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Comment Re: title (Score 1) 319

US production is a bit off its peak, but it is still at very high levels historically, and has been increasing in the last few weeks

New wells are way down, but production continues to be high and increasing. Continued low prices will eventually result in lower domestic production, but it hasn't begun to happen yet.

Comment Advancing knowledge (Score 1) 83

I love stuff like this. Finding a scientific explanation for something that sounds like baloney. All the bogus gluten and electricity allergies have made me very skeptical about things like this, but this is fascinating. It sort of rubs me wrong, it doesn't make sense to me that vibration could induce an allergic reaction, but I cannot deny evidence like this.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 161

Think about what the US was like even 50 years ago. Xians ran our culture through and through. You couldn't be black, gay, weird, commie, or even dress bad because Jebus. Things are changing so fast. All it will take for the stupid religious BS to die is something quite possible: alien contact, cheap power leading to the end of scarcity, even microbial life on another planet that clearly evolved separately from our planet, who knows what it will be that will make all that stuff seem irrelevant.

Humans have a need to believe in something big, and religion has typically filled that irrational need, but there is no reason it has to be religion. It's just been handy. I see a lot of changes so far, and plenty more potential changes.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 4, Insightful) 161

Maybe not. >90% of jobs today didn't exist a hundred years ago. I have great faith in humanity finding stupid ways to busy itself for money. Once we figure out how to cleanly make cheap power and robots are taking care of necessities we can all live like kings and do stupid stuff for cash. If things keep progressing faster our culture won't be recognizable in another hundred years. We simply can't imagine what people will be like or do with their time.

It is truly astonishing to think that there are people alive who remember a time before radio, electricity, computers, antibiotics, etc.

People worried about the cotton gin and so forth, but nobody can argue that conditions were better back then for anybody.

Comment Re:Yaever wonder what happens to the rest of the (Score 1) 161

Can't tell if joking. Lettuce grows just the head. When it is mature it is chopped away from the roots for harvest. Gardeners at home can pick leaves from the plant, leaving it intact and pretty dramatically extend the productivity of the plant. When it starts to go to seed the leaves become more bitter.

Lettuce gone to seed is pretty fascinating. It can get 6' tall and makes tons of tiny fragile blossoms. Some plants only open their flowers for a few hours and then hide them back away. The seeds have dandelion-like fluff to help them spread, and they make a truly spectacular number of seeds. I like to let a few go to seed in my garden, then I have wild lettuce growing everywhere next year.

Comment Re:This is what happens when monopoly revenue fall (Score 1) 581

I spent an hour trying to get my printer working on win 10, no luck. Rolled back to 7. I tried manually installing the driver that worked in 7. I searched forums for ideas and tried numerous suggestions. I'm not eager to waste any more time on it, but if you can point me to some helpful sites I will give it a shot.

Comment I'm personally affected (Score 2) 95

I ride my bicycle to work and pass the stadium daily. I ride past it on a bike path that goes along a creek. They have already shut down my bike path and several streets, and according to the newspaper things won't begin to reopen for nearly 2 weeks.

It was impressive to see the enormous structures they're building around the stadium for one game. They brought in the same cranes they use to build skyscrapers to erect the most massive shade structure I've ever seen.

I'm amazed at how much money is being spent for this game. It is offensive that they feel entitled to shut down roads and trails for weeks for a frickin game.

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