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+ - FBI shuts down Silk Road 2.0->

Submitted by Plugh
Plugh (27537) writes "On Thursday international law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and Europol took down the Silk Road 2 and arrested its alleged operator 26-year-old Blake Benthall in San Francisco.
Come on, Slashdotters, help me understand how they managed to do this? Another careless operator? Another JavaScript injection? What?!?"

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Comment: Why would any healthy person do this? (Score 1) 644

by Plugh (#45567797) Attached to: Officials Say Site Now Performing Well

The poor slobs now have to sell you health care EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN EXPENSIVE CONDITION

Now why, why would any more or less healthy person who is not expecting a baby sign up for health care? Pay the small fine, it's cheaper. Pay out-of-pocket for the one or two times you need to see a doctor or get a flu shot this year. It's still cheaper.

And if you find out that you have cancer, a heart condition, or (like myself) a chronic condition like ulcerative colitis which is going to require tens of thousands of dollars' worth of health care every year to manage... well, THEN sign up, and get the Gold option, and laugh at the clueless corporate fucks in the insurance industry who thought that getting into bed with the government and forcing everyone to buy their product, would actually result in moar profit...

Comment: Re:Of course. (Score 1) 749

by Plugh (#44015453) Attached to: Snowden Is Lying, Say House Intelligence Committee Leaders

If it ever did come to a point where an overthrow of the government was brewing, I suspect that recruiting would not be via posts on Slashdot.

You say this,. but it was a post on Slashdot 10 years ago that led me to move to New Hampshire. Now I pay no income or sales tax, am not legally required to buckle myself up in the car, can own any knife I damn well please, don't need a "permit" for a gun, can marry another man if I wanted to, and soon will have access to medicinal marijuana.

Go down and click my sig. Real shit happens in the real world, and you bet your ass it sometimes happens as a result of a slashdot post.

Comment: Re:Ugh. PC Comes to the PC (Score 1) 260

by Plugh (#38943839) Attached to: New Hampshire Passes 'Open Source Bill'

1) Infrastructure
At my house in rural Hopkinton, NH, I reliably get 8MB down/4MB up. I telecommute to work most days; I live and die by my fast and reliable internet connection. I have had no particular issues. Note that I choose to live in the woods; there are in fact cities (not metropileses, but places with tall buildings and hundreds of thousands of people) in NH: Manchester, Nashua, etc

2) "recording cops"
Yes, FSPers have been pushing legislation to clarify that people have the right to record on-duty civil servants (especially police). Separately, a number of court cases have been won (by FSPer lawyers) that have adjudicated that on-duty police have no reasonable expectation of privacy. So, it's an issue that a number of FSPers are pushing on hard.

3) Downside
Yes, it gets cold in winter. And butt-hot in the summer. And the closest Really Big City is Boston, which is about an hour away from the NH state capitol in Concord. Oh, and there's no income or sales tax, so if you really want to pay those, NH will suck for you.

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