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by spartacus_prime (#44744803) Attached to: AT&T Maintains Call Database For the DEA Going Back To 1987
Attorney here, I've seen more subpoenas issued by fellow attorneys than I've ever seen issued by a judge. Example: If a bankruptcy trustee wants to depose a debtor for one reason or another (or if a creditor wants to do the same), they'll issue a subpoena of their own accord. I've even sent subpoenas myself on occasion. This is usually occurring when the matter is not quite serious enough to bother a judge for his/her signature.

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by spartacus_prime (#44525963) Attached to: Is New York City Ready For Digital Voting?
The problem isn't necessarily lack of meaningful choice (although that is tragic in and of itself), the problem is that of apathy. Diddy's entreaties notwithstanding, a lot of people don't believe that every vote counts, and that may be a good reason why people don't show up to the polls on election day. Or they just don't care. Or they are deliberately not voting as a matter of protest (whatever that may be).

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