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Comment: Re:Christian Theocracy (Score 0) 521

Actually the entire idea of these special entitlements that destroy individual rights TO DISCRIMINATE is a power grab by the insane government that is out of control.

Individual people discriminate every day. As a potential employee you can choose to work for a one legged Brazilian tranny and there is nothing any of the other potential employers can do to stop this obvious bigotry and discrimination by you against their businesses, NOR should there be anything they could do to force you to work for them. That's EXACTLY the same thing.

PRECISELY the same thing, since you working for a company is exactly like a company doing work for other people. When you buy a product you are buying work done by a company for you. A company is people standing behind it (corporations are in fact people, not as in 'Google is a living person', it is not. It is as in Google is owned by people, that's the people corporations are). A person that owns/runs a company has his or her right to discriminate and the Constitution of the USA is there to protect that right.

A right is a protection against government oppression and abuse, nothing else.

A government telling somebody that just because they are employing somebody they now lost a right is abuse and oppression and a power grab and unconstitutional and illegal and immoral.

Should people discriminate against each other based on sex, gender, age, race, colour? We know that some will and some do. If a business does so, it will face consequences whatever they are in the market. As to a belief that just because a business exists somewhere you automatically get an entitlement to their service - that is hubris and destruction of the people running that business as individuals and it cannot stand.

Comment: They can lower it all they want. It will not matte (Score 1) 372

by WindBourne (#49368163) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient
The reason is that the liberals in the west are allowing all other nations, ESP. CHINA, to continue growing their emissions. Even if America went to ZERO EMISSIONS TODAY, it would not change anything.

The ONLY way to solve this is to have ALL NATIONS STOP growing their emissions, and esp. stop building new coal plants.

Comment: Radio Shack Closing Around Them (Score 1) 86

by billstewart (#49368043) Attached to: Arduino Dispute Reaches Out To Distributors

I started playing with Arduinos a couple of years ago. You ordered them by mail order at the time. Eventually Radio Shack started carrying them, which made it easier for anybody to pick one up (and while I live in Silicon Valley, if I needed a few resistors or LEDs or simple components to go with them, it was often easier to stop at Radio Shack than Fry's or mailorder.) Now they're fighting over the name, and Radio Shack is going out of business.

Comment: Re:led costs $22????? (Score 1) 159

by WindBourne (#49365037) Attached to: Graphene Light Bulbs Coming To Stores Soon
exactly right. I have not changed a burned out bulb in over a year. As I wrote elsewhere, we have less than 12 bulbs that are NOT LEDs and these are not changed due to economics (not on long enough / week to justify it). I will replace them down the road when they burn out.

But for a business, the costs of replacing bulbs can be ENORMOUS. In fact, higher than the costs of the bulbs. But by going to DECENT LEDs, you will get at least a decade. Even the cheap ones (pretty much everything that does not have a Cree or Philip LED) will normally last 2-3 years.

I will say that I bought 1 from Lights of America and another from GE about 5 years ago. Both burned out in less than 1 year. I was NOT impressed. In addition, both burned me on the warrenties. Not impressed.

Comment: Re:led costs $22????? (Score 1) 159

by WindBourne (#49364993) Attached to: Graphene Light Bulbs Coming To Stores Soon
No, these are NOT subsidized. In fact, while the GOP (along with the dems) subsidize LOADS of things, they would not subsidize LED bulbs, esp. ones produced in America. The GOP and the tea baggers would rather send manufacturing out of the nation, unless it is 100% on their terms (no taxes, no regulations, no corporate responsibilities).

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