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Comment: Re:Even if it was true, terrible value for money (Score 2) 31 31

Considering that the Brits are now in the dozens of millions of pounds for standing two (2) policemen outside the Ecuadorian embassy for a couple years, I'd think hundreds of millions of dollars. What this really means is that the system is completely broken and money just disappears, which is to be expected in a corrupt nation.

Comment: Re:No business acumen (Score 2) 368 368

as they investment of time and effort requires serious dedication.

A couple hours spent interviewing someone to hire to set it all up? Yeah, lots of time and dedication. I'm not saying she'd do it herself. She'd hire people to do it for her. You think Paris Hilton personally manages her cosmetics line?

Comment: Re:x/0 does not equal 0. (Score 2) 1067 1067

Infinity does not exist. Real mathematicians (ie - NOT you) only speak of numbers APPROACHING infinity. So, as the divisor approaches zero, the quotient approaches infinity. You cannot have infinity as a quantity since it does not exist. Otherwise what happens when you divide infinity by zero, and is that new infinity the same as the first infinity?

Comment: Re:And how do you know if there's an error then? (Score 1) 1067 1067

"How?" said Miss Pearce obediently, but without enthisiasm.

"By writing down what the answer is!" exclaimed Dirk. "And here it is!" He slapped the piece of paper triumphantly and sat back with a satisfied smile.

Miss Pearce looked at it dumbly.

"With the result," continued Dirk, "that I am now able to turn my mind to fresh and intriguing problems, like, for instance..."

He took the piece of paper covered with its aimless squiggles and doodlings, and held it up to her.

"What language," he said in a low, dark voice, "is this written in?"

Miss Pearce continued to look at it dumbly.

Dirk flung the piece of paper down, put his feet up on the table, and threw his head back with his hands behind it.

"You see what I have done?" he asked the ceiling, which seemed to flinch slightly at being yanked so suddenly into the conversation. "I have transformed the problem from an intractably difficult and possibly quite insoluble conundrum into a mere linguistic puzzle. Albeit," he muttered, aftera long moment of silent pondering, "an intractably difficult and possibly insoluble one."

Apologies to Douglas Adams - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Any programming language is at its best before it is implemented and used.