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Comment Re:No Tesla for you! (Score 1) 337


you order something that expensive, get invitation to a launch event hinted that you might able to be see what you're signed up to buy(!) and maybe even test drive it(!) and then the launch event is fucked up.

cancelling the frigging order because of that is super fucked up though. musk suddenly is scared of bad reviews or what?

especially since eh, isn't the whole product late as fuck too?

dunno who the f buys something like this with no reviews and no test drive - and obviously cancelling orders based on bad rap is just a signal that he doesn't think he can meet the production quotas anyways in a timely fashion.

Comment Re:Fix mobile (Score 1) 1811

3) make the mobile site actually lighter than the desktop site. classic site is much lighter on transfer and javascript than the mobile site.

and I posted about fixing the mobile adverts earlier. curate them. buy a vpn that gets you to view the site as it really is if viewed from europe and especially asia..

Comment Re: Planning for driverless cars (Score 1) 178

because the whole concept was/is made for supplanting.
thats the whole point.. you can check when it would be worth your time and you can drive if you want to. if there were enough drivers then it wouldn't be worth your time and you wouldn't be driving uber.

and working as dead time.. eh.. uber is mainly using that data to provide the drivers with foresight into when it would be worth their time to be driving.

"ooh analytics it's so much worth soo much money" is just a common mantra now.. even when it isn't. analytics about how much money investing in analytics is not so commonly seen though.

like, showing adverts makes money. having analytics about what time of day from what suburb people are viewing ads actually not so much. it only matters for squeezing a little more money out of the adverts but 99.999% of the time the advertiser wouldn't give a rats ass if the advert was shown to someone in the next neighborhood instead 4 hours later. with google ads for example the IDEA that it's shown precisely to the right people is the selling point.. but they actually just show it to enough people to catch on.

the algorithms in reality are really simple. if they weren't, then I wouldn't be getting adverts in language I don't know just because I'm in geoip location that would suggest I know that language - google has full history to figure out that I don't read any pages in that language and I don't view them on youtube.

Comment Re:Never mind... (Score 0) 204

well he is just lucky he didn't do a "react" video to it, so didn't get dmca'd.

basically, with a different title that video would be infringing on the trademark since it's a wepisode / youtube video.. that's the aim of the brothers anyways, to strip youtube of other reaction videos.

Comment the context is "react" in the title of an internet (Score 1) 204

the context is "react" in the title of an internet video.

slashdot did not misunderstand anything.

Maybe you think that the intent was merely to protect their video titles.. well, duh, that is the intent. the intent is to suppress anyone else making react(in the title) videos for youtube or other streaming sites.

if you think that is fair use of trademarks then.. well, good luck. but don't post your reaction to this online in a video.

yeah, so sure you can still make a book called Parents React to Slashdot, though I'm still pretty sure they would sue you for it.

it's fucking stupid and it's just internet fishing at it's worst right now. whats worse is that they're claiming this pretty much after the fact that youtube is already filled with thousands of reaction videos and were filled before they started making their stuff too.

it's like coca cola co. trademarking "refreshing".

Comment Re:One Time Use (Score 1) 137

maybe just train the birds to do the smuggling so there's no need for the drones.

this sounds like a pretty expensive way compared to say just putting up a net over the prison - or just using cheaper drones to crash into the intruders.

furthermore, if someone wanted to counter this then they could switch to more rugged props..

it would just be better to have other drones with wires hanging off them or similar.

Comment Re:Before we freak out (Score 1) 59

yeah for one dollar and.. plenty of other benefits to make up for it.

the one dollar ceo thing is just a tax dodge disguised as investor PR.

aanyhow... minimum wage laws are there in place to protect people from being able to agree to work for pennies. that's the whole point.

of course, where does that leave contractors? that's why competent minimum wage laws include infrastructure to control that too so that for example mcdonalds can't make every worker sign up as an independent contractor to work for 5 bucks per day.

Comment Re:So what if it fails (Score 1) 405

it's engineered to fail and spend money and be a works project.
otherwise they would put the cells on the walls.

or just build 2 kilometers of it.

I really suspect they will only build 2 km of this stuff though and the 998 km is a stretch goal.. let's say that one kilometer of it is 1 million, then 1000 is one billion.

I suspect though that they're trying to prove that the road surface will last for more time than blacktop. it might, if it's harder. but then it will be also inferior to drive on.

Comment Re:FTDI is malware (Score 1) 268

if you use a ftdi clone on windows... brick it once, then "fix" it, but fix it wrong device id and modify the driver to use that wrong device id.. at least then you will not get any more "updates".

ftdi has really shot themselves in the foot with this one. basically everyone is starting to move away from ftdi. the clone arduinos and others are starting to use it as a marketing tool that they're not using ftdi. instead of genuine ftdi the community is moving to another manufacturer.

doesn't really help that goddamn ftdi hasn't fixed the disconnect-fucks-up-your-app bugs either.

ever wondered why makerbot started using a frigging daemon service on windows to connect to the usb serial? well, the service restarts itself, the desktop sw talks to the service, so there is no observable crashing of anything by the user. makerbot called that service "conveyor" and really seemingly it was a rather pointless usb serial hogging piece of shit but that was the real under the hood reason for making it in the first place.

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