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Comment Nope; kill off all guest worker programs (Score 1) 335

Seriously, kill ALL guest worker programs. Foreign companies representing foreign gov, and nations, will ALLWAYS cheat on these. Instead, we need change green card programs in which we cut the number of ppl from each nation in half, and then apply that total count to bringing in ppl on needed skills as green card. By bringing them here, most will stay and keep the skills going. In addition, for anybody brought on needed skills, they need to be paid at least average for that position and location.

Comment but does that excuse VW and others from cheating? (Score 2) 202

Seriously, the neo-cons have been gutting EPA and any form of gov that they hate.
HOWEVER, that does not give VW, Audi, Mercedes, Samsung, etc license to cheat at will.

I prefer that we block these companies from selling in the states, but next up, would be fines so large that they can fund these groups.

Comment Re: The nuclear shills at work, again (Score 1) 90

Actually, nuke IS good for all of us. While I support AE, the main 2 pushed are wind and solar, and both depend on the sun. Put up clouds ( from a nation learning to control weather ), or block the sun via a volcano ( hello Yellowstone), and right when you need the most power, it stops. New Fission is needed to replace old tired reactors, and use up the majority of 'waste'. Fusion , may never come, but if so, it can replace coal, etc.

Comment Re: Only for rich douchebags... (Score 1) 321

Actually, I would-be shocked if 1 worker pays all of that subsidy. And the fact is, that they don't. But that is OK. In 10 years, Tesla's taxes will have covered the subsidy. In addition, Tesla has forced all car companies to go pure EVs. By 2025, America will likely not import any more oil. That will be huge.

Comment Re: So when are they making something we can AFFOR (Score 1) 321

Actually, charging stations extremely.abundent.
First, every home with a garage or carport is a charger.
secondly, there are over 10,000 public chargers just in America.
Tesla has over 200 SC in America alone which allow for driving around most of the lower 48. And by end of next year, they will have over 300 SC, and the entire lower 48 covered with free driving.

Comment Re: Kill h1b, but add more tech green cards (Score 1) 225

If your talents are needed, and u are good enough for a temporary job, then far better to simply bring you over permentantly. Tata and others should be blocked on this.

out of curiosity, are you going for citizenship? I hope so. I would rather keep somebody that has job and cultural knowledge.

Comment Kill h1b, but add more tech green cards (Score 2) 225

Seriously, h1b is used to keep local and immigrant pay down. If America needs these talents, then we should have them live here permantly. At the same time, they should be paid the average pay for that position. Otherwise, it is simply a company using an immigrant, rather than solving a true issue.

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score 2) 483

putin is schooling O? Are you fucking serious? When Putin invaded Georgia, W/neo-cons did NOTHING. When Putin invaded Ukraine, O pushed for sanctions on Russia, which is seriously killing their economy. That is why Putin was willing to talk to O on the side. Right now, he would LOVE to have these sanctions removed. Russia will not tolerate these for another 2 years.

Schooling by Putin, or the thought that Fiona who is only destructive to America will hurt Putin? Zero chance. She would remove the sanctions and push our businesses over there.

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score 2) 483

I worked at Bell labs when she broke us apart and then later when she was in charge at HP. What a fucking nightmare she was. In both companies, she was only interested in making the stocks rise so she was happy to part out the companies. She and Romney share so much in common.

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score -1, Troll) 483

Personally, I would rather not answer ACs, since they are general horrible and unintelligent. However, I will make an exception.
Like others, I find it amazing that you would equate spying on terrorists and other nations as equal to murdering ppl, or placing them in jail for simply differing with the gov. But no doubt that does not matter to you. Instead, you and others will scream about how horrible it is for America to spy on other nations, BUT, it is OK for YOUR nation to do the same. You are a Total Hypocrite without any sense of decency.

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