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Comment Re:wish this existed in silicon valley (Score 1) 258

I've been cycling in Silicon Valley 12 miles each way to work for over a year now. It's pretty nice. There are a lot of bike paths and trails, I enjoy riding along a creek watching wildlife instead of sitting in traffic surrounded by a strange mixture of oblivious and belligerent drivers. The places I need to ride on congested streets seem pretty safe, the cars tend to not be moving much and I feel pretty visible. The biggest problem for me is drivers turning right. I have a rear-view mirror on my helmet and I watch for cars trying to hook into me, happens quite a lot.

I haven't had any accidents on my bike. I pay good attention, wear a bright vest, blinky lights at night.

Comment Re:I think this is a wider issue than just email (Score 1) 161

I think in many cases ignoring is a very healthy response. For example, we are subjected to insults throughout our lives. Maybe someone cuts us off in traffic, or some paperwork gets fouled up and needs to be done again. Nothing is gained by angrily honking your horn or waving a finger or a gun. Nothing is gained by screaming at your insurance provider.

If your favorite sports team, political regime, tribal affiliation or operating system is badmouthed I think the most healthy response is to simply ignore it.

Comment I think this is a wider issue than just email (Score 1) 161

I find that focusing on anger leads to more anger, and just about anything else is better. You can try to ignore it, figure out a solution or workaround, try to discuss it calmly, talk to a third party to get an outside perspective, sleep on it, etc.

We all know angry people, and I don't think many of us intentionally want to be that way. It takes some discipline to change and is an ongoing effort.

Comment Re:Android users missing the point (Score 1) 70

I know Google Voice has provided this for some time. I know you can use 3rd party service YouMail. You're missing the point. Apple is pushing for user privacy. This means that the voicemail would be transcribed by Siri on *your* phone. Nobody else would have access to it to store it or scrape it or learn from it. Not in "the cloud".

What the hell are you talking about? Siri can't do jack-diddly without the internets. Won't even set a fricking timer or tell me what time it is. Every single thing Siri does is reported to and processed by the Apple mothership.

Comment Re:Local CO2 (Score 1) 73

Denver is an excellent choice for monitoring real time pollution data. Local geography and weather patterns form persistent inversion layers that trap pollution, resulting in routine air quality warnings. The bay area is interesting due to vastly differing conditions at different parts of the area.

Comment Re:Solutions? (Score 1) 210

It's tough. I've lived/visited numerous cities with different approaches, and things seem to gravitate to one of two stable arrangements: Ubiquitous bathrooms or Scarce bathrooms. Middling arrangements put so much use on the available restrooms that the business owners become frustrated and restrict access.

I'm not sure what the difference is, but for some reason nearly all of California has scarce restrooms. Places like Denver are the opposite.

Submission + - Google's Niantic Labs Sorry Over Death Camps in Smartphone Game->

LunaticTippy writes: For those unfamiliar with Ingress, the game has GPS coordinate portals that correspond to real world locations. Many public locations with historical or artistic interest are submitted by players. Due to protests portals located at concentration camps are being removed.
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