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Comment UX/UI is stuck in the 90s (Score 0) 30

Let me start by saying... Can we be less american-centric? I bet statistics show most users here are not american.
As for UX: Just look at your competitors and do the same as them. People expect certain modes of interaction.
This is like, UX haphazardly developed by "bits and bytes" geeks, and I myself am one of those old school bit logic and assembly lovers, but I'm not going to pretend I can do a decent GUI (let alone that I would enjoy it).
Showing raw ID codes for users? ID codes for posts? What. You call this web design?
I mean I stare at IDs in databases all day long, but normal users shouldn't see the guts of a system.
What other website / forum has such a limited number of votes?
The zoo system. Do people actually use that? It's strange and unwieldy.
Preview? Why? Can we just edit our posts like everyone else has been doing for the past 15 years, in forums, social networks, whatever?
Why do we have to have a privileged few random people moderating? In other places, everyone can vote, or "Like", or "+1" a post.

Comment Phones fail? (Score 1) 220

Phones are, for a lot of people, fashion accessories, status symbols, you buy the latest "just because".
A phone, failing? What? You can't afford to buy a new one every year? Or every two years, even. It's about 1% of an average IT salary?
Do you wear clothes until they start falling apart?
I mean, people crave novelty, I don't care if your phone is built like a brick, we want new toys on a regular basis, that's why the market provides them.
It's not a conspiracy to steal money from your pocket. There's simply no demand for a phone that lasts 10 years.

Comment Corporations will lower salaries to compensate (Score 0) 412

If you give me €200 / month for free, any future employer will offer €200 less. Who's gonna pay for that, corporate taxes? IRS? Please don't tell me I have to pay for handouts from my taxes while simultaneously earning less money.
Salaries around here seem to be determined by what you will reasonably need (what they can get away with).
People even have the nerve of asking me in interviews how much I "need", rather than deserve, or paying me according to the immense value I can add to a company by optimizing their website for SEO or reducing hosting costs through performance improvements.
It's as if they think a highly skilled professional with 15 years of experience should live barely above the poverty line. What I make, is what people made back in 1999 or so. Hello, inflation? Jeeze.
And before you tell me I don't know how to negotiate, I already make more money than everyone I know.

Comment Why do we need 10,000 news sites repeating shit? (Score 1) 98

People just grab stuff from Reuters and propagate it. Why would this be a real profession? I worked for a radio once, they basically churned through unpaid interns who vaguely retouched the crap they got from Reuters and then read it outloud in the sound room. It's not exactly highly skilled labor. And then half the reporting world is fucking dishonest. Sensationalism, clickbait, etc. ?
It's not like you need a huge investment to copy information these days. You don't need giant printing presses and distribution chains.
Can I just get it straight from Reuters without intermediaries? Thanks.

Comment So does my Samsung phone. What's the problem? (Score 0) 578

Seriously. People will complain about everything. Is there a website without a recommendation engine these days?
Google Play recommends me apps. Samsung phones come preinstalled with an app recommendation engine.
Why not Windows? If anything I am grateful to get suggestions, or else I would be stuck playing the same game for ages, like in the DOS days.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 276

Pretty sure if you look at a map you will see that the vast majority of our discoveries were ON THE WAY to China, haha, or entirely in the opposite direction, across the Atlantic Ocean :)
Like, you know, the entirety of Africa, India, and Brazil? :)
We certainly didn't discover the Bering Strait or anything up north. Beyond China, we went to Japan and Indonesia and that's about it.

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