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Comment: Re:How it feels to be on the other side (Score 1) 82

by WindBourne (#47582221) Attached to: China Confirms New Generation of ICBM
I would feel just fine if China was doing nothing but nukes. However trying to hide them, along with developing systems to take out spy and comm sats makes me a lot more nervous. The reason is that when you are hiding things and wanting to take our our ability to verify what they are up to, that indicates that they are up to a first strike planning.
With the Soviet, we and them were committed to MAD. IOW, we really did not want to go to war because we really saw it as unwinnable. Many of Chinese leaders, esp. in the military, see nuke war as winnable. The ONLY way that it is winnable is if you launch first and destroy the enemies ability to verify what you are up to.

Comment: This can not be. (Score 1) 82

by WindBourne (#47582151) Attached to: China Confirms New Generation of ICBM
After all, so many here have pointed out that China only has 300 warheads, 700 at the most.
And as the far left wingers know, there is no way that they are in active production that enables them to put 600 warheads on their subs (100-160 warheads / sub, with 3 subs currently, and another 5-6 coming ), another 500-1000 in their planes, and another 1000 on land-based ICBM (i.e. 100 missiles).

So, yeah, I have no doubt that the far left is right.

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by drinkypoo (#47581757) Attached to: The CIA Does Las Vegas

I am beginning to think that we are being subjected to total propaganda.

You're a bit late on that one. Pretty much everything is propaganda, and what's more, virtually all of it is fear-based; the remainder focuses on allaying fears, often reasonable ones. My favorite example is automotive advertising. As much as half of it is designed not directly to sell cars, but to make customers feel better about their purchases to try to induce repeat business "down the road", pun intended.

At a more drastic scale we see California in urgent emergency over lack of water and forest fires. Yet you will not see news reports on what can actually be done to stop the growing emergency.

If it bleeds, it leads. Hope is not interesting to people who have more than they need.

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But when they're owned by 5 media companies, all of which are in turn owned by rich media barons, they tend to walk the party line.

We got there because of decades of people systematically giving their money to the most sensational press, which enabled them to become more powerful. It's not something that just happened.

I think that there probably oughta be a law that you can't knowingly tell an outright lie and call it news, but even that seems to be a minority view, which is just another symptom of the same damned need for entertainment.

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Journalists like Conor Friedersdorf have suggested that one explanation for this is that the public is "informed by a press

Balderdash. There is not a press. What is this, communism, comrade? We have many presses. The problem is that the public follows the sensational ones instead of the informative. We The People have the government, and thus the press, which we deserve.

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