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Comment: No way (Score 2) 669

by Dunbal (#49192737) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?
Tax on their world income. Forever. Even if they never ever set foot in the US. Make them Canadian instead. Almost all of the benefits (Canadian passport gets you into almost anywhere without a visa, including the US) but Canadian tax law is sensible - you need to reside in Canada 183 days out of the year in order to be liable for tax.

Comment: Re:Don't call it "hand over" (Score 1) 330

No one can compel you to talk. Oh they might throw you in jail anyway for "obstruction", etc, but you still don't have to talk. And if they claim obstruction they're going to have a hard time convincing a judge/jury that you are actually committing a crime. "We think he might have pornography on his phone" won't stand up in any sane court. Fishing expeditions are not allowed otherwise the entire population can (and will) be dragged in front of a judge in the name of job creation for law enforcement.

Comment: Re:Don't call it "hand over" (Score 1) 330

This. Rights are granted from "god" and exist in all people, unless a specific law allows the government to take them away in specific circumstances. The right to silence starts at conception/birth (depending where you live) and ends when you die. As a citizen you are not constrained in anything unless the law specifically says you are. On the other hand, the government starts with no rights and requires specific laws to give it specific rights and powers. It can do nothing without previous legal authority. Anyway that's how it's SUPPOSED to work. The US has perverted this beyond all recognition.

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