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Valve Settles Subway Advertising Issue 27

Posted by Zonk
from the angry-subs dept.
Gamasutra reports that Valve and IGA have settled their legal issues in the wake of the Subway advertising issue. From the article: "The joint statement explains 'an amicable resolution of differences regarding in-game advertising in Counter-Strike', which 'also absolves IGA's advertisers and IGA's advertising agencies from any liability', but does not specifically mention whether IGA will be permitted to run similar campaigns in the future."
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Valve Settles Subway Advertising Issue

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  • by suso (153703) * on Friday February 17, 2006 @10:27AM (#14742274) Homepage Journal
    Appearently Half Life 2 had more than 6 grams of fat.
  • by fwice (841569)
    what about maps like de_cpl_mill (nee de_clan1_mill) and other cpl maps that were emblazoned with the CPL logo? does that not count as advertising, or does the cpl have a special agreement?
    • Re:CPL? (Score:3, Informative)

      by bigalsenior (869954)
      cpl created those maps though they owned all rights to them
      the maps that subway and partners changed were not made by them and had been modified without the creator(s) permission
      • by gfxguy (98788)
        Yeah, but the article said it was third party maps; so it doesn't seem to me that Valve "owned" the IP to those, either, so I'm not sure of the reasoning behind this - except that they seem to be claiming Counter Strike, the game, is the IP.

        I would think they'd encourage something like this so that more servers become available when the operator of the server can make a little scratch to help pay the bills.
        • No, the article said they did it by making the maps of the third-party variant (by changing them and then saving under a different name or whatnot) that were exactly the same as the 'official' Valve maps. Anyhow, as a CS server admin, I would kind of like to have ads if it helped offset the bills >_>
      • by FSWKU (551325)
        Correct. The maps where the advertising appeared were first-party maps created by valve for CS: Source. Example, a very large Subway ad by the window in cs_office, and another one at the CT spawn. IGA can take their adds and shove them up their collective asses.
    • by Kimos (859729)
      what about maps like de_cpl_mill (nee de_clan1_mill) and other cpl maps that were emblazoned with the CPL logo? does that not count as advertising, or does the cpl have a special agreement?
      Am I the only one who has zero idea what this guy is talking about?
  • by smaerd (954708) on Friday February 17, 2006 @11:07AM (#14742618)
    The terrorists are still holding up in the Subway (tm). I told my CO this was bad; we couldn't possibly take out those filth while protecting the delicious and low-fat subs with less than six grams of fat each. It's downright impossible to hurl a flash-bang into that proximity without scalding at least a loaf or two of that freshly baked bread that comes in your choice of french, white, wheat, or new multi-grain! What are they thinking?! We should leave this place to the radicals, let them enjoy the new Subway salads with a variety of low-fat and carb-free dressings to choose from. Instead, we should go to one of the many greasy burger-joints where we will dine on fare that has up to 300 grams of fat (mostly trans fat!) per serving! What use is a silences M16A2 when healthy and delicious food is on the line?
  • by Polarism (736984) on Friday February 17, 2006 @01:36PM (#14743948)
    This was more out of fear he'd have to curb his eating habits.

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