Score 1) 150

well, if you reasonable is paying your normal + 30 bucks when some countries have(non gov. subsidized too mind you ) unlimited 512kbit/s for 10 bucks/ month and 2 meg for 20.. wait a minute, comcast is a wired internet provider? I was talking about wireless because who the fuck has limits on wired connections???

wired connections with limits? what the fuck is that?!?!?!!??!?!?!!??! why do you think it's REASONABLE to pay extra for what you should already get?!? I mean in Finland you could get 100mbit/s cablemodem connection (where you have cable) for that 30 bucks easily. (150mbit/s in some places, and the mentioned wireless connections 'in the sticks')

Comment Re:No government role? (Score 1) 87

well, a well run state has separation of the part that makes the laws and the part that executes the laws.

however, turkey is right now far from being a good state.

it's entirely possible that it's their common procedure to charge anyone(and anyone who was with) they caught with encryption as a terrorist, it just happens that the reporter is the only one.

still, in case of Turkey, it's fucking ridiculous to say that the government has no role in bogus charges against people who were reporting about kurds.

erdogan is a fuckwit and the government has had a role in turkey in prosecuting and interfering with frigging police officers ffs. erdogan doesn't give a fuck about ISIS he is only worried about the kurds.

case in point first they were saying that they're being prosecuted due to association with pkk and now they've changed it to due to having a computer encrypted with same software as isis has had some computers encrypted with. wanna bet what the SW is? (it's entirely possible it's just bitlocker too, they have a proven track record into being clueless)

Comment Re:iPhone competitor ?! (Score 1) 133

well he tries to sell them as upmarket.

they're not. pirate copies of samsung phones are more upmarket(no shit really, they have better specs, despite being pirate clones! 100 bucks for octacore nowadays. and yes they put octacore socs in phones they try to make look like samsungs! the business logic is baffling but thats what they do).

also the guy does not understand dual sim. he thinks it will help people call internationally to home. that's really baffling.

Comment Re:An MMC/SD/SDIO bus? (Score 1) 111

yeah connect your gpu with that, sure.

they're thinking it the wrong way.

it should only have one 'main' module that had the soc and a keepalive battery, then a case module that had screen and battery and maybe storage. then perhaps maybe camera module or rather have that be part of the case module. drop same main module into different size cases as you want during the week.

Comment Re:Sad Birds (Score 1) 109

they were doing nothing with all the people.
that's why it's so easy to lay them off.

you have to understand that they kept hiring people because they had money and there plenty of people to hire, they didn't have a plan what they were doing with them.

also you have to understand that hiring shitloads of people gave the execs more prestige in finland.

also just dumping money with no creative thought is why the angry birds marketing pictures are now all fancy 'pretty' 3d with no artistic merit.

also you might want to remember that Rovio's high income comes from product sales(hats etc angry birds crap) that the company doesn't make and which only needs few people in the company to handle the licensing for.

and last but not least they have not come up with a single game idea in house EVER. so the well respected leaders of the company don't really understand how to make another interesting game or how little money it actually took. the leaders really have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what made Angry Birds a hit and it shows. and they didn't come up with the idea for angry birds either, it's a ripoff of another game LIKE ALL THE GAMES PRODUCED BY ROVIO EVER, that wouldn't be too bad if they knew what was worth ripping off but they're going solely by luck - also they're putting a number of games they did under the rug by not mentioning them on their site at all(like stuff that was made on commission for nokia).

that they have no idea what made it a hit doesn't really stop them from flying around the globe giving ego lectures on what made it a hit. that's only making things worse really.

rovio is dumping 75 million into a movie. if everything is as it seems, that's about 65 million too much for the cgi flick movie they're making - but the thought process was more money = more quality, but it doesn't work like that with art(games are art, movies are art).

in short, they're not what Rare was and the execs were interested in ballooing the company so that they can have a big company - they didn't balloon the company to any purpose so that's why they're laying people off, they never had any work to begin with, you only need so much of angry birds stock graphics..

also it's not really connected to the current startup financial state. they're not a startup. it might affect how much money the execs have to splash around at other startups in efforts to buy some talent though but that's about it.

they should have kept their developer teams at under 10 persons per game. they're just fucking arcade clones of other games that have simple assets to manage and simple engines to write.

Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 3, Insightful) 418

it's not the real reason.

the real reason is pushing the appstore and pushing it for all kinds of applications.

pushing the appstore was also the reason why they were pushing win8/8.1 for practically free and it's the sole only reason for the shitfest that is metro(they shipped a program environment that was unfinished, unpolished and lacking in api's to replace what it was intended to replace only because they were in a hurry to release an appstore because some execs _thought_ they could get 30% of 3000$ photoshop and cad licenses, which was never going to happen anyway)

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