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Comment: Please Mod Bill up (Score 1) 233

In general, what you say is dead on.
However, the other issue that will make ppl cheat is if the rewards are high and they have NOTHING to lose.
As I mentioned earlier, I dealt with Chinese students (amongst others) cheating at CSU. It was obvious that by cheating to get to America, they had little to lose and everything to gain.

Comment: pretty much (Score 2) 233

Back in early 90's, I went back to school to pick up another BS, but in C.S. Because I had already coded professionally for 10 years, I helped out on the CS 101, and 201 classes. Regularly, you would have 1-2 Americans that were cheating. However, the main group that we caught over and over was the Chinese group (interestingly, only a very little bit in the Indian group ). If we pulled in individuals from these groups, they could not answer the questions or analogs to them.

It was obvious even back then that the amount of cheating that went on was enormous within the chinese group.
Now, what I find interesting, is that I am modded as a troll, even though I had out and out worked with this.

Comment: Re:Troll if ever there was one (Score 1) 59

by WindBourne (#49311413) Attached to: Report: NASA May Miss SLS Launch Deadline
You are full of shit and never want to take responsibility for your actions, or the actions of your leaders.
It was the neo-cons that created the SLS in their bill. Worse, they are the cocksuckers that continue to work to kill off private space. NASA wanted 3 companies to handle manned launches. It was your leaders that pushed for 1-2 companies, pushing Boeing and SNC, and fought hard to kill off SpaceX from the list.

Stupid idiots like you are why we continue to elect GOP and dems. You refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Go suck on Boehner's Boehner.

"Be *excellent* to each other." -- Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure