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Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 1) 137

You should recalculate. Accidents and health problems happen to everyone. I broke my foot and it cost $100,000 to fix. You think paying a few hundred a month for insurance sucks, imagine how paying a few hundred thou feels.

I thought I was healthy and could do better things with my money than buy stupid insurance. Thanks to the vagaries of my work situation I happened to have a high deductible insurance plan that saved me from a crippling financial blow.

Comment Re:Regulation please (Score 1) 161

Stop putting your disgusting words in my mouth!

Ideally, I'd like a strong regulatory agency that inspects manufacturing facilities, lab tests products, and enforces truth in labeling. I'd prefer just about anything to be legal, as long as it is as labeled.

It is crazy, but right now most food and supplements are completely uninspected. It could be anything in there, grocery store wide.

Comment Re: Duh... (Score 1) 109

People can already get loans for business ideas, and that is how a lot of businesses grow. Things like kickstarter are where people who cannot get loans of sufficient size turn for money.

I guess things could be structured as a loan, but frankly these loans are going to be terrible risk. If the business idea fails you are not getting your money back. The inventor will declare bankruptcy or simply be unable to pay.

Comment Re:"TV series" (Score 1) 438

I stopped using Hulu when their ads got excessive. At first they were 15-30 seconds, but once I started using it a lot they crept way up. At the end of my usage there were 5 ad breaks in a 30 minute show, each one 2-3 minutes! To make things even more annoying, sometimes the ads would break and the show would stall. I'd reload the page and be treated to a fresh ad. That BS taught me you could reload the page and get a single ad, so when I'd see 180 seconds until my show resumes I'd refresh the page.

That is when I decided if they want to be so disrespectful of my time I will find another way to watch video.

Comment Re:Trader Joe's does, in fact, advertise. (Score 1) 358

OK you are correct. Allow me to be more specific. I'm not supporting all the stupid advertising that has been invented within the last 100 years such as radio, television, internets, bus benches, skywriting, ad infinitum. I sort of like costco for various reasons, but when I shop there I'm often forced to buy a name brand that advertises and it gives me an icky feeling.

I use the fearless flyer to start fires as well btw.

Comment Trader Joe's (Score 2) 358

One of my favorite stores has been doing this since before I was born. TJ's doesn't have many choices, but they tend to have stuff I like. They only have a single choice for many many items. It is generally a good price, good quality, and not a major brand.

I really like it because I am not supporting all the stupid advertising, it saves me money, and I get to eat good stuff without wasting brain power on picking out which goddamn brand of peanut butter is least idiotic.

Comment Re:I'm a pretty nerdy computer guy ... (Score 1) 492

Nashville is OK, I like the history, architecture, how lush and green it is. The people can be fairly awful, and the climate is hellish. There aren't any good mountains or ocean nearby. I am OK visiting nashville on occasion but living there would be a dealbreaker for me. I'd rather spend 10x to live somewhere nice. Apparently lots of other people feel the same way which is great for you, keeps your housing prices low.

I live in Silicon Valley currently. I moved here for work, expecting to hate it but goddamn if I didn't fall in love with the place. It's just so frickin awesome here. The only problem is that because it is so great there are too many people. Assholes like me keep moving here!

I rent a room for $600/mo, bike to work year round along a creek, and go sailing all the time. I only work 40 hours a week and make a decent living. Low pay for the area I suppose but I need to enjoy my life.

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